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Adam Lambert - Marry the Night (2013)

This is JD Doyle with OutRadio for February and that of course was Adam Lambert, doing I think a very good version of Lady Gaga's song "Marry the Night." He performed that during a guest slot on "Glee," and I thought he was excellent. Let's keep the beat going with a song sent to me by Ryan Zamo. It's called "Loud & Proud" and he is definitely out of the closet.

Ryan Zamo - Loud & Proud (2013)
Eurotix - I Plead Insanity / Replay (2013)

Those last artists say they aim to put the pop back in synthpop. Now the singer you've heard before on my shows. From Sweden he's Dennis Hellström, and he normally goes by the name Bimbo Boy. But for this project he and keyboardist Larry Forsberg call themselves Eurotix. By them you heard "I Plead Insanity" and "Replay." Now, if you don't like the word fuck in a song, you won't like this one.

Patrick Boothe - Isolation (2013)
Patrick Boothe - Boys Like Me (2006)
Phil Putnam - I Will Know Your Name (2013)
Phil Putnam - Us Against the World (2013)

Starting that set off was Austin artist Patrick Boothe, and "Isolation" is from an upcoming album called "Good Morning, Good Evening, Part 2" and then I went back to his second album, from 2006 and named "Finally the View Has Changed" and grabbed "Boys Like Me." After Patrick I played two new ones by Phil Putnam, called "I Will Know Your Name" and "Us Against the World."

I heard this next act and their album just before I was putting together my Best of 2013 show and I was so impressed I included it on that show. They call themselves She N She and here are a couple by them, "Pathetic" and "Baby I've Got You."

She N She - Pathetic / Baby I've Got You (2013)
Sarah Golden - The One I Love (2013)
Ani Difranco - Amendment (2013)

"Which Side Are You On?" That's the name of the latest album by Ani Difranco and from it is one she calls "Amendment." And just before her I played "The One I Love" by Houston artist Sarah Golden.

Here's Atlanta singer Kim Joyce with a new track called "Crowd Pleaser."

Kim Joyce - Crowd Pleaser (2013)

This is JD Doyle and closing Part 1 of OutRadio is a very out song. In 2012 Chase Silva won the Pride Idol competition held in Seattle and he's put out a song called "I'm Coming Out."

Chase Silva - I'm Coming Out (2012)

Groove Addix, feat. Chase Silva - Free To Be Me (2013)

This is JD Doyle and if you just finished listening to Part 1 of OutRadio, well, that song continues the groove. And the act calls itself Groove Addix. It features Chase Silva who helped finish the last segment. It's called "Free To Be Me."

Here's an artist who has no trouble attracting attention. He's Cazwell and his new song is about all those cell phone selfie pics that flood the internet. It's the very catchy "No Selfie-Control."

Cazwell - No Selfie Control (2014)
Young Kaii - Pretty Lady (2013)

And Young Kaii followed Cazwell, with a new track called "Pretty Lady."

Kevin Wood has a new CD, named "Hopeless Romantic," and it was hard to pick just one song, so I'll give you a couple, and then you'll hear a couple other artists.

Kevin Wood - Hopeless Romantic / Edge of Greatness (2013)
Joseph Eid - Ready Now / Human (2013)
Darren Ockert - Force of Gravity (2013)
Darren Ockert - Can't Think Straight (2013)

That was a nice long set, and as I promised I started off with two from Kevin Wood's new album, the title track "Hopeless Romantic" and "Edge of Greatness." Then an artist new to me, Joseph Eid, gave us "Ready Now" and the title track of his album, "Human." Finally an artist I play often, Darren Ockert. From his CD "Short Story Long" I picked "Force of Gravity" and "Can't Think Straight."

Time to change the pace a little. A UK artist I've been kind of fascinated with is K Anderson. I interviewed him in 2010 about a quirky album he released named "The Overthinker." Now he's got a different project. It's a chapbook he just calls "14," after one of his songs. That song is interesting itself as it's him talking to his 14-year old self. But for the book he enlisted others to also write their messages to their own selves at that age. I sure would have a lot to say to mine. He presents it in a very attractive booklet showing his co-conspirators, and a download code for two songs. So, here's K Anderson and "14 Year Old Me" and also "I Bruise Like a Peach."

K Anderson - 14 / I Bruise Like a Peach (2014)
Humble Tripe - November / Trouble (2013)

That second act is from North Carolina and is named Humble Tripe, and it's led by Shawn Luby. But also of interest is the drummer and producer, Melissa York, whose been in the bands Team Dresch and the Butchies. But this is very different from her work there. This is a quite mellow album, called "The Giving," and I chose "November" and "Trouble."

In a different genre is a song just for Valentine's Day, and it's called "My Own Valentine." Peter Saxe wrote it and Patrick Kuzura sings it. It's not a studio recording but I just had to play it. Notice it includes some same-sex references.

Patrick Kuzura - My Own Valentine (2014)
Andrew Abaria - Boulevard of Broken Hearts (2013)

Andrew Abaria just gave us "Boulevard of Broken Hearts" from his EP "We Are the Underdogs."

This is JD Doyle and the closing songs are hard to follow. Back in Canada in 1980 the band Rough Trade made chart history by being one of the first to score a hit with a same-sex lyrics song, called "High School Confidential." That's the first song you'll hear. Carol Pope sang lead and she's still at it, with the second song, with the help from guest artist Peaches, a commentary on the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, called "Lesbians in the Forest."

Rough Trade - High School Confidential (1980)
Carole Pope - Lesbians in the Forest (2013)