Part 2

David Gurland Tribute

(1967 - 2011)

Photo Gallery

Above, circa 2005

Photo above taken by me of David at a GLAMA Awards
event on April 23, 2000. All other photos are from his site.

Above, obviously a much older pic, found on the net.
Below left, David with Jonathan Smith from his 1999 CD  

Recording Gallery            


"Most Men Are," studio recording of soundtrack of Stephen Dolginoff musical
vocals by David Gurland, Roger Seyer, and Michael Patrick Walker


Below, David posted his own statement to's review section
for his CD, and I was impressed and printed and saved it, below.


Our Heart Sings - Various Artists


Quel Fromage: 50 Years of Colby - Various Artists

I do not have the above CD, and it therefore of course was not included in
this show. I list it here for completeness. David is listed as one of seven
vocalists (including Michael Holland's regular singing partner Karen Mack)
backing up Eric Stuart, who is described as a folk/Americana artist


Tim Di Pasqua Songbook - Various Artists


Above, (left to right): John DePalma, David Gurland, Christopher Caswell, Brad Parks

If you have additions to the David Gurland Discography,
Please contact me so I can add them