February 2010

The Script

Part 1

Brandi Carlile & Elton John - Caroline (2009)

Welcome to OutRadio and I'm JD Doyle. This is the second edition of my new show, and it's a companion show to Queer Music Heritage. Since QMH by definition is more of a history show, it did not give me the opportunities to play enough of the terrific new music I get by GLBT artists. So OutRadio will be my outlet for that. In a way, this is my queer mixtape of new songs, just for you.

I started with a very up song called "Caroline." It's by Brandi Carlile and is from her latest album "Give Up the Ghost." If you happened to recognize the voice, joining her on that song was Elton John, and that shows you some of the credibility and acclaim she's gotten in just a short time. This is her third CD and her first was only in 2005, so she's come a long way fast. If I had heard this album when I was compiling my Best of 2009 show, well, it would have been on it, and I want to play one more by her. I don't normally buy an album after hearing just one song, but I did this time, and the song I heard was called "That Year."

Brandi Carlile - That Year (2009)
Ann Reed - Not Some Faraway Place (2009)

And following Brandi Carlile was Ann Reed, from Ann's new album "Where the Earth Is Round." She released her first album in 1981, and I figure this is about her 20th release. Up next is a single I like quite a bit by Adam Joseph, and it also has a terrific video, called "Finally."

Adam Joseph - Finally (2009)
Ari Gold - Mr Mistress (unplugged, 2009)

That was Ari Gold and his song about being on the down-low, called "Mr Mistress." I've played that song before, but not like this, as this is the unplugged version, found only on the remix CD single.

And here's a local Houston artist, AJ Cabrera, who won last year's Pride Idol competition, and the prize was studio time to record some demos, and one of them is a cover of the Carrie Underwood song "So Small."

AJ Cabrera - So Small (2009)
Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes - Muscle Shoals (2009)

When I first got to know that artist, he went by the name Yolanda, and in his act he was kind of a gender bender rocker. For his new album, called "House of Joy," the drag is gone and he goes by Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes. The song was "Muscle Shoals."

And last year a young artist named Greg Walters sent me his CD EP, and I was quite impressed. Here are two songs from it, starting with "Leave It Alone."

Greg Walters - Leave It Along (2008)
Greg Walters - Fight It (2008)
Gentleman Reg - The Boyfriend Song (2008)

We just heard two by Greg Walters, called "Leave It Alone" and "Fight It," and then I went to "The Boyfriend Song," by Gentleman Reg. He's from Canada and that song is from his 2008 album "Little Buildings." And here's another boyfriend song, called "Boyfriend." It's by Inertia Kiss, and comes from the movie soundtrack "Between Love & Goodbye."

Inertia Kiss - Boyfriend (2009)
Haberdashery - Two Become One (2008)

Following Inertia Kiss was a bit of electro-snyth pop, by Haberdashery. The song was called "Two Become One," with two spelled t-w-o, and it comes from the CD "Valence." Haberdashery is really Stephen Pearlman, and he also released a very Erasure-influenced Christmas EP, but you'll have to wait until December for that one.

I just love this next artist, and about everyone I know says the same thing. Her name is Sonia and back in the late 80s she was in an act called Disappear Fear. She went on to release a number of wonderful CDs just going by Sonia, and now her latest CD is billed as by Sonia & Disappear Fear. It's called "Splash," and from it I chose "By My Silence."

Sonia & Disappear Fear - By My Silence (2009)
Topp Twins - Serious (2009)

The song was called "Serious," and it's from the CD "Honky Tonk Angel," by the New Zealand act The Topp Twins.

This is JD Doyle and I want to thank you for joining me on OutRadio, and you can find more for this month, another two hours, on my site, at www.outradio.com.

I'm closing with the band Gossip, and I figure that's fitting, as its lead singer Beth Ditto is a hard act to follow. Here's the title track from their 2006 CD "Standing in the Way of Control."

Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control (2006)

Part 2

This is JD Doyle and this will be a very rockin' segment of OutRadio.

Kristie Stremel - Best Kiss (2010)

What a great start for this segment. That's Kristie Stremel and her new single "Best Kiss." That's kind of a preview track from her next album. This is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio, and Part 2 of this month's show. And up next are two tracks from the latest album by Tegan and Sara.

Tegan & Sara - The Cure / Hell (2009)
Tegan & Sara - Hell (2009)

From the album by Tegan & Sara called "Sainthood," that was "The Cure" and "Hell." And here's some UK punk, by the very outspoken Ste McCabe.

Ste McCabe - Murder Music (2009)
Ste McCabe - I've Got a Big Car (2009)
Placebo - For What It's Worth (2009)

I started that set with a young English punker named Ste McCabe, and from his first full-length album "Murder Music" was the title track and another called "I've Got a Big Car." And after him you heard another UK act, called Placebo. They formed in 1996, and the song "For What It's Worth" is from their sixth album, "Battle for the Sun." Placebo is led by Brian Molko and the band is quite popular in the UK, and have frequently opened for David Bowie in concert. Keeping the beat going is the band Telling on Trixie.

Telling on Trixie - Twisted in Knots (2007)
Derek & the Darling - Hustler with a Rescue Plan (2009)

Telling on Trixie was a pretty hot band out of New York City and the song "Twisted in Knots" was from their debut album from 2007, just called "Telling on Trixie." They released one more CD, "Ugly, Broke and Sober," and then split up. Lead singer Derek Nicoletto has now formed another band, Derek & the Darling and you heard them sing "Hustler with a Rescue Plan."

One of my favorite rap acts is God-des & She and on their 2008 CD "Stand Up" is a track sure to keep your attention, called "Yeah Yeah Yeah."

God-des & She - Yeah Yeah Yeah (2008)
Bob Mould - Life and Times (2009)

That was Bob Mould, and he has a rich history in rock, going back to the 80s and his group Husker Du and the 90s with the group Sugar, plus numerous solo albums. I played the title track from his latest album "Life and Times." In San Francisco between the years 2000 and 2003 the all-gay band Ploughound released three albums and an EP. The EP, from 2002, was called "She's Got a Job To Do," and from it is the song "Johnny's Around." It's got the great lyric "every stupid choice I made was made between my legs and not my brain." And after that you'll hear two cover songs, one by them.

Ploughound - Johnny's Around (2002)
Ploughound - Free Fallin' (2001)
Sleater-Kinney - Fortunate Son (2006)

The two cover songs were Ploughound and "Free Fallin'" from their 2001 album "Shift," and "Fortunate Son" by Sleater-Kinney. The voice you heard at the end was Lady Bunny, hostess of a concert in 2006 called "Wedrock," staged to raise awareness of gay marriage issues. The CD from the event also included Lou Reed, Le Tigre, Bob Mould, John Cameron Mitchell and others.

Well, if you've listened to my shows at all you know I love to play things you've probably never heard, and I bet this next act qualifies. In 2000 Tim Halloran gathered some musician friends together and recorded an EP for promo use only. He called the act Sprink and the EP "Freeep," which I figure was short for "free EP." From it is the song "Everything."

Sprink - Everything (2000)
Boys Entrance - Mr Sissy (2009)

After Sprink was an act with a long history, and it bills itself as Chicago's first queer boy rock band. I'm talking about Tim Cain and his band Boys Entrance, and that was a song from their new album called "Democrat, Volume 1, Songs from Tunnelvision." You probably guessed the title, "Mr Sissy."

And this next act is new and has taken a different marketing approach. Instead of releasing a new CD, they put out a DVD. The act is called Hunter Valentine and this trio is out of Toronto. The DVD is called "We're Here to Recruit You," and the song I picked is "Treadmills of Love."

Hunter Valentine - Treadmills of Love (2009)
Candy Panic Attack - What's He Got That I Haven't (2008)

Obviously called "What's He Got That I Haven't," that short little song was by a UK band called Candy Panic Attack, from 2008 from their CD EP named "Fruit Is Nature's Candy."

This is JD Doyle and I thank you for checking out this segment of OutRadio. This was a little more rock than I thought it would be. It's kind of fun writing the script and seeing where it takes me. The next segment will be musically just the opposite. Closing the show I thought a good choice would be Adam Lambert, who certainly has gotten his share of attention. And I think he's terrific. From his debut album, here's the title track "For Your Entertainment."

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment (2009)

Part 3

Michael Feinstein & Cheyenne Jackson - The Power of Two (2009)

This is JD Doyle and you're listening to OutRadio. Welcome to Part 3 of the show, and as I mentioned at the end of the very rock oriented last segment, this one will be very different, and you could probably already tell that. I started out with the title track from I think an excellent CD by Michael Feinstein and Cheyenne Jackson. It's called "The Power of Two" and features six duets and solo songs by each. I want to play one more by them, but I want to give a little background first. The song is "We Kiss in a Shadow" and is from the 1951 Broadway musical "The King and I." I've read that the sentiment of the song, having to hide a love, was taken to heart by gays and lesbians of that time, making it an underground anthem, and over the years it's been sung by many gay choruses, and was included on the very first album released by a gay chorus, the chorus in San Francisco, in 1981. By Michael Feinstein and Cheyenne Jackson, "We Kiss in a Shadow."

Michael Feinstein & Cheyenne Jackson - We Kiss in a Shadow (2009)
Cheyenne Jackson - Surrender (2008)

That was also Cheyenne Jackson, but I played it more to honor the songwriter, Scott Alan, who has become quite well respected among cabaret artists. In fact there have been two various artist CDs released of his material. The song "Surrender" came from the CD "Still Dreaming Wide Awake: The Music of Scott Alan." And I want to go right away to another track from the album, this time sung by openly gay, and Tony Award nominated Broadway actor Jonathan Groff. He does a terrific job on Scott Alan's song called "Now."

Jonathan Groff - Now (2008)
Scott Alan - Hold On (2008)
Scott Alan - Nothing More (2009)

Those last two tracks, "Hold On" and "Nothing More," were by the writer I'm featuring, Scott Alan, and it's rare for him to sing his own material. They come from each of the two compilations I mentioned, the second from "Keys: The Music of Scott Alan." Also from that album is another song I really like, called "Blessing." It's about coming out and two artists get to give their perspective singing it, both gay, named Tituss Burgess and Jenn Colella

Tituss Burgess & Jenn Colella - Blessing (2009)

Alan Cumming, of "Cabaret" fame, has released his own album now, called "I Bought a Blue Car Today," and it includes some very interesting choices, but I landed on one I had never heard of. It's called "Next to Me," and Alan wrote it with Australian artist Lance Horne, who played piano on the track. Oh yeah, the liner notes are kind of fun where Alan tells that Lance and he share an ex-boyfriend.

Alan Cumming - Next to Me (2009)
Lance Horne - Don't Tell Me (2009)

Now, the Alan Cumming CD also includes another song written by Lance Horne, but I figured it would be logical to play Lance singing it. The song was called "Don't Tell Me."

Up next are a couple of standards, done by artists probably new to you. First, the song "I Don't Care Much" by David Vernon, from his album "By Myself."

David Vernon - I Don't Care Much (2005)
Julian Yeo - Love For Sale (2010)

And "Love for Sale" came from the latest album by Julian Yeo, "Deep Purple Dreams."

Ian Wilson calls his music folktronic piano rock, and I guess I agree with that. I'm going to play you a song from his debut CD EP, called "The Crater," from 2008, but before I do that I can't resist also playing a demo I grabbed from his website, called "Frat Boy."

Ian Wilson - Frat Boy (2006)
Ian Wilson - Andrew (2008)

Yes, there's nothing good about you, and I like it. That was ten minutes of Ian Wilson, starting with "Frat Boy," followed by one called "Andrew."

Regular listeners know that I love the music of Levi Kreis, and here's a new song by him. It's not on an album and is only available on iTunes, called "Look How I've Grown."

Levi Kreis - Look How I've Grown (2009)
Valentine Ryder - Love Who You Love (2004)

And that was Valentine Ryder with the title track from his 2004 CD "Love Who You Love." That song is from the musical version of the show "A Man of No Importance" where in 60s Ireland an older man comes to terms with being gay.

Before the closing song I've got a quickie I want to slip in, by a UK artist calling himself Dusty Limits. He kind of looks like Dorian Gray stepping out of the movie "Cabaret," and on one of his youtube videos he's introduced as The Prince of Twisted Cabaret Humour. I thought I better warn you. Here's Dusty Limits and the song "Why River."

Dusty Limits - Why River (2008)

This is JD Doyle, thanking you for listening to OutRadio. And, did you notice that this segment has been very male-dominated. I don't know if it's because there just seems to be more gay men than gay women singing cabaret, or just the songs I happened to pick. Well, this last artist can probably sing the pants off everyone on this segment. She's been at it a long time, but only in recent years out of the closet. She's Ann Hampton Callaway and here's the title track from her latest CD, "At Last."

Ann Hampton Callaway - At Last (2009)



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