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OutRadio December 2014
The Script

Tom Goss - All About the Bass (2014)

You may have heard Meghan Trainor's very catchy song "All About the Bass." It's the perfect song and video to parody, and my friend Tom Goss did his own version, with the help of drag artist MDQ, and I encourage you to check out the video. This is JD Doyle bringing you OutRadio for December. Now, if you are expecting xmas songs, please go to my other show, Queer Music Heritage, that's where I keep them. So, onto more music and from the UK is Alex Woburn and "Stop Playing the Film."

Alex Woburn - Stop Playing the Film (2014)
Jay Spears - I Like Mike (2002)
Nick Deutsch - Run / Crazy Ride (2014)

That was Nick Deutsch, and two by him, called "Run" and "Crazy Ride," and in the middle I dug out a very catchy one by Jay Spears. From 2002 he told us "I Like Mike."

Jennifer Corday - Riding a Rainbow (2014)
Laura Cheadle - It's Not Okay (2014)
Angelica Joni - Weightless (2014)

That was a nice set, starting with "Riding a Rainbow" by Jennifer Corday, followed by Laura Cheadle and "It's Not Okay," and finishing with Angelica Joni, and her song "Weightless." Let's go to a more country mode, and the brand new CD by the Jenni Dee Lord Band. I'm starting with the title track, "Never Let Go," and then going to one called "The Music, Man."

Jenni Dale Lord Band - Never Let Go / The Music Man (2014)
Steve Grand - Time / Bennie & the Jets (2014)

And that was Steve Grand, who made such a debut splash last year. First was a song called "Time," and then a cover of the Elton John classic, "Bennie & the Jets." Here's Canadian Theo Tams, who has a new EP called "Back Pocket." From it are "When You're Not Around" and "Steal Your Love Away."

Theo Tams - When You're Not Around / Steal Your Love Away (2014)

Coming up is another Canadian, Anna Gutmanis, and the song "Lately It's Cold."

Anna Gutmanis - Lately It's Cold (2014)
The Wars - Girls Like Me (2014)

That was an Australian artist named Rosey Burgess, but she calls her act The Wars, and that was the song "Girls Like Me."
Matt Fishel released an EP of cover songs this Fall, appropriately called "Cover Boy," and I played a couple of them on my September show. Here's another, called "Sky Fits Heaven," a Madonna song.

Matt Fishel - Sky Fits Heaven (2014)

I'm closing Part 1 with probably an unusual song choice, by as far as I know a straight act, and one you probably know, The Clash. It's from a 1979 album that was a huge hit, "London Calling," but I just recently learned that a track on it is all about Montgomery Clift. It's called "The Right Profile."

The Clash - The Right Profile (1979)

Eli Lieb - Lightning in a Bottle (2014)

Welcome to Part 2 of OutRadio for December. This is JD Doyle and I've been following that artist for a while now. He's Eli Lieb and I seem to like everything he does. That was his latest single, "Lightning in a Bottle." And here's an artist I've not played in a while, Cassidy Haley, and his song "Everything."

Cassidy Haley - Everything (2014)
Reigen - Come Back to Me (2014)
K Anderson - New Year (2014)
Sighs of Monsters - The Engagement (2014)
Zecca - Trickle Down Love (2014)

That was a nice long set. After Cassidy Haley was a Houston artist who now lives in New York City named Reigen and his song "Come Back to Me." From the UK came two acts, K Anderson and his song "New Year" and Sighs of Monsters and a track called "The Engagement." And bringing that set home was "Trickle Down Love," by Zecca.

Next up is a new track by Sonia, called "Madeleine."

Sonia - Madeleine (2014)
Toni Vere - Sane (2014)
Ryan Amador - Stained (2014)

Toni Vere was in the middle of that set, with her song "Sane" and that last one, by Ryan Amador was called "Stained." Here comes Jeff Straker and the song "Run."

Jeff Straker - Run (2014)
Christopher Michaels - If I Were a Twink (2014)
Micah Barnes - Sunday Kind of Love / Some Other Man (2014)
Matthew Connor - Bring It Home (2014)

That turned into kind of a mellow set. After Jeff Straker was Christopher Michaels and the amusing song "If I Were a Twink." Then came a Canadian artist I've followed for many years, way back to his time with the a capella group The Nylons. He's Micah Barnes and I gave you the songs "Sunday Kind of Love" and "Some Other Man." Then out of the Boston area Matthew Connor sang "Bring It Home," from his brand new CD "Farewell Motel."

As I'm writing this script, on November 20th, it just came on the news that country artist Ty Herndon has come out of the closet. Now this has been rumored since he was arrested in 1995 in a park in Fort Worth. It must have been a hard journey for him, so congrats. It's interesting that his most recent CD, from 2013, was called "Lies I Told Myself." Here's the title track.

Ty Herndon - Lies I Told Myself (2013)
Billy Gilman - All of Me (2014)

And no sooner did the Ty Herndon story hit the news and young singer Billy Gilman released a video coming out, and saying that Herndon's coming out had been an inspiration. Gilman had most of his recording success in his early and mid teens, so I found a recent track to play for you, a demo cover of the John Legend song "All of Me."

This is JD Doyle and I'm at the last song for the show. I was very pleased to be one of the judges at the recent RightOutTV awards, and my closing song is the one that won Song of the Year. By Kevin Wood is "One Time Around."

Kevin Wood - One Time Around (2013)