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December 2012

Brighton & Hove Gay Men's Chorus - After the Gold Rush (2011)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio for December. Now, if you're looking for Christmas music on this show, sorry, you can find several hours of that on my December QMH Show, but not on OutRadio, where I get to share recent music of all varieties by GLBT artists. And I don't usually start off the show with a chorus track, but I love that one. The song "After the Gold Rush" is from the Neil Young LP of the same title from the 70's and many folks covered it. But the British trio Prelude had the only hit with it, and I loved their harmonies. So, I was very pleased to finally be able to play the song here, this time by the Brighton & Hove Gay Men's Chorus, from the UK.

Up next is a rarity on OutRadio, an artist who I presume is straight, but the song, as he sings it, is quite gay. He's Cody Belew and he's a contestant on the TV show The Voice. This is one of the very best male versions I've heard of the Dolly Parton song "Jolene."

Cody Belew - Jolene (2012, presumed straight artist)
Drake Jensen & Willam Belli - Stand By Your Man (2012)

And of course you know the last song of that set was the classic "Stand By Your Man," but done in a very unexpected way. That was Canadian country artist Drake Jensen singing with Willam Belli, with Willam being totally in drag in the video. Willam was the drag queen who made a quick exit last season on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

Now you know by now I cover lots of genres on this show, and this next act will rock. They go by Flat Cat and are out of Atlanta. The band includes Bucky Motter, who I've been playing for years. In fact the song I'm starting with, "My Mama Told Me," is one of his from his 1998 CD "Pleasure & Pain." The new version, and another track called "Hot Rocking Mess," can be found on the Flat Cat CD "Artbreak Hotel."

Flat Cat - My Mama Told Me / Hot Rocking Mess (2011)
Ex-Boyfriends - Elements of Withdrawl (2004)
Lucky Jesus - Boy / Pick a Side (2011)
Philistines - Complications (2012)

It seems that I've been following around San Francisco artist Colin Daly, and he has his hands in a lot of projects. Among the queer bands he's recorded with in the last few years are the Ex-Boyfriends, Lucky Jesus, and now the Philistines. And you just heard them all. "Elements of Withdrawl" was a demo by the Ex-Boyfriends from 2004, "Boy / Pick a Side" was by Lucky Jesus in 2011, from their "Match & Gasoline" CD, and most recently the band Philistines gave us "Complications." That was from their album called "Therewolves."

Up next is an amusing parody called "We Are the Bears (We Love Our Bacon)," put together by Freddy Freeman, Jay Freeman, Kendall Kelly and others. They called their collective group Bears for Bacon.

Bears for Bacon - We Are the Bears (We Love Our Bacon) (2012)
David, Greg & Jay - Where the Bears Are (2012)

For the last couple years there's been a very fun web series called "Where the Bears Are," and that was their theme song, sung by its stars. And here's another singer, named Garry Novikoff, who likes men.

Garry Novikoff - I Like Men (2008)
Saucy Monky - Awkard (2012)

That was the band Saucy Monky, and they spell monky without the e, singing "Awkward" from their new EP "Trophy Girl."

Here's a couple songs from an act calling itself, at least for this project, Lonely & the Moose, but I know they are really Liz Clark and Tessa Parry, each recording artists in their own right, and also partners. They named their CD "And All of the Space in the Whole Wide World." From it are the tracks "You Won't Come Here" and "Metro Waltz."

Lonely & the Moose - You Won't Come Here / Metro Waltz (2012)
Sean Kagalis - All Crazy (2012)

And that was the song "All Crazy" by Sean Kagalis from his EP "Legalize It."

This is JD Doyle, getting close to the end of Part 1 of OutRadio for December. And I've got a song from a musical next. It's from 2010 and sung by an artist I've played before, Justin Utley. The show is not typical though; it's a gay cowboy musical, written by New York City composer Tony Asaro. It's called "Our Country" and is a tale of the rise, and fall, of a closeted country music star. As I said, Justin Utley is the star of the shot and the title track is claiming that this is "Our Country" too.

Justin Utley - Our Country (2010)

And Justin also gets the closing track for this segment. From his CD from last year, "Nothing This Real," is the song "It Is What It Is."

Justin Utley - It Is What It Is (2011)

Johnny McGovern - I Saw Your Cock on Craigslist (2010)
Baathhaus - I Like Boys (2011)

Welcome to Part 2 of OutRadio for December. This is JD Doyle and I began the show with Johnny McGovern and a humorous track from 2010 called "I Saw Your Cock on Craigslist." I wasn't sure what to follow that with, but came up with a group that self-describes as a Chicago based queer performance art band. They take the name Baathhaus, spelled apparently how it would be in Germany. Of course the song was "I Like Boys."

I'm switching to synthpop next and an act called Haberdashery, but I know it's really Chicago musician Stephen Pearlman. From CD from last year, "Tonight the Angels" are the tracks "Don't Break My Heart" and "Fall Into My Arms."

Haberdashery - Don't Break My Heart / Fall Into My Arms (2011)
Rae Spoon - I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets (2011)

That was Canadian artist Rae Spoon, and the title track of his 2011 CD "I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets." And here's a real pretty song by Sonia, and it's a preview track from her album due out next year. This one's called "The Princess and the Honeybee."

Sonia - The Princess and the Honeybee (2012)
Stephen Patric - Sleepy Man (1997)
Matthew - Fireflies / Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (2001)
Eric Himan - Symmetry (2012)

That was a long set, ending with Eric Himan and the song "Symmetry," which will be on his next album. Before that, an artist I know very little about, as he goes just by the name Matthew. He released his only CD in 2001, called "A Perfect Life." I really loved that it contained lyrically gay material, and you heard "Fireflies" and one called "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em." And directly after Sonia I played Stephen Patric, and another song I've been meaning to play for a while. "Sleepy Man" is from his 1997 CD "Love in Our Key."

I did a blog last month on Animal Prufrock, who a while back was half of the duo Bitch & Animal. The solo CD was called "Congratulations, Thank You & I'm Sorry," and these two tracks jumped out at me, "Liberation" and "Cosmic Tranny."

Animal Prufrock - Liberation / Cosmic Tranny (2010)
Kara Square - How Do Lesbians Have Sex (2012)
Gene Carl Band - Pink Chinese Restaurants (2011)
Gay Agenda - Bully Song (2010)

Okay, that was a long and I think interesting set. Let's go back to the top. After Animal Prufrock was Kara Square, who is half of the duo Team Smile & Nod, and of course I noticed her song called "How Do Lesbians Have Sex?" Out of Holland is a sort of jazzy experimental group called the Gene Carl Band, and you heard the title track from their latest CD "Pink Chinese Restaurants." And then, well, how could a duo named the Gay Agenda not catch my eye? I played their track, "Bully Song."

This is JD Doyle and I'm closing Part 2 with an act I've seen live a couple times live and I much admire their songs of political and social commentary. They've moved on to other projects, but how many folk duos would take their name from a character in a Russian novel. The novel would be "The Idiot" by Dostoyevsky, and the hero was Prince Myschkin. Our own heroes, Rick Burkhardt and Andy Gricevich became the Prince Myschkins. The song is "Heteros in Hillcrest."

Prince Myschkins - Heteros in Hillcrest (2002)

Maia Sharp - Me After You / Standing Out in the Crowd (2012)
Harriet Reynolds - I'm the Fool (2004)

I don't believe I've never played Maia Sharp before on my show. This is JD Doyle and it was time to make up for that. The songs "Me After You" and "Standing Out in the Crowd" are from her latest CD "Change the Ending," and I think that CD is outstanding. I completed that opening set with a Houston artist, Harriet Reynolds, and the song "I'm a Fool" from her 2004 release "A Better Life."

More female acts are coming up, starting with Rachel Romanowski. From her new CD "May Bugs" are the songs "She Knows" and the very out "Marry My Girlfriend."

Rachel Romanowski - She Knows / Marry My Girlfriend (2012)
Jana Fisher - 30k / You Deserve Better (2012)

That was Jana Fisher, who gave us "30k" and "You Deserve Better," from her album "Ideals & Deals."

I'm going to slip in a country set, starting with Josiah Carr and a couple of new tracks, called "Nothing Fancy" and "Drivin' Me Wild."

Josiah Carr - Nothing Fancy / Drivin' Me Wild (2012)
Brian Glenn - I'm Only in It For the Love (2012)
Richard Hefner - Girls and Boys (2012)

In the middle of that set...and, my mind's wandering, these guys are all so good looking that imagining any of them in the middle, well, okay, back to the playlist. In the middle was Brian Glenn, an artist I've followed for many years, and the track "I'm Only in It For the Love," from his new CD "Full Circle." And you know I just loved that last one, as there just are not that many openly gay country songs, and it has a cool video. Richard Hefner gifted us with that one, called "Girls and Boys."

When I heard the last name of this next artist, A.D. DeLory, I immediately recognized it, as he had a very esteemed musical father, Al DeLory, who was a member of the famed group of L.A. studio musicians known as the Wrecking Crew. They added their expertise to the productions of Phil Spector, Glen Campbell and the Beach Boys, and more. A.D. has his own release now, called "Capitated," and from it you'll hear "Goodbye" and "Love Thy Will Be Done."

A.D. DeLory - Goodbye / Love They Will Be Done (2012)
Rowsy Bosch, feat. Jeb Havens - Space in Between (2012)

Following A. D. DeLory was a project called Rowsy Bosch, who are Jeb Havens and Oliver Voight. From their EP called "Corralitos" was "Space in Between."

Here's another song I've been meaning to play. It's a song from 2009 by L.A. artist Billy Dortch, and it's called "Breathe."

Billy Dortch - Breathe (2009)

This is JD Doyle finishing up Part 3 of OutRadio for December with Aussie artist Brendan Maclean and two recent songs, "You Beat Me To It" and "Cold & Happy

Brendan Maclean - You Beat Me To It / Cold & Happy (2012, 2011)

Adam Joseph - Turn Me Out (2012)

You better turn me out. That's the latest single by Adam Joseph, and this is JD Doyle bringing you the fourth and last segment of OutRadio for December. Up next is Garrison Starr, and a track from her latest CD. The CD is called "Amateur," which she certainly isn't, and the title of the song is "To Garrison, on Her 29th Birthday."

Garrison Starr - To Garrison, on her 29th Birthday (2012)
Jess McAvoy - The Sailor (2008)
K's Choice - Message to My Girl / I'm So Excited (2012)

Australian artist Jess McAvoy gave us "The Sailor" from her 2008 CD "As the Sun Falls," and then you heard two by the band K's Choice. Now, Sara Bettens sings lead and has being doing a solo career, but got her old band back for a new CD called "Little Echoes," which is packed with cover songs. I played the Split Enz song "Message to My Girl" and of course second was "I'm So Excited," slowed way down from the way the Pointer Sisters did it.

Last June I was at the San Francisco Frameline Film Festival, and I was watching an excellent documentary called "United in Anger, a History of ACT-UP." I didn't expect an artist I know named Dudley Saunders to appear in it, and to also have a song in the soundtrack. The song, called "We Were Right" also starts off his new CD, "Monsters."

Dudley Saunders - We Were Right (2010)
Meshell Ndegeocello - Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (2012)
Meshell Ndegeocello, feat. Toshi Reagon - Real Real (2012)

Let's see if I can pronounce this name correctly. Those last two tracks were by Meshell Nedgeocello, and are from her latest release "Pour une âme souveraine" which means "For a Sovereign soul." The CD is dedicated to Nina Simone and I chose "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," later made famous by the Animals, and a song Simone herself wrote, "Real, Real," which featured the voice of Toshi Reagon.

I'm picking up the beat with two tracks by a duo going by the name A Great Big World. Now, they keep changing their name. Before this lead singer Ian Axel did some recordings under his name, and also as Ian & Chad, with his friend Chad Vaccarino joining him. So they decided to formally team up and with the new name. This is the kind of infectious indy pop I like. Here are the songs "I Really Want It" and "Land of Opportunity."

A Great Big World - I Really Want It / Land of Opportunity (2012)
Richard Barone - I Belong to Me (2012)

Now that song comes from an interesting project. About 25 years ago Richard Barone released his first solo album, called "Cool Blue Halo," and this year he decided to try to recreate the recording, only better, as a double disc and DVD project. So, "Cool Blue Halo 25th Anniversary Concert" was born, and I took from it the track "I Belong to Me." And yes, this is the same Richard Barone who was front man for the Bongos in the 80's. He's had a long and very active career as a singer, songwriter and producer.

Since the 1970's Rick Berlin has been a prolific artist, in the bands Orchestra Luna, Berlin Airlift, the Shelly Winters Project, and others and doing many, many releases as a solo artist. I know I have lots of his recordings in my collection. And I'm quite pleased with his latest CD, called "Always on Insane." The tracks you'll hear are "(I'm a) Slut" and "Kitchy."

Rick Berlin - (I'm A) Slut / Kitchy (2012)

This is JD Doyle and we're getting close to the end, so I thank you for sticking with me. I'm pleased to share with you now an artist new to me, Michael V. Doane, and I think I'm already a fan. His new CD is called "Little Kid" and from it are "We Did It Right" and "Follow Me, Follow You."

Michael V. Doane - We Did It Right / Follow Me, Follow You (2012)

Okay, one more, and it's a great closer. Michael V. Doane's partner happens to also be a singer, named Andrew Suvalsky, and his latest single is called "Curtain."

Andrew Suvalsky - Curtain (2010)

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