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The Open Mouths - Danny, Danny (2006)

And that was a UK band that has really grabbed my attention. They call themselves The Open Mouths, and that single, from 2006, was "Danny Danny." And this is JD Doyle starting off another OutRadio show, and I've got lots of new stuff to share. I figured out that on the four hours this month, out of the 66 different artists you'd hear, I'm playing 30 I've never played before, so I am getting right to it.

But first is an act I've played often. I'm a huge fan of the duo Coyote Grace, and now I guess they are a band as they've added a third member, and their very brand new CD is called "Now Take Flight." From it is "My Baby the Sun" and "Trevor."

Coyote Grace - My Baby the Sun (2011)
Coyote Grace - Trevor (2011)
Matt Fishel - The First Time (2011)
Matt Fishel - The Football Song (2011)

Those two tracks are by a UK artist, Matt Fishel, and I've played him before over the years. I really like his music, and this time he has excellent videos to go with each of those songs, called "My First Time" and "The Football Song."

Jennifer O'Connor - Another Day (My Confidant) (2011)
Norine Braun - Drift Away (2011)
Laura Nyro - Emmie (1968)

Ah, the late Laura Nyro, and that song, "Emmie," sounds like it could have been released today, instead of coming from her 1968 album "Eli and the Thirteenth Confession." I've heard some people say that was the first openly lesbian love song, and well, by a mainstream artist it probably was. I started that set with Jennifer O'Connor and a track called "Another Day" from her brand new CD, "I Want What You Want," and in between, Canadian artist Norine Braun gave us "Drift Away," from her latest album, "No. 8." Coming up, a recent single by New Yorker Tara Hack, called "I'm Not Guilty."

Tara Hack - I'm Not Guilty (2010)
Martine Locke - Hey Girl (2011)
God-des & She - Love Machine (2010)

After Tara Hack was Martine Locke, and from her latest album, just called "Live" we heard "Hey, Girl." And then of course that was God-des & She, doing "Love Machine," from their album "Three."

I much admire the work of Mark Weigle. He retired from music and his 2007 album, just called "Mark Weigle," turned out to be his last release. I think his writing, starting from his first CD in 1998, called "The Truth Is," is masterful and he dealt with areas of our culture very few did. The last CD I think has been overlooked, so I want to help remedy that with the song "Your Laptop Screen.

Mark Weigle - Your Laptop Screen (2007)
Benjamin Schaefer - I Buy a Magazine (2011)
Benjamin Schaefer - I Would Have Followed You (2005)
Anthony Whitaker - Happy Ex-Boyfriend (2003)

That middle song was from a 2011 EP by Benjamin Schaefer and was called "I Buy a Magazine," and also from his 2005 EP, named "Sweet Sweet Smile" I played one called "I Would Have Followed You." Then Anthony Whitaker closed the set with a song from 2003, "Happy Ex-Boyfriend."

This is JD Doyle and I'm winding down Part 1 of OutRadio, but there's a lot more to come. As I opened with a punkish song, I'm going to close the same way, with an artist from Toronto, calling himself Senor Kasio. The song is "No Sunset (I'm Gay)."

Senor Kasio - No Sunset (I'm Gay) (2011)

Jeremy King Casual Brennan - FYOMS Outta My Mind (2008)

Nothing subtle about that one. Jeremy Brennan, who also goes by Jeremy King Casual Brennan, gave us his song "Fuck You Outta My System, Outta My Mind," from 2008. And this is JD Doyle with Part 2 of Outradio for December. And while my December QMH show is where I will be playing my queer xmas music, I am giving you one on OutRadio. It's Jay Brannan and his 2009 song "Christmas Really Sucks This Year." Now, don't get confused, that first artist was Jeremy Brennan, with an e, this is Jay Brannan, with an a. Anyway, pay attention to the very next song after Jay's as you'll hear an artist that sort of has a crush on him.

Jay Brannan - Christmas Really Sucks This Year (2009)
Matthew Woolfrey - Gutless (2010)
Matthew Woolfrey - Save Me From My Dick (2010)

Those two were by Philadelphia artist Matthew Woolfrey, and I talked about him last month and played two other songs. I think he's amazing, for several reasons, I mean, yes, he's quite sexy, but his videos take you past that. He has a way of looking you in the eye that is just riveting. I found myself just glued to the screen, way to work the camera, Matthew. The other thing that's amazing is his latest release, and calling it that just does not do it justice. I liked the music I heard so I went ahead and splurged, and bought a $30 download from his site. No ordinary download, it has about 90 songs and scores of graphics, photos, text files, etc, etc. I've never seen anyone market something like that. And, no I've not been able to listen to all 90 songs yet, but I played two that jumped out, "Gutless," dedicated as I said, to Jay Brannan, and the other, called "Save Me From My Dick."

Nomy Lamm - Not a Girl (2002)
Shondes - Fortress (2011)
Anomie Belle - It's a Crush (2011)
4D-Ykes - If It Takes All Night (2001)

That set started with Nomy Lamm and "Not a Girl," from her 2002 CD, "Effigy." She was followed by the Shondes and "Fortress," from their excellent new album "Searchlights." And then you heard Anomie Belle, and "It's a Crush," from her CD called "The Crush." Finally, the name of that last band was 4D-Ykes, which is a play on words as the band had four lesbian members and they were all just passing the age of 40, therefore, 40, yikes! The song was called "If It Takes All Night," from their 2001 CD "Hot Flash."

Ladyboi - Better Know (2011)
Toska Wilde -Cindy Darling (2011)
The Feeling - Love It When You Call (2007)
Bloc Party - I Still Remember (2007)

You just heard a set starting with Ladyboi, and the singer used to go by the name Scandelle. That track was called "Better Know," and he was followed with Toska Wilde, from the UK, and the song "Cindy Darling." Then there was the very nice poppy sound of The Feeling. Their lead singer Dan Gillespie is gay, and that was "Love It When You Call," from their 2007 album "Twelve Stops and Home." And another band from the UK, and with a gay lead singer, is Bloc Party. The singer is, and I'm likely going to mispronounce his last name, Kele Okereke. I played "I Still Remember" from their 2007 CD "A Weekend in the City."

Up next, again out of England, is Michael Ashanti. He just sent me his new EP and while it's mostly dance oriented I picked a ballad, as it really showcases his voice. It's called "Sorry, I Have to Go." And after him is one by Jim Emmons. I played one from his new EP last month, and want to share another, called "The First Time."

Michael Ashanti - Sorry, I Have to Go (2010)
Jim Emmons - The First Time (2011)
Justin Catalino - Say My Name in the Morning (2004)

After Jim Emmons was Justin Catalino, and "Say My Name in the Morning," from his 2004 CD "Welcome to Vacationland."

And this is JD Doyle, closing Part 2 of OutRadio, there's still more to come though. Taking this segment out is my friend Christian Andreason, and his brand new single, "I Want to Be an Amazing Man."

Christian Andreason - I Want to Be an Amazing Man (2011)

Anna Gutmanis - I Am Who I Am (2008)
Camille Bloom - Just Because I'm a Friend (2011)
Blame Sally - Big Big Bed (2011)

Welcome back to OutRadio, and this is Part 3 for this month, opening with an anthem by Canadian artist Anna Gutmanis, singing "I Am Who I Am." And she was followed by Camille Bloom and a track from her latest CD, "Never Out of Time," called "Just Because I'm a Friend." And, finishing the set is Blame Sally, an act I've seen live, and they are very talented. Their sixth and latest album is called "Speeding Ticket and a Valentine," I picked the track "Big Big Bed."

Up next, a new single by an artist I've been following for about ten years, Freddy Freeman. It's called "Eyes of Love."

Freddy Freeman - Eyes of Love (2011)
TimPermanent - Dance Floor Lost (2011)
Lee Thomas - One Night Stand (2008)
Michael Hensley - We're Here to Recruit Your Kids (2011)

That was a long set, and after Freddy Freeman was TimPermanent, and he's become prolific, releasing his second EP this year. It's called "Resident" and the song was "Dance Floor Lost." Then you heard Lee Thomas, out of the UK with his 2008 single "One Night Stand." And finally that was Michael Hensley, making a political point with "We're Here to Recruit Your Kids."

A new artist to me is Arro Verse, out of Los Angeles, and the song is called "Availability," and I just love this song.

Arro Verse - Availability (2011)
Arro Verse - Don't Be My Boo Boo (2011)
Josh Duffy & Melange Lavonne - Truth (2009)

I also played a second song by Arro Verse, called "Don't Be My Boo Boo." I followed those two with "Truth," a very nice track by Josh Duffy, who got a little help from Melange Lavonne. And now I am ready to change the beat.

Chris Salvatore - Broke Another Heart (2010)
Mike Andrews - Sex Medley (2009)
Ernest Kohl - Sooner or Later (2011)
The Fundamentalists - Why'd U Go (2011)

Okay, some dance for you, starting with the very infectious track "Broke Another Heart," by Chris Salvatore. Then came Mike Andrews and "Sex Medley," and Ernest Kohl and a cover of, of all things, the Grassroots song "Sooner or Later." I finished up with The Fundamentalists and their song "Why'd U Go."

I've got time for one more artist for this segment, and this is dance music that is out of the closet. He's New Yorker Matt Ryanz and for electronic dance material his songs are unusually short, so I'm giving you three of them, in seven minutes. You'll hear "Everywhere I Go," one called "Tall Bi Buy," and how many songs can you think of about bi guys? And I love the opening of the third one, "When U Touch Me."

Matt Ryanz - Everywhere I Go (2011)
Matt Ryanz - Tall Bi Guy (2011)
Matt Ryanz - When U Touch Me (2011)

Sue Fink - Leaping Lesbians (2008, Piff2K remix)
Trina Hamlin - Living on Love (2007)
Emma's Revolution - Occupy the USA (2011)

You're in Part 4 now, of OutRadio for December, with JD Doyle. I started off with an mp3 someone sent me in 2008, and at this point in time I have no idea who sent it or who did the remix, but a remix it obviously is, of the Women's Music classic "Leaping Lesbians," sung by Sue Fink. I think that was kind of fun. And I went next to the very talented Trina Hamlin and the title track from her 2007 album, "Living in Love." And I closed the set with a new song by Emma's Revolution, from their album "Revolutions Per Minute." They sang "Occupy the USA."

Are you ready for some country music? Well, I've not played some in a while, and frankly I don't get a lot of GLBT country music, but here are several songs, starting off with Randal Walker, and "The Guy Just Drives Me Crazy."

Randal Walker - The Guy Just Drives Me Crazy (2008)
Roy Bean - Gone (2007)
Don Harvey - Jake (2008)
Josey Greenwell - My Life on the Radio (2009)
Shane Stevens - Back to Earth (2011)

After Randal Walker was Roy Bean and a very nice ballad called "Gone." The lyrics are not openly gay, but the video of it sure is, and I recommend you check it out. He was followed by Don Harvey and one of the fun songs from his album "Good Clean Fun." And then came Josey Greenwell, and the title track of his latest album "My Life on the Radio." Finishing up, a brand new track by Nashville singer/songwriter Shane Stevens, called "Back to Earth." He's had several country hits as a writer, so he's trying his wings this time as a singer.

Here comes a UK artist I quite like. He released a couple excellent albums in the 90's under the name Gregory Gray, but for a while now has gone by the name Mary Cigarettes. Here is "I Am Not a Bad Girl."

Mary Cigarettes - I Am Not a Bad Girl (2010)
Iambic Dream Project - Boys of the Boulevard (2006)
Sub-Urban Addiction - Jerry Got Married (2004)

After Mary Cigarettes I played the Iambic Dream Project, and the song "Boys of the Boulevard," from 2006, and then the band Sub-Urban Addiction, who told us what happened when "Jerry Got Married."

This next set of songs will get more punk the more we get into it. It starts with Pittsburgh band The Undeniable, and from their 2009 album "Rock N Roll Star" is the song "Leather Punk Rock Boy." Then comes a band from Australia named Anal Traffic…with that name I bet they don't get too many stadium gigs…their song is called "Six Beer Queer." And then I will jump to two songs from England, by Stephen Nancy and Ste McCabe, and they have a lot in common.

The Undeniable - Leather Punk Rock Boy (2009)
Anal Traffic - Six Beer Queer (2005)
Stephen Nancy - Cosmopolitan (2000)
Ste McCabe - Accessorise (2011)

That last song was by Ste McCabe, a UK punker I've been playing now for several years. "Accessorise" is his latest single, which is a split-download release with Stella Zine, and I played both of them last month. Now that middle song, called "Cosmopolitan," is from a very, very hard to find CD EP from 2000 named "Detect and Abort," by Stephen Nancy, and I recently learned that Stephen Nancy was an earlier name used by Ste McCabe. Yes, I love obscurities.

This is JD Doyle and I thank you for getting this far, and roaming with me through a lot of different genres of songs, some new, some not so new. I want give a shout out to a loyal listener of my show in the UK named Steve. We've exchanged a flurry of emails lately and he has suggested a number of GLBT acts that he wanted to be sure I knew about. Fifteen of those acts made this show, so thanks again to Steve.

I'm closing with something I'm not sure I've done before, play a slow version of a song and then play the more uptempo remix, but I just was so impressed with both of them I figured I'd share them both. The artist is New Yorker Josh Howatt and from his 2008 CD "The Opposite of Disappearing" are two versions of the same song, appropriate for the end of this four hours, it's called "It's Over."

Josh Howatt - It's Over / It's Over (remix) (2008)