2010 Script

Chadwick - I Want You To Want Me (2010)

This is JD Doyle welcoming you to OutRadio, and I'm barely slowing down between songs. That was Chadwick and "I Want You To Want Me" and also by him is "Intoxicated."

Chadwick - Intoxicated (2010)
Ernest Kohl - Be Near Me (Man Parrish Mix) (2010)

And following Chadwick was Ernest Kohl, with the Man Parrish remix of his track "Be Near Me." Okay, let's take a breath, because this month on OutRadio I'm going to bring you lots of different kinds of music. So I'm bringing down the beat for one that has a bit of an anthem feel to it. It's the latest single by Justin Utley, called "Stand for Something."

Justin Utley - Stand for Something (2010)

I'm going to use Justin Utley's song "Stand for Something" as way of introducing the next song, and honoring the artist. Aaron-Carl was known to friends and fans around the world, as a house music artist, producer, remixer and DJ and as someone who did indeed stand for something. Sadly he died of cancer in late September. I first met him in 2003 and I'm honored that I got to know him a little over the years. I want to play for you two tracks from his 2002 album called "Uncloseted." I love the spirit, and talent, he showed in these two songs, "Bring It On" and "Coming Out Story (B.I.T.C.H.)

Aaron-Carl - Bring It On (2002)
Aaron-Carl - Coming Out Story (B.I.T.C.H) (2002)

I want to share one more track by Aaron-Carl, well, sort of. And I know he would enjoy my doing this. On my July 2003 Queer Music Heritage show I wanted to fool around and do the commercial, that usually appears in the middle of those shows, in rap style. It's where I plug the show on KPFT by my friend Jimmy Carper, the show called After Hours. I thought it would be a hoot for me to try to rap, so I asked Aaron-Carl and he gladly supplied me with a backing track. I'll say right away my attempt was, in a word, ridiculous, and he had no involvement with the finished product, but he thought it was hysterical. I also worked in, of course without their knowledge, some very well-known guest artists

JD Rap (2003)

Backing track by Aaron-Carl, making a fool of yourself in public, priceless. And what to follow that with? Well, how about a very heartfelt song by Jen Foster. It's her coming out message to her parents, in song, and is called "This Is Me."

Jen Foster - This Is Me (2010)
Tone Cluster - How Could Anyone (2010)

I followed Jen Foster with another song with a message. It arrived too late for me to include in my special show last month on songs inspired by the It Gets Better Project. It's by the Canadian chorus called Tone Cluster. They are out of Ottawa and the song was by Libby Roderick, from her 1990 album "If You See a Dream." Her song, called "How Could Anyone" has kind of taken on a life of its own. But here's her own version.

Libby Roderick - How Could Anyone (1990)
Libby Roderick - Inspire Me (1990)

Also from Libby Roderick's 1990 album was the song "Inspire Me." Up next are two tracks from the new album by Brady Earnhart, an artist whose writing I much respect. The album is called "So Few Things." The songs are called "Daniel" and "This Time." And when you listen to "Daniel," you'll want to pay close attention, as I think the way Brady reveals the story is masterful.

Brady Earnhart - Daniel (2010)
Brady Earnhart - This Time (2010)

Brady Earnhart, from his album "So Few Things." And I promised you lots of different kinds of music on this show, so here's an artist I just found out about, Jesse Sarr, and his song "Criminal Love."

Jesse Sarr - Criminal Love (2010)
Raspin - We Do What We Do (2010)

That was an artist going by the name Raspin, and the title track from his new album "We Do What We Do." This is JD Doyle and it's time to close the first hour of OutRadio for December. There's two more to come though, so please come back for Part 2, where Tom Goss will start things off. Closing this segment is Matt Zarley, and from his 2008 album "Here I Am" is the song "All That Matters."

Matt Zarley - All That Matters (2008)

Tom Goss - Lover (2009)

Welcome to Part 2 of OutRadio for December. I'm JD Doyle and that song, called "Lover" was from the 2009 album by Tom Goss called "Back to Love." But just hearing the song no longer does it any justice at all. He just released a video for it, and I think it's a masterpiece. With the new video the song now tells the story of losing a partner in the war in Afghanistan, so it therefore also includes the Don't Ask Don't Tell emotions into the story. It's a powerful one, and I'm providing a link for you to go watch it. But if you are leaving right now to do that, which is fine, please come back for more of this show.

Next up are two new tracks by a new Houston artist, Castle Cruz. They are called "Falling Down" and "Goodnight & Goodbye."

Castle Cruz - Falling Down (2010)
Castle Cruz - Goodnight & Goodbye (2010)

I'm following Castle Cruz with Walking Double, an act I found on Facebook. They noticed I was friends with their friend, Kevin Wong, so the connection was made. Walker Double is the name used by Jason and Kelvin Chu, and their song is called "A Thousand Voices."

Walker Double - A Thousand Voices (2010)
Rock Cub - You're the One That I Want (2010)

Yes, that was the song from the musical "Grease," very nicely done by Jeff Workman, who goes by the name Rock Cub. And adding more variety to the music mix is a jazz instrumental. It's from the new album by Drew Paralic, "Roll With It Baby," and the track is called "Sweetest Crime."

Drew Paralic - The Sweetest Crime (2010)
Michael Arden - Not Afraid (2007)

That song was called "Not Afraid," and it's by an artist I adore, Michael Arden. I really wish he would release an album, but at the moment all that can be found are isolated music tracks and videos, but they are impressive. An artist named Amber Darland recently sent me her latest album, called "Truce," and I'm glad she did, From it are "Learn to Bend" and "Time For Today."

Amber Darland - Learn to Bend (2009)
Amber Darland - Time for Today (2009)

I really like the use of a trumpet in that last song, which she played. I think it gave it a really interesting sound. Again, that was Amber Darland. And I've been following the work by this next artist for a long time. He's Rick Berlin and was front man of such 80s bands as Orchestra Luna and Berlin Airlift and since then has released a series of solo albums. The latest is "Paper Airplane" and from it are "The Kiss" and "If I Wasn't Such a Bum."

Rick Berlin - The Kiss (2010)
Rick Berlin - If I Wasn't Such a Bum (2010)
Danny Katz - Yearning (2010)

Two by Rick Berlin, followed by Danny Katz. Now, Danny's from New York City, but he's currently living in Tokyo, which explains some of the references in that song, called "Yearning." His album is called "Japanese Satellites." And, are you ready for some UK punk music? Well, an artist I've become long-distance friends with over the years is Ste McCabe. I've got two from his new EP, the title track "Harrowing Breakdown" and "Make Your Own Kind of Music." And he also sent me the latest EP by a queer act also on the same label, Cherryade Records. They are Fever Fever and from that disc I picked it's title track, "Bloodless."

Ste McCabe - Harrowing Breakdown (2010)
Ste McCabe - Make Your Own Kind of Music (2010)
Fever Fever - Bloodless (2010)

Again, punk from the UK, by Ste McCabe and Fever Fever. I'm going to squeeze in a short song by a Seattle group of bears called the Bearatones. Get it? They are working on an album and I've talked them into sending me an early track from it. It's not really intended to be a real song, but is used during their shows when intermission is over to get the crowd quieted back down, in a funny if not very direct way. Here's a premier airing of the Bearatones and "Shut the Fuck Up."

Bearatones - Shut the Fuck Up (2010)

Yes, don't make mama put down her purse, the Bearatones.

If you caught any of last summer's TV show "America's Got Talent" then you remember Prince Poppycock, a very theatrical singer, to say the least. He made it to the finals and what goes with that is performing with a celebrity, and his celebrity was Donna Summer. It would be hard to follow this performance, so I'm making it the closing track for this hour, but there's one more. Here's Prince Poppycock and Donna Summer.

Prince Poppycock & Donna Summer - Last Dance / Enough Is Enough (2010)

Elton John & Leon Russell - If It Wasn't for Bad (2010)

Yes, if it wasn't for bad, you'd be good. I've been a fan of Leon Russell's since the 70s so I was pleased to hear that he and Elton John were doing an album together, called "Union." Of course Leon Russell is straight, but the Elton connection gets him on this show, and this show is OutRadio for December, Part 3, and I'm JD Doyle. Thanks for sticking around. And I'm going next to a song that would have felt right at home on that Elton John-Leon Russell album, but it's by Raspin, who you heard in Part 1 on his new album "We Do What We Do." This time the song is "Rumblin' & Tumblin'."

Raspin - Rumblin' & Tumblin' (2010)
Mara Levi - She Says She Knows (2010)
Melissa Li - The Beginning (2010)

That was a nice triple-play. After Raspin you heard Mara Levi, and "She Says She Knows," from her new CD called "We Listen to Fools," and then came Melissa Li with her band The Barely Theirs, and the title track from their EP "The Beginning." You may also know of her when she was part of the wonderful duo Good Asian Drivers. Here comes a New Jersey artist just going by the name Jeryl, and a song she sent me called "Invincible."

Jeryl - Invincible (2010)
John Raymond Pollard - Logical Song (2010)

After Jeryl was John Raymond Pollard. He's got a new CD called "Disk Covers 80s" packed full of cover songs, with that one being Supertramp's "Logical Song."

Next I get to play two tracks from the sophomore release by Julie Schurr. The album is called "Boi in the Girls Room," with boi spelled b-o-i. I don't have the CD to hold in my hand yet, but Julie sent me a couple tracks. The first one is called "Fuck July" and then you'll hear the title track.
Boi in the Girls Room" which has a very cool guest appearance by God-des, of God-des & She.

Julie Schurr - Fuck July (2010)
Julie Schurr - Boi in the Girls Room (2010)

Now this next song may be a surprising fit musically compared to what you've heard already this segment, so get ready for something very uptempo. It's the first track, called "Drop" from the new rock opera called "Dial." Words and music are by Mark Smotroff & Sean Mylett.

From "Dial" - Drop (2010)
John Grant - Caramel (2010)
John Grant - TC and His Honeybear (2010)

I followed the intro song from the rock opera "Dial" with two tracks from the new album by John Grant. He was a member of the band the Czars for a number of years, but is now on his own. The album is called "Queen of Denmark" and those songs were "Caramel" and "TC and His Honeybear." Sounds a bit like he's be hanging out with Owen Pallet.

I'm winding down this third hour with some dance music and this first one has a political commentary to it. It's called "Tap Tap" and is by Candy Samples. In the last couple years she's released two delightful EPs called "Sample This" and "Sample That."

Candy Samples - Tap Tap (2009)
Scandelle - Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love (2010)

And I didn't mention that Candy Samples is a drag artist, and I followed her with an artist whose blog is called "Confessions of a Trannie Rockstar." That would be Scandelle, with her latest single "Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love." Closing this three hour music spree is the artist who started it, Chadwick. Yes, I think he's very good. Here's his song "Finally Found Love."

Chadwick - Finally Found Love (2010)