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August 2013
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For August, I kinda went interview crazy, and have four to share with you:
Tom Goss, Samuel Damewood (of the Nashville band Fuzz Face), Josh Duffy,
and Mélange Lavonne...all premiering new work. Overall you'll find
33 songs, by 20 artists, with 11 artists new to OutRadio.

Part 1 - 59:29
Shane McAnally - Hurt You Like Me (2007)
Brandy Clark - Stripes (2013)
Steve Grand - All American Boy (2013)
Tom Goss Interview (2013)
Tom Goss - Bears (2013)
Tom Goss - I Do (2013, Liz Deroche remix)
Tom Goss & Joey Salinas - Waiting for Your Call (2013)
Samuel Damewood (of Fuzz Face) Interview (2013)
Fuzz Face - Button Up Boy / Furry Belly (2013)
Fuzz Face - Came Out Hard / Cowboy (2013)

Part 2 - 58:25
Macklemore & Lewis - Same Love (2012)
Mary Lambert - She Keeps Me Warm (2013)
Mary Lambert - I Know Girls (Bodylove) (2012)
Jenny Owens Youngs - Your Apartment (2013)
Jenny Owens Youngs - Love for Long (2012)
Amy Coffman - Fifteen Minutes (2013)
Amy Coffman - My Parallel Tracks (2013)
Rachel Garlin - Love her a Lot ( 2008)
Nicolette Forte - Hold Your Hand (2013)
Michael Harren - Go (2013)
David Sereda - Beyond the Shadow (2013)
Shondes - Nothing More Whole (2013)
Rachel Sage - Invisible Light (2012)
Melissa Ferrick - I Don't Want You To Change (2013)
Eli Lieb - Young Love (2013)

Part 3 - 61:40
Josh Duffy - Artificial (2007)
Josh Duffy Interview (2013)
Josh Duffy - Safe (2007)
Josh Duffy & Mélange Lavonne - Truth (2009)
Josh Duffy - Our Love (2013)
Mélange Lavonne Interview (2013)
Mélange Lavonne - Thanks But No Thanks (2013)
Mélange Lavonne - Freedom Writer (2013)
Mélange Lavonne - One of a Kind Suicide (2013)
Mélange Lavonne - After Party Remix (2013)

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Quotes from the Interviews

"I'm going to do what I want to do because I think that it's beautiful, and when I do things that are beautiful people will connect with it, and not really worry about, you know, what somebody from some newspaper that I don't read, and what they're going to say about it. It's silly to be beholding to critics but I think often as an artist, especially an artist in the public sphere, you can fall into that trap."
-- Tom Goss

JD: As an artist and performer you were out of the closet from the get-go, any thoughts about that now?

Josh: "It's still my ambition to just remain who I am, you don't want to change yourself, and at first you kind of put yourself in a corner as an out artist, but at the end of the day people are going to appreciate that about your honesty. And I have no regrets or anything other than to say that's who I am, and that's what I'm going to continue to do, and I'm not going to shove it in your face."
-- Josh Duffy

JD: I like that these are adult gay themes.

SD: "They are...that's one of the things when Matt and myself were writing these things was just about...not forcing a song, just writing about the experiences that we had, and that we knew. And if you're an adult, you're going to experience adult things, and I think that being completely open and honest in your music really sends out a message that people can access, and can understand, and can connect with." -- Samuel Damewood, of Fuzz Face

JD: How do you think being so lyrically gay in your songs has affected your music career?

ML: "I think it's actually catapulted it to a level where I don't think I would have been. Just for me being out has given me a huge fan base. If I wasn't out, or if I was just rapping about...whatever, the main stream stuff I don't think people would perceive me as a talented artist who could have that longevity. I can't say all my fans are gay, but the majority of them can relate to me, and I have that longevity with them. " -- Mélange Lavonne