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Eric & the Adams - Sugar, You Ain't So Sweet (2009)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to OutRadio, and kind of a different show. This month every song I play will be from an EP. Now, back in the day, and I'm talking about the late 50's and early 60's if you heard that music was on an EP it meant a 7" extended play vinyl record, with two songs per side. Usually only the artists on big labels had this, like Elvis or Rick Nelson. Skip ahead 40 years or so and we are deep into the CD age, and now an EP usually means 5 or 6 tracks, or in the case of dance music, remixes of the same song, a bunch of times.

In the last year or so I've noticed an increase in the number of EP releases by independent artists, and I think the major reason simply is cost. It takes a lot of money to produce a full-length CD and many artists want to get their music out more frequently, so more EP releases. And of course with all this I'm still talking hard-copy releases. Digital downloads of MP3 singles will, to my mind very unfortunately, take over and real CDs will fade away. A pity; I'm old school. I like to hold the disc in my hands and read all the liner notes, see who wrote and produced it.

Okay, enough editorializing, this show will be packed with music, from many genres. I haven't told you yet who started us off.

That was Eric Himan with his band Eric & the Adams, and "Sugar, You Ain't So Sweet." And up next is Stewart Lewis and the title track from his EP "The Chemical."

Stewart Lewis - The Chemical (2006)
Tom Goss - Rise (2008)

Tom Goss and "Rise" from his EP.

This next act is a trio that only periodically records and tours together, as they each have solo careers. They are Julie Loyd, Melineh Kurdian and Liz Clark, and are very fun live. They have one EP released in 2007, and I love the introduction to the track "Insomnia Song."

Girl Parts - Insomnia Song (2007)
Phranc - Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter (1995)
Vertigo Road - Simple Road (2007)

After Girl Parts was the one and only Phranc, from her "Goofyfoot" EP, singing "Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter." And after her was the duo Vertigo Road and from their EP "Pieces," the song "Simple Road."

A little change of pace now, with Scandelle and "Speak Easy," followed by David Mahr and "Never Alone," from his "Lost & Found" EP.


Scandelle - Speak Easy (2003)
David Mahr - Never Alone (1999)
TimPermanent - Asymmetrical (2011)



Rounding out that set was TimPermanent and "Asymmetrical" from his new EP "Marker." And out of 1999 was Muckafurguson. They called their release "The Gay EP," and the song was "You Ain't a Man."

Muckafurguson - You Ain't a Man (1999)
Extra Fancy - Sell Your Love (1997)
Nakia - Playing the Cards (2007)


In the middle song that was Brian Grillo and his band of that time, Extra Fancy. "Sell Your Love" was a hidden track from the EP "No Mercy." And then, out of Austin, was Nakia and "Playing the Cards" from his EP of the same name.

The Winsome Griffles are a San Francisco band and I'm pleased that one of the members is an old friend of mine, named Larry-Bob. I'm sure that's the reason I have one of the few copies of their 2006 EP, and from it is their cover of a Hidden Cameras song, "The Man That I Am With My Man."

Winsome Griffles - The Man That I Am With My Man (2006)
Paxton - How the Love Turns Around (1999)

That was the band Paxton and "How the Love Turns Around," and it's from their 1999 EP "Ginger's Dish."

Would it be shallow to say that this next artist not only sings well, but is very sexy, as proven by the photos on his website. He's Bryan Hawn and around 2006 he sent me his self-titled EP, so from it is "Unconditional."


Bryan Hawn - Unconditional (2006)

This is JD Doyle and this has been Part 1 of OutRadio for this month, but of course there's more. Closing this segment is a transgender band from San Francisco I like a lot, and have had the treat of seeing them perform live. They are Lipstick Conspiracy and their debut EP was called "Don't Tell a Soul." My favorite song from it is "Just a Girl."

Lipstick Conspiracy - Just a Girl (2004)

Peto - Scout's Honor (2000)

Now, how many songs have you heard about homophobia in the Boy Scouts? Well, certainly not many, but that one, called "Scout's Honor" is from the EP "In My Place," by an artist just going by Peto, from 2000. This is JD Doyle bringing you the second hour of OutRadio, and this month I've got kind of a special theme. Well, maybe it's not a theme, but is it is a ground rule. All of the songs on this show come from CD EPs.

I got to see this next artist perform in New York City, about nine years ago. He released one EP, called "Right Aligned," around 2000 and then he has kind of dropped out of site, so I don't know if he's performing anymore. I hope he is. From that EP is the song "Take Me Whole."


Mike James - Take Me Whole (2000)
Todd Alsup - The Good Fight (2007)

That artist is Todd Alsup, and his EP "Facts & Figures" is from 2007. He's working on releasing a full-length recording later this Spring, and I'm looking forward to that. But for right now, from that first EP was "The Good Fight."

Also from 2007 is the band Uh Huh Her, which includes Leisha Hailey from the TV show "The L Word." Here's the title track from their EP "I See Red."

Uh Huh Her - I See Red (2007)
Tribe 8 - Lesbophobia (1993)
Average Dyke Band - Pretty Woman (2008)


Now, that was a very mixed set. After the band Uh Huh Her was Tribe 8, and the song "Lesbophobia" came from their 1993 EP "By the Time We Get to Colorado." The point of that EP was to protest anti-gay legislation being considered at that time in that state. Closing the set of course was the song "Pretty Woman." It was by the Average Dyke Band, which was actually their name. They are a San Francisco rock & roll band, and I don't think the EP I have by them was officially released, but sometimes we radio people get things that are not, so I'm glad to share them with you.

Here comes some music that may be new to you. First, Canadian artist Matthew David, with Levi Kreis on guest vocals, and the song "Revolution," from Matthew's EP called "Masquerade."

Matthew David (with Levi Kreis) - Revolution (2009)
Phil Dutra - Let Me Be Your Superman (2007)
Shelly Winters Project - Always in Love (2001)



In the middle was Phil Dutra and from his EP "Right Behind the Rain" was "Let Me Be Your Superman," and I'm always fascinated by the work of Rick Berlin, and you can find it in many incarnations. In 2001 he released an EP as by the Shelly Winters Project, and I picked the song "Always in Love."

Coming up are two by Hadley Rille, but I know that is also the name of a valley on the moon, and this artist's real name is Rob Costin. From his new EP comes "Say, Moon," and "Sure, I'll Shave Your Back."

Hadley Rille - Say Moon (2009)
Hadley Rille - Sure, I'll Shave Your Back (2009)
Jeremy James - Boombox (2009)
Ron Morris - Boyfriend (2007)


 JD & Ron Morris

After Hadley Rille was Jeremy James and the song "Boombox" from his 2009 EP "Such Noble Men." And after him was my friend Ron Morris and his song "Boyfriend," from the CD "Boyfriend, and Other Sides of Love."

Kitco - The Bitch Song (2002)
Anna Gutmanis - If You Want a Lover (2008)
Gina Livingston - Kisses in SoCo (2007)



That set started out with Kitco and a song with a lot of personality, called "The Bitch Song," from her 2002 EP, and next was Anna Gutmanis, and from her first recording, from 2008, was the song "If You Want a Lover."

Finally, that was Gina Livingston and from her EP "Footsteps of My Soul" was "Kisses in SoCo."

This is JD Doyle and OutRadio and time for the closing tracks for this hour, and I thank you for listening. There a country band in Chicago called Devin & the Straights, and they released a full length CD in 2008 that I quite liked. So I conned Devin into sending me their demo EP from the year before, just because I couldn't get enough. So this is music that may not have been on the radio anywhere. Here's Devin & the Straights and "Why Don't You Be a Man" and "Boys Behind Me."

Devin & the Straights - Why Don't You Be a Man (2007)
Devin & the Straights - Boys Behind Me (2007)