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Part 3 - 61:37
Magnetic Fields - I Thought You Were
     My Boyfriend (2004)
Magnetic Fields - When My Boy Walks
     Down the Street (1999)
Snoopy Lads - Little Drummerboy (2008)
Doveman - Let's Hear It For the Boy (2008)
Julie Schurr - Ode to My Strap-On (2008)
We're Coming - Strap-On Blues (2009)
Faith Soloway - Lesbo Song (1996)
Jan Cornall - Better Than Het (1980)
Homo2 - Uhaul (2005)
Jeremy Henry - Just One Love (2009)
David Mahr - Relentless (2009)
Jeremiah Clark - Leaving a Broken Heart (2008)
Rubberlegs - People Who Talk
     In Elevators (2005)
The Wavos - I Will Show You Mine (2010)
Anye Elite - I Got Him (2010)
Yehonathan Gatro - Way Back Home (2010)

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Part 4 - 60:24
Rent (aka Sponge Finger) - I Love To
     Be Queer (2000)
Rent (aka Sponge finger) - Looking
     For A Lover (2000)
Shawn Thomas - Out In This World (2009)
Clint Michigan - Be My Man (2010)
Guy Blackman - I Still Think of You (2008)
Jen Foster - Venice Beach (2010)
Grace Hightower - Somethin's Comin'
     My Way (2009)
Dan Manjovi - Forgotten How to Dream (2008)
London Gay Men's Chorus - Gimme Gimme
     Gimme (1998)
Sonia & Disappear Fear - Call Me Sonia (2010)
Sonia & Disappear Fear - Pack of
     Newport (2010)
John-Fredrick - Drag Queer (Radio Mix) (1999)
Peppermint, feat. Adam Joseph - Fresh (2009)
RuPaul - Jealous of My Boogie (2009)
RuPaul, featuring Lady Bunny - Throw Ya
     Hands Up (2009)

April OutRadio - Part 3

Some Images Have Others Behind Them

Stephin Merrit

Stephin Merrit of Magnetic Fields and several other of his acts

Above, the Snoopy Lads; Below, Thomas Bartlett, aka Doveman

Julie Schurr

Above, Julie Schurr at Houston Show, January 2010; Below, Montreal act We're Coming

We're Coming

Faith Soloway EPFaith Soloway

Faith Soloway and Jan Cornall; and below Jan, Homo2 (Homosquarred)

Jan Cornall

Above, Jeremy Henry; Below, David Mahr and Jeremiah Clark


Above, The Wavos and Rubberlegs; Below, Anye Elite; Below him, Yehonathan Gatro



April OutRadio - Part 4


I'm showing large scans as info on this UK act is so rare.
Sponge Finger, aka Rent, is Clayton Littlewood and Rob Thomas


Shawn Thomas & Clint Michigan

Below, Guy Blackman and Jen Foster


Above, Dan Manjovi placed a song on the "Precious" movie soundtrack

Below, London Gay Men's Chorus, and Sonia & Disappear Fear


Check out my 2-hour interview with Sonia Here

Click to see John-Fredrick press flyer from 1994

Below, Peppermint & her "Hard Core Glamour," and of course, RuPaul