October 2009
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Transgender Artists

Part 3 -- 75:13

okay, a little longer cause there were folks I could just Not leave out...:)

Sara Davis Buechner & her CDs

Sara Davis Buechner - Gerswhin's Rhapsody in Blue (1993)
Heather Alexander & Alexander James Adams -
The Holly and the Ivy (2007)
Wally Scott Orchestra - Too Little Time (1954)
Angela Morley - Blues for Alexis (2003)
Sunny McHale Skyedancer - It Didn't Take Long (1991)
ZJ Antolak - Gender Confused (2009)
Ian Harvie - comedy routine (2007)
Julia Serano - Vice Versa (2002)
Bitesize - Switch Hitter (1999)
Ryka Aoki De La Cruz - Less Than or Equal to One (2007)
Lilly Rose & the Thorns - Fun (1978)
Jeff Dahl - Transvestites, Transsexuals
and Chicks with Dicks (2005, not trans)
B-Cups - CWD (2007, not trans)
Baby Dee - Dance of Diminishing Possibilities (2008)
Lezlee Ann Rios - Already Missing You (2008)
Jaila Simms - That Bitch Is Hot (2009)
Lisa Jackson - Sober & Insane (2007)
Kestryl Cael Lowery - XY(T) (2009)
Kestryl Cael Lowery - Poison (2009)
Joshua Bastian Cole - I'll Be Different (2009)
Modern Day Pinnochio - Sober-Rated (2009)

Pass your mouse over Sara Davis Buechner's photo at left to see both versions of her CD

Heather Alexander >> Alexander James Adams

and "their" 2007 CD "WinderTide"

Heather AlexanderWinterTideAlexander James Adams

I was lucky to find on the net the pic of the Wally Scott Orchestra, and below that is a 45 by them, from 1954, and then the 2003 compilation of her work (by John Wilson & His Orchestra), and from her site a photo of Angela Morley. She transitioned from Wally Scott in 1972.

   Wally Scott & His Orchestra

45 by Wally Scott & His Orch.   Angela Morley CD, by John Wilson & His Orchestra

Angela Morley

Sunny McHale Skyedancer  tape  Sunny McHale

Sunny McHale's 1991 cassette tape, and recent pic; Below, ZJ Antolak and Ian Harvie

ZJ Antolak   stand-up comic Ian Harvie

Julia Serano, her wonderful 2001 chapbook CD "Either/Or" and the Bitesize CD

Julia Serano   Serano chapbook CD   Bitesize CD

Ryka Aoki de la Cruz

Above, spoken word artist Ryka Aoki de la Cruz

Rocky Mountain Low

The Lilly Rose & the Thorns track is from the above CD, more info about that Here

Lilly Rose

And Click for my Special Section on Lilly Rose

Jeff Dahl CD   B-Cups CD

Below, Baby Dee

Baby Dee CD   Baby Dee

Lezlee Anne   Jaila Simms

Above, Lezlee Anne Rios and Jaila Simms; Below, Lisa Jackson and Kestryl Cael Lowery

Lisa Jackson   Kestryl Cole Lowery

Below, Joshua Bastian Cole. He's a very articulate and thought-provoking writer,
so I recommend you check out the blogs on his site

Joshua Bastian Cole

Below AJ Bryce, aka Modern Day Pinnochio. AJ is the producer of the "Trans-Fusions" CD

Modern Day Pinnochio   Trans-Fusions