Steve Cohen's Official and Unofficial Recordings

Prior to the release of "Silent Too Long," Steve issued several tapes, both as a means of getting the music out, and fundraising for the first CD

The tapes above came out in 1995 & 1996, and "Silent Too Long" was released in 1997

Below, the liner notes for 2000's "I Must Have Been Crazy"

Alternate packaging, and shortened title, for "Crazy"


from 2000  from 2000

from 2002

And below, the new CD, released October 2006

And I'm always glad to plug the wonderful Richard Foltz CD "A Songwriter's Christmas."
Steve was one of the artists interpreting one of Richard's songs on this 1996 album.

You can find this CD at

Above, Richard Foltz and JD...and note the Steve Cohen shirt...:)

   very candid shot, from his soundclick site