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Leonard Matlovich...

July 7, 1943 -- June 22, 1988

Leonard Matlovich was one of our heroes, and I feel very honored to have met him.
During a lengthy trip to California in 1981, I visited him for a weekend in June.
At that time he was living in Russian River and was operating Stumptown
Annie's Pizza Parlor, which he bought with proceeds from the settlement he
received from the Air Force. The candid pic is one I took of him there.

   Leonard, June 1980          

I used a TV quote from Leonard in my Gays in the Military show

the 1978 TV movie made about Leonard Matlovich

Matlovich campaign button, Fall 1979.
District 5 was the one Harvey Milk represented. After his death Harry Britt
was appointed to fill the vacancy, and therefore by city charter would be
required to run for election the next year. Matlovich had moved to
San Francisco earlier that year and ran against Britt, but, running
as a Republican, garnered few votes.

Below, campaign flyer (pass cursor over to see both sides)


There are many websites that can provide you with information
about leonard. These are a few that I found worthwhile:

Below, for a few years there was a Leonard Matlovich Society

Below, a larger scan from the flyer...apparently Leonard posed behind his tombstone