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QMH November 2008


Lesbian Frequency

To me "Lesbian Frequency" was a fascinating venture. Around 1983 "Radical Rose" and her friends in Minneapolis released a series of cassette tapes, by and for lesbians. There is practically zero information about this on the internet, and the tape cases themselves provide all that I know. These were sets of four tapes per issue, and I have in my collection Volume 2 and half of Volume 1 (and they are in marginal condition). I have no idea if any others were issued, so if you can provide any information, (or copies) I would be most grateful. I would love to find any of the other tapes they list.

Artists mentioned include: Sidney Spinster, Liz Olds, Maxine Feldman,
M. Joyner Bullock, Alix Dobkin, and Elaine Townsend

The copies of the tapes I have are second generation and are in rough shape. If anyone can provide me with dubs of these are the other LF tapes, I would be very grateful.

Maxine Feldman

Click to hear the 22 minute interview

Above, I found a current pic of Liz Olds, a long-time volunteer at KFAI in Minneapolis

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