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March 2014
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Ricky Martin - Livin' La Vida Loca (1999)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to a very special Queer Music Heritage show, one I'm calling Gay-o de Mayo. Of course I started it off with Ricky Martin and his huge, huge world-wide hit song from 1999, "Livin' La Vida Loca." And I used the Spanish-language version, and that is the theme of this show, songs by openly LGBT artists sung in Spanish. And no, I do not speak Spanish, and may not do a great job at pronouncing some of these titles, but hey, I'm bringing you the music anyway. And continuing where Ricky left off is Christián Chávez, formerly of the group RBD, and a song from 2011 that's become an anthem, called "Libertad."

Christián Chávez - Libertad (2011)
Christián Chávez & RBD - Qué Fue de Amor (2008)
Gore Gore Gays - Es Mi Hombre (2009)


A bit more on Christián Chávez, he found his success on a Mexican telenovela, on which his character formed the band RBD, and the band became a real one. After "Libertad" I played one of their songs, from 2008, called " Qué Fue de Amor," and then I switched to an act from Spain named Gore Gore Gays. From my site you can link to the very leather fetish video they have for their cover of the standard "Es Mi Hombre." Now, the song "My Man" goes back to 1921, and was the signature song of Fanny Brice, and gained its most popularity as done by Barbra Streisand in "Funny Girl." I have a lot of versions of it, but none like done by the Gore Gore Gays.

I'm going next to an iconic singer, Chabela Vargas, who had a long career, recording over 80 albums. She came out as a lesbian on Columbian television at age 81 and lived to be 93. She lived most of her life in Mexico and the first song by her you'll hear is one she made erotic on stage. In "Macorina" she would sing "Macorina, put your hand here, put your hand here," and on stage she would engage the gaze of a woman in the audience and put her own hand over her crotch when singing and she would move suggestively to different other lines. The second song is from a Carnegie Hall concert from 2003 and is called "La Llorona," which means moaning.

Chabela Vargas - Macorina (1996)
Chabela Vargas - La Llorona (2003)
Juan Gabriel - Lágrimas y Lluvia (1996)

That song was called " Lágrimas y Lluvia," "Tears and Rain," and that was the very flamboyant Juan Gabriel, another star with decades of success. One of my friends, who suggested Juan Gabriel to me, said of him "he may be the gayest man on the planet, but he's also the most closeted." And doing some searching on google finds you lots of rumors but no coming out statement.

Next are a couple American singers who I have played a lot over the years, but this time they are doing songs in Spanish. First, in 1983 Holly Near recorded an album with the group from Chile named Inti-Illimani. The album was named "Sing To Me The Dream," and the song is, in English, "I Offer You a Song."

Holly Near & Inti-Illimani - Te Doy Una Cancion (1983)
Sonia & Disappear Fear - Cayendo (2007)


That's one of my favorite of the songs of Sonia & Disappear Fear, named "Fallin'" in English and it's from her 2007 CD "Tango," on which she sings in several languages. And here's another much loved American act from the early 90s, the Flirtations. Via founding member Aurelio Font on their first two albums they included two songs in Spanish, "Santa Maria" and "Donde Está Dolores."

Flirtations - Santa Maria / Donde Está Dolores (1990, 1991)
Boy from Oz soundtrack (Peru) - I Honestly Love You / I Go to Rio (2013)

"I Honestly Love You" and "I Go To Rio." And those two songs, both written by Peter Allen, were featured in "Boy from oz," the Tony Award-winning musical about him in 2003. And the show has gone on to be performed all over, including those tracks from the Peruvian soundtrack from last year. And let's catch up with another Latin pop star, Christian Castro, who came out just a few years ago, and from 1992 is his song "No Podrás," "You Can Not."

Christian Castro - No Podrás (1992)
Alex Anwandter - Rebeldes (2014)
Gloria Trevi - Todos Me Miran (2006)

Following Christian Castro was a new artist from Argentina, Alex Anwandter, with his song "Rebeldes," and then, I'm told, the iconic and bisexual Gloria Trevi singing "Todos Me Miran."

This is JD Doyle and I've saved a special song for the end of Part 1. From Argentina it was the first out song by an openly lesbian singer in that country, back in 1984, which was very shortly after the song itself came out in the musical "La Cage Aux Folles." From Sandra Mihanovich, here's "I Am What I Am."

Sandra Mihanovich - I Am What I Am (1984)

Jade Esteban Estrada - Bella Morena (2000)

This is JD Doyle and welcome to Part 2 of Gay-o de Mayo, my salute to songs sung in Spanish by openly LGBT artists. "Bella Morena" was by a very talented artist I've known many years, Jade Esteban Estrada, and is from his CD from 2000, "Angel."

Ezra Axelrod is a singer from the UK and his partner is from Columbia, so he has spent a lot of time there, and included on his terrific CD from 2012 "American Hotel," a song called "Fútbol y Mangos."

Ezra Axelrod - Fútbol y Mangos (2012)
El Vez - En El Barrio (2005)
Mark Weigle - Pañuelos Blancos Los Jueves (2005)

That middle track was by Mexican performer El Vez, who of course took his name as a Hispanic nod to Elvis, and much of his material over the years has had that theme, recreating, among his more than dozen albums a lot of Elvis material. "En El Barrio" was from his 1994 CD "Fun with Espanol." And then one of my favorite artists, Mark Weigle, included " Pañuelos Blancos Los Jueves" and the English version, "White Scarves on Thursdays" on his 2005 double CD "Soul Sex."

Pierrot was a female impersonator from Spain, and his album from 1978 says he was "El Rey de los Travestis," "King of the Transvestites." It's a live show and a friend tells me this first track gets a little naughty. Here is "I Am Gay" followed by "Homosexual."

Pierrot - Yo Soy Gay / Homosexual (1978)
La Prohibita - Flash (2006)
Vanity Bear - La Noche No Es Para Mi (2010)

In that set Pierrot gave a live show in 1978, and then another female impersonator act, La Prohibita gave us a modern dance track, from 2006, called "Flash." Then an electronica duo from Spain told us "La Noche No Es Para Mi," "The Night Is Not For Me."A San Antonio band is up next, as Girl in a Coma tells us "Come Close," "Ven Cerca," from 2009.

Girl in a Coma - Ven Cerca (2009)
Burning Nopal - Tus Ojos (2013)

I put out a request on my Facebook wall for material for this show, and the first to respond was the electro pop band Burning Nopal, from Dallas. They sent me "Tus Ojos," "Your Eyes."

This next track is just lovely, and comes from a 1999 CD by Irene Farrera. It's the title track from her album "Soy de Ti."

Irene Farrera - Soy de Ti (1999)
Izquierda - Gracias a la Vida (1979)
Erika Luckett - Siete Rios (2005)

That middle track goes back to 1979, and an early Women's Music group called Izquierda, that included lead vocals by Naomi Littlebear Martinez. I chose the song "Gracias a la Vida." And from the 2005 CD "Unexpected," by Erika Luckett, who often picks songs with an international flavor, that was "Siete Rios."

This is JD Doyle and I'm closing Part 2 with a showtune, from the very popular and very gay musical "Naked Boys Singing." It's been performed for many years, and in many countries. From the Mexican cast comes the song "Gratuitos Nudity."

Naked Boys Singing - Gratuitos Nudity (2004)

Bibi Andersen - I'm Into Something Good (1980)

I love that song, but then I love covers of 60s hit songs, and that song was the first chart record for Herman's Hermits, in 1964, called "I'm Into Something Good." I was delighted to find it on a 1980 album by Spanish transsexual singer and actress Bibi Andersen. And this is JD Doyle, bringing you one more segment of my Gay-o de Mayo show. I wouldn't have believed I could find three hours of this material, but I posted on my Facebook page what I was planning and got a number of ideas for who to include, and more than one person mentioned the Kumbia Queers. First, great name. They are a band from Argentina who call their style tropical punk, and have released two delightful albums, in 2007 and 2010, which gave me lots of choices. I picked a song from each, so I'm playing "Daniela" and then an adaptation of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita," only on their island it's just for chicas.

Kumbia Queers - Daniela (2010)
Kumbia Queers - La Isla Con Chicas (2007)
La Casa Azul - La Revolución Sexual (2008)

After the Kumbia Queers, La Casa Azul brought us "La Revolución Sexual," from 2008. And here comes an early song, from 1974, by a folk rock band called Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzmán. Their song was called " María y Amaranta."

Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo y Guzmán - María y Amaranta (1974)
Mecano - Mujer Contra Mujer (1989)
Matérial Prima - Eva y María (2004)
Dalila - Amor Entre Mujeres (2004)

The second song in that set, by Mecano and called "Mujer Contra Mujer," or "Woman Against Woman," was a big hit in several countries, as there were also French and Italian versions. Then, both from 2004, you heard Matérial Prima sing about "Eva y María " and Dalila with their song "Amor Entre Mujeres."

I understand this next song became a gay anthem in Spain in 2002 and it was by Alaska y Dinarama, called " ¿A Quien le Importa?" ("Who cares?")

Alaska y Dinarama - ¿A Quien le Importa? (2002)
Tam Tam Go - Manuel Raquel (1988)
Fedro - Solo un Día (2010)

In the middle, the act Tam Tam Go was one of the first, in 1988, to sing about a transsexual, and then a much newer track, from 2010, called "Solo un Día," by Fedro, who came to public attention as an openly gay contestant on the Mexican version of American Idol.

Now, if I based my criteria for inclusion in this show on rumors that someone is gay, then I might include lead singer of the very popular Houston group La Mafia, Oscar de La Rosa, who made the news last year by being attacked after coming out of a gay bar in Houston by a fan who was upset tht La Rosa would not pose for a photo with him earlier in the bar. Here's "Asi Es Amar" by Oscar de la Rosa.

Oscar de la Rosa - Asi Es Amar (2011)

I'm getting close to the end of this segment and I want to bring back two of my favorites from part one. First, from 2010 Christián Chávez singing "En Donde Estas" and Gloria Trevi, from 2008, with "Cinco Minutos."

Christián Chávez - En Dondes Estas (2010)
Gloria Trevi - Cinco Minutos (2008)

This is JD Doyle and thank you for putting up with my attempt of assembling this three-hour package of songs by LGBT artists, or least about the topic, and all sung in Spanish. And thanks for putting up with my butchering the Spanish language. I am closing with the same artist who opened Part 1, in my opinion one of the sexiest men on the planet, Ricky Martin and this time he is joined by another gay artist, Miguel Bosé. From 2008 live in concert was the song "Bambu."

Ricky Martin & Miquel Bosé - Bambu (2008)