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Ferron Discography,
And More Info:

Ferron (Lucy Records, 1977)
Ferron Backed Up (Lucy Records, 1978)
Testimony (Lucy Records, 1980)
Shadows on a Dime (Lucy Records, 1984)
Phantom Center (Cameleon Records, 1990)
Not a Still Life (Nemesis, 1992)
Resting with the Question (Nemesis, 1992)
Driver (Nemesis, 1994)
Phantom Center (Earthbeat/Warner Brothers, 1995)
Still Riot (Warner Brothers, 1996)
Inside Out - The IMA Sessions (IMA, 1999)
Impressionistic (Cherrywood/Nemesis, 2000)
Turning Into Beautiful (Fair and Loving, 2005)
Boulder (Short Story Records, 2008)

Only 1000 copies each of "Ferron," from 1977 and "Ferron Backed Up" (1978) were pressed, so both are very rare, and usually fetch over $100 on eBay. In June 2008 a copy of the first LP went for $212 on eBay. "Backed Up" is unfortunately not in my collection, but here are the scans of it I have found online.

Ah, 1980's "Testimony"...containing both the classic title track and "Ain't Life a Brook." It was released briefly on CD and those copies are in the $50 neighborhood, when you can find them. I recommend picking up "Impressionistic" instead.

And, below, another classic not yet on CD, "Shadows on a Dime" (1984)


"Phantom Center," from 1990 was reissued on Warner Brothers in 1995, and I've ready that
some of the Tori Amos backing vocals were removed in the process, making the first
pressing quite in demand for her fans. I don't have that pressing so have not been
able to compare them.


My copy of 1992's concert album "Not a Still Life" is on tape, but it's now available on CD.
And the instrumental release, also from 1992, "Resting With The Question" is currently
unavailable. My copy, below, is the cassette version.



"Driver" (1994) originally had the cover on the left, though I don't recall ever seeing that version; now it's on CD. Its song "Girl on the Road" has the line "I wanted to turn beautiful and serve eternity"...and those thoughts ten years later were indeed "Turning Into Beautiful." Below, Alice says yes, you should own "Still Riot," from 1996


From 1999, Ferron's covers album, and it's a delight


Above, from 2000, the compilation "Impressionistic"...a very choice collection.
Below, "Turning Into Beautiful," from 2005


Above & Below, both from 2008, CD "Boulder," and book "Catching Holy"

from 1990, an Australian 12" single

Click to see more of the various artist compilations including Ferron's songs

The Hunter Davis album "Harmony" (Redwood Records 8601, 1986) included guest vocals by Holly Near, Linda Tillery, Teresa Trull, and on the track "Universal Stranger," featured vocals by Ferron. If you know of other "guest spots" on recordings by Ferron please let me know.

CD Singles

And, gee, here's a Ferron 45 rpm record. I wonder how many of these she had?