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Compilations Including Songs Sung by Ferron:

Live Recordings:

Above, from 1980, the earliest compilation I know of with a live Ferron performance ("Ain't Life a Brook"). The album also contains songs by Holly Near and Sweet Honey In The Rock. Below, "Michigan Live '85," obviously from the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, has a delightful duet on "Ain't Life a Brook," partly in French, with Lucy Blue Tremblay.

Another great festival series is the National Women's Music Festival. Their 25th anniversary CD captured Ferron doing "Testimony," and many other great artists.


Ferron on Tribute Albums:


Many fine artists were attracted to the project honoring Kate Wolf, featuring another rare duet by Ferron, with Greg Brown on Kate Wolf's song "Tequila and Me," from 1998. Below, Greg Brown got his own tribute album, "Going Driftless," (2002), with another stellar cast. This time Ferron did Greg's "Where Is Maria?" Ferron was one of his main artistic influences.


Compilations Including Ferron Songs:

"The Redwood Collection" (Redwood Records LP 411, 1986)

A stellar collection of women's music artists as you would expect on this label. It features two by Ferron: "Almost Kissed" (from "Testimony") and "I Never Was to Africa" (from "Shadows on a Dime")

"Hand In Hand - Songs Of Parenthood"


1. Circle Game - Joni Mitchell 2. On Children - Sweet Honey In The Rock 3. The Things We've Handed Down - Marc Cohn
4. Baby - Bobby McFerrin 5. Wake Up - Yoko Ono 6. Beautiful Boy - John Lennon 7. Only Child - Jackson Browne 8. Born To The Breed - Judy Collins 9. Child's Song - Tom Rush 10. Sunshine - Ferron 11. My Father's House - Kenny Loggins 12. Forever Young - The Pretenders

Guide September 1995 CD

Apparantly a Warner Brothers comp CD..saw it listed on eBay so do not know which Ferron track's on it. Let me know if you do, and there are so many tracks they may be clips only

Intro wally Hooker disc jocky #109 / Ash / Big Country / Blue in the face ~ Music form the motion picture
Candlebox / Beverly Crawford / Deftones / Ferron / The flaming lips / Dan Fogelberg and tim weisberg
The Foreman / Michael franks / the freewheelers / friends ~ Music from the TV series
God lives underwater / larry goldings / boney james / the jesus and mary chain / rickie lee jones
little texas / m.c. hammer / brad meldau / bill miller / morrissey / mouse on mars / mr. bungle
michael martin murphy / vince neil / randy newman / mike oldfield / jaco pastorius / oram / artist formely known as prince
RBX / Red Hit Chili Peppers / Ruth Ruth / Kenny Wayne Shepherd / son Volt / Step child / Travis Tritt
Animaniacs: A Christmas Plotz / kidsongs: What I want to be / Kidsongs: Cars, boats, trains, planes
kidsongs: old macdonald had a farm

"hu H CD Volume 15"

I have almost no info on this 1995 CD I saw listed on eBay, except that it contains the song "Stand Up." The series may have been sponsored by "hu H Magazine." If you have more info, let me know.

"If a Tree Falls" (1996 Earth Beat! 72495)

All star Various Artist benefit CD to save the Redwoods features rare tracks from Steve Kimock and Zero, plus Earth First! activist (and co-producer of this CD) Darryl Cherney.

1. Song of the Trees--John Trudell 2. The Devil and the Trees--Zero 3. Trees--Robert Hoyt 4. Never Alone--Joanne Rand & The Little Big Band 5. If a Tree Falls--Bruce Cockburn 6. Kiss Mother Nature Goodbye--Hank Williams, Jr. 7. Priests of the Golden Bull--Buffy Sainte-Marie 8. A Cry in the Forest--Dan Fogelberg 9. Where Are We Gonna Work? -- Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon & the Toadliquors 10. Trees Like to Rot in the Forest--Tinklers 11. You Can't Clearcut Your Way to Heaven--Darryl Cherney 12. Defend the Earth--Alice DiMicele 13. Farewell to Clayguot Sound --Wyrd Sisters 14. Heart of Destruction--Ferron 15. The Only Green World--Rumors Of The Big Wave

"Grooves, Volume 12" (Time Life Music CD, 1996)

1. Nate Ouderkirk - Edge Of Heaven
2. Nil Lara - Money Makes The Monkey Dance
3. Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Take The L Train (To Brooklyn)
4. Poi Dog Pondering - Complicated
5. Heather Eatman - Lucky You
6. Lloyd Cole - Love Ruins Everything
7. Golden Smog - Ill Fated
8. Lou Reed - Hang On To Your Emotions
9. Tina And The B-Side Movement - Matter Of Time
10. Paul Kelly - Anastasia Changes Her Mind
11. Rainravens - Coyote Moon
12. Ferron - Stand Up
13. Eric Matthews - Angels For Crime
14. Jude Cole - Joe
15. Emmet Swimming - I'll Be Fine
16. Dog's Eye View - Everything Falls Apart
17. Dog's Eye View - Haywire

"Lesbian Favorites: Women Like Us" (Rhino CD 72915, 1997)

Who would have expected Rhino to issue the wonderfully blatant "Lesbian Favorites"?
It included "Call Me," taken from "Driver"

"Better Than Chocolate" (WIL CD 33666, 1999, movie soundtrack)

Includes "Stand Up"

"Women of Wisdom Collection" 2002 release "Empowering the Dreams & Spirit of Women." 

"Commemorating 10 years of inspirational music from Pacific Northwest regional and national women performers at the Women of Wisdom Conference in Seattle, Washington." [Quoted from the back of the CD case:]

Track Listing:

1) Women of Wisdom - Lorraine Bayes
2) Poem (To The Elementals) - Pamela Gerke
3) She Spaeks - Susan Osborn
4) Seafarer's Prayer - Lisa Thiel
5) Daybreak - Jami Sieber
6) Body Is The Temple - Libby Roderick
7) Sacred Pleasure - Shawna Carol
8) Pray Like A Woman - Lorraine Bayes
9) I Ain't Afraid - Holly Near
10) Yemaya/Bemne/Yesa - Ladies Don't Drum
11) Song Of The Soul - Cris Williamson
12) When I Hear Music - Libby Roderick
13) Stories - Marita Berg
14) Clear Eyes - Marybeth Saunders
15) Say A Prayer - Rhiannon
16) Ferron - Testimony

Putumayo Presents Women's Work


1. Cradle And All - Ani Difranco 2. The Wolf - Catie Curtis 3. When The Silence Falls - Janis Ian 4. Maryland - Vonda Shepard
5. Just Enough - Toshi Reagon 6. Notion - Barbara Kessler 7. Letting Go - Fiona Joyce 8. Wild Horse - Eliza Gilkyson 9. Thru Cryin' - Kristen Hall 10. If You Leave Me - Laura Love 11. Testimony - Ferron 12. Off The Ground - Christine Kane 13. I Met A Man (Live) - Toni Childs

The song "Testimony" appears on the following Women's Chorus CDs:

Renaissance City Women's Choir (Pittsburgh, 1999) "Sing Out Women A Tapestry of Song"

Voices: Lesbian Choral Ensemble (Oakland, CA, 2008) "On the Record"

Soromundi: Lesbian Chorus of Eugene (Eugene, OR, 2004) "Circle Me Sisters"

Deep C Divas (Yorkshire, England, 2002) "In at the Deep End"

I'm sure there are more. Please let me know so I can list those as well. Email me.