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just one of the many pseudonyms of Alexander Gordon

(below, from German forum discussion, using google translator, so phrasing is at times rough)

Detlev, one of many stage names of Alexander Gordan,
Including Peter Hameg

Born as Joachim Goroncy in June 1926 in Berlin
Died May 2008

Around 1956 began career as singer and writer
First writing success was doing the German lyrics for "Speedy Gonzales,"
Which became a hit for Rex Gildo in 1962, song as "Little Gonzales"

Phase 3: The interlude as "Detlev"
The mid-70s Alexander Gordan was a successful and respected man in the West German music business. On the square in Berlin was the nearly 50-year fixed size. In the studios the professional was asked because he was able to create thanks to his training and practice virtually anywhere personally hand. In the first months of 1975, this child lives a dramatic and unexpected turn.

Gordan had an arrangement for a pun on the title "The beauty of not a man" is written. When the playback was finished, he asked the publisher, draufzusingen in a demo studio voice, after the practice was scheduled artists. Gordan recalls: "The title should really take a drag artist. I sang a couple of minutes, I was asked in the cutting room. The publisher pointed at me and said: The title you sing. But where did you learn to sing so gay? "Gordan has learned it during his dance music niceties. He had commanded in the 50s with the band one late-night show. These included gay couplets, which arrived with the public, according to Gordan always very good.

so schwul kann doch kein mann sein

Gordan slipped into the role of Detlev. The only condition: He never wanted to perform live as a "Detlev". The publisher accepted this condition, probably because he was of the opinion that the project was a one time thing. He and Gordan should be fooled daunting: "This can not be a gay man" sold brilliantly, although it was not played on the radio practical. Until 1980, published eight singles and three LPs. Gordan writes most of the new texts. Here he sometimes uses the Autorenpseudonym Peter Hameg.
The project "Detlev" was the brainchild of producer Gerhard fights. He is also known as Co-author of several titles. Fights in that time managed artists such as Bernard Herrmann and Roland Kaiser. Today, he can celebrate themselves as organizers of classical open airs.
The theme "Detlev" provided for his political incorrectness and obscenities for criticism. Gay organizations were angry about the fun that they allowed themselves to them. People with the name "Detlev" felt just asked. Consequences that the creators had not intended.