German GLBT Music
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This segment celebrates German language gay & lesbian songs, touching on the 1920's and a couple recent songs, but mostly from the 1970's and 1980's. All songs you will hear on in German, except Ute Lemper's version of the anthem "Das Lila Lied," or "The Lavender Song." I definitely do not pretend this is a comprehensive history, but I hope it touches on a good cross section of genres and styles.

Part 3 - 75:36
Orchester mit Refraingesang - Das Lila Lied (1921)
Ute Lemper - The Lavender Song (1997)
Marlene Dietrich & Margo Lion - Wenn die Beste Freundin (1928)
Johnny Delgada - Wir Zwei, Wir Sind Nicht Die Andern (1970)
Sonny Costa - Homo Joe (1970)
Marcel Andre - Männer so wie Du und Du (1970)
Marcel Andre - Gewerkschaftstango (early 1970's)
Andre Heller - Denn Ich Will (1973)
Brühwarm - Tango (1977)
Detlev - Dieter (1975)
Detlev - Kerls Kerls Kerls (1976)
Flying Lesbians - Wir Sind die Homosexuellen Frauen (1975)
Lysistrara - Coming Out (1979)
Witch Is Witch - Beziehungsterror (1979)
Warmer Südwind - Die Liebe Familie (1976)
D.A.F. - Der Räuber Und Der Prinz (1981)
Carolina Brauckmann - Lesbian Age (1982)
Rita Jane - Lesbos (1979)
Mary & Gordy - Der Star aus Der Palomabar (1981)
Frank Christoph - Von Mann zu Mann (1983)
Dieter Thomas Kuhn - Ich will 'nen Cowboy als Mann (2006)
Pierre Andre - Ich Bin Schwul (2009)

And see this site for some excellent history: Cabaret Berlin

Huge thanks to my friend Jon Gilbert Leavitt for his help with this show

From my internet friend Luca Locati, below is scan of a token from the pre-nazi
gay club Eldorado, in Berlin. Giving one of these to a hustler one had the right of
a dance with him. Period 20's or early 30's (before 1933)