Oldies But Goodies
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I keep a file on my computer of "songs I've been meaning to play" and
this month I just dug in and pulled some out, getting ideas as I write the script where to go next. About the first third of the segment ended up being rhythm & blues, and then it veered elsewhere, even including Paul McCartney, Bruz Fletcher and Lea DeLaria. Now That's free association.

Part 2 - 61:56
Sweet Inspirations - Sweet Inspiration (1968)
Estelle Brown - You Got Just What You Asked For (1964)
Estelle Brown - Stick Close (1964)
Bernard Hardison - Too Much (1955)
Bernard Hardison - Love Me Baby (1953)
Spiders - Witchcraft (1956)
Finnimo - Just Ask for What You Want (1961)
The Four Jokers - Mahu from Whipahu (~1953)
Betty Thornton - Vice Versa (~1946)
Frances Faye - Shut Your Mouth for Uncle Sam (1942)
Tiny Davis - I Never Get Tired of Doing It (1949)
Duke Hunter - The Bartender (1962)
The Miracles - He Don't Care About Me (1962)
Simon's Secrets - Naughty Boy (1968)
Paul McCartney - Goodbye (1969, demo)
Bobby Dell - My Doctor (1959)
Bruz Fletcher - My Doctor (1935)
Peter Greenwell - I First Met Noel Coward (1995)
Peter Greenwell - Mad About the Boy (1995)
Electric Church - Moral Majority (1981)
Lea Delaria - Over the Rainbow (1984, live)

This is a photo of the Spiders from the Ron Stein Collection,
with Phylllis Boone upper right and lower left. To my
knowledge The Spiders were not gay, just their manager

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