"Love Is a Drag"

More of the Story, 2015-2016

The Reissue

The Media Coverage

When I did my March 2012 interview with Murray Garrett on the LIAD LP
I figured that was pretty much the end of the story, but I was so wrong.
In December 2015 I was contacted by Jay Millar of Sundazed Records,
proposing a reissue of the LP (on CD and vinyl) and asking me to write
new liner notes for it. I was of course delighted. Here's the initial contact email.

We communicated a lot for several months, and I was the one
who also suggested they use a photo of Gene Howard on the
cover...after all, if we're talking about a 50-year mystery about
the identity of the singer, we need to show what he looked like.

It took a full year for the reissue to come out, and I was very
pleased with the result, and also I was surprised at the
attention it got in the media. There was lots of press coverage
on it and I was interviewed a number of times.

See the Media Coverage

The Reissue Recording (CD and colored-vinyl LP)

The CD

The LP....has both the original and my new notes on the back

...and came out on colored vinyl

See the Media Coverage