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affectionate military men

Note that I did not title this page "Affectionate Gay Military Men," as of course there is no way for
really anyone at this point to verify that distinction...some look like good bets though. I love these
kinds of photos so I put this collage together for my amusement and hopefully your's as well.

I do not own any of these images, or have information on them; they were all havested from the internet

And, where are the "Affectionate Military Women"? I found almost no photos
depicting this, and can only surmise that it due to our society's brainwashing
that it is acceptable for women to show each other affection, and it is not
noteworthy. I surely remember high school dances where the "girls" danced
with each other routinely, without anyone commenting...nor should they.
       At any rate, the result is very few affectionate women pics.

affectionate men