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Part 1 - 58:48
Motherlode - Don't Ask Don't Tell (1999)
Jack Hylton & Orchestra - There's Something About a Soldier (1933)
Leonard Matlovich quote (1975)
Kay Kyser & Orchestra - He Wears a Pair of Silver Wings (1942)
Ray Bourbon - Sailor Boy (1950's)
Nan Blakstone - He Should Have Been a WAC (1949)
Minette - LBJ Don't Take My Man Away (1968)
The Sergeant (movie ad, 1968)
Village People - In the Navy (1979)
Eton Crop - Gay Boys on the Battlefield (1984)
Fred Small - Marine's Lament (1993)
Capitol Steps - Don't Ask Don't Tell (1993)
Martin Swinger - Military Ditty (1994)
John Forster - In the Closet (1997)
Boy George - GI Josephine (1999)
New York City Gay Men's Chorus - I Joined the Army (2000)
Heartland Men's Chorus - Don't Ask Don't Tell (2004)
Connecticut Gay Men's Chorus - Don't Ask Don't Tell (1998)
The Prince Myshkins - Let Me Into the Military (2000)
Kinsey Sicks - Jingle Bells, Don't Ask Don't Tell (2005)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - from "U.S.S. Metaphor" (2007)
Yank the Musical - Just True (2008)
Mark Finley - I've Written a Letter to D.A.D.T (2010)
Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus - Dishonorable Discharge (2010)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - From the Silence (1981)
Chad D - Ask & Tell (2010)
Tom Goss Comments (2010)
Matt Alber & Tom Goss - Who We Are (2010)


Click for More on Leonard Matlovich

From the early 1950's Ray Bourbon released three songs about being in the Navy.
from "Bourbon 100-Proof" was "Sailor Boy," and (not used in this show)
from "You're Stepping on My Eylashes" came "Queen of the Navy."
Another track I've not heard, from the Bourbana label in the 1930's was "Navy Day for Tessie."
"Sailor Boy" was also released as "I Think I'll Join the Navy" on the Good Humor and Party Novelty labels.


Above, poster for the film "The Sergeant," and a 10" LP sent to radio stations


No, the above are not the same song...:)

Above, 12" single for "Gay Boys on the Battlefield"

and Click for into on the statute







Other Gays in the Military Songs
For various reasons I did not get to use these in this show,
but wanted to share the information on them

Charlie King - Don't Ask Don't Tell (from "Inside Out," 1995)
Meow - My Marine (from "Goalie for the Other Team," 1995)
Hypnotic Clambake - Bisexual Military (from "Kent the Zen Master," 1995)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - 1878-The Ballad of Mrs Nash (from "Naked Man, 1996)
San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus - I Take The World/Dishonorable Discharge ("Naked Man")
Mondo Fax - Don't Ask Don't Tell (from "Political Asylum," 1998)
Mack & Jamie - All Gay Army (from "Extreme Channel Surfing," 2000)
Mark Weigle - All That Matters (from "All That Matters," 2000)
Mondo Fax - My Boyfriend's Back in Iraq (from "Let Me Make This Perfectly Queer," 2004)
Self-Righteous Brothers - I'm the Only Gay Soldier Left in Iraq
(from "Love Songs for the Wrong at Heart," Australia, 2004)
Gay Men's Chorus of Washington DC - Honor and Obey ("Changing Hearts," 2004"
Sean Chapin - Allegiance (from "More Equal Union," 2009)
Buskin & Batteau - Don't Ask Don't Tell (2010 video)

This listing is no doubt incomplete, and also for the chorus songs, they may have
also been recorded by other choruses. If you know of a very on-topic
Gays in the Military song I missed, please let me know