March 2009
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This is a continuation of my February Show. The criteria was that an artist's recording could ONLY have been released on cassette tape, never on vinyl or CD, or later reissued on CD. So this puts us mostly in the 80s and 90s, with the releases of independent artists, most of which never had a prayer of getting played on the radio. I'm sharing some real gems of gay music.

Links: If the artist has a website, you
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Three Hours of Rare Material!


Part 1 - Airdate 3/23/09 - 57:36 min.
Harry C.S. Wingfield - Miles To Go (1993)
Harry C.S. Wingfield - I Do I Do I Do (Senior Prom Song) (1992)
Worm - Make It Allright (1992)
Steve Cohen - Mr. Wilson (1995)
Steve Cohen - Record Land (1995)
Will Grega - One Touch From You
Windy City Gay Chorus - What'll I Do (1992)
Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul - Superfag (1997)
Pistol Pete & Popgun Paul - Never Be Straight (1997)
Mark Bunyan - Is S/He One? (1985)
Jeff Miller - Baby Blue (1988)
Jeff Miller - All My Exes Live at BeeJays (1988)
Mark Islam - Don't Want To Talk About It (1995)
Dan Martin - You Don't Know Me (1992)

Part 2 - 60:26 min.
Ted Fox - When We Were Friends (1992)
Rus McCoy - Happy Birthday Baby Butch (1991)
Boy's Entrance - Searching For A Thrill (1992)
Rob Costin - Kissing With Our Eyes (1993)
Rick Robertson - For Saturday (1993)
Jeffery K - Batgirl Epiphany (1997)
Paul Warren - The Water Is Wide (1993)
Kamchick - It's Not the Hat (That Makes You a Cowboy) (1995)
I.S.O. - Girlfriend (1993)
I.S.O. - I'm Gay (That's OK) (1993)
Woof - Just a Bear (1997)
Andy Quan - I'd Still Have You Back (1999)
Gustavo Motta & Jason Bauer - You'll Miss Tomorrow (1993)
Peter Donnelly - My Gal Sam (1992)
Racket Club - Maleman / One World (1993)

Part 3 - 60:40 min.
Christian Left - Cousin Harry Was a Fairy (1994)
Adult Children of Heterosexuals -
     I'm So Hard So I'm So Easy (1992, edited)
The Sun Machine (Phideaux Xavier) - Lady Savior (1992)
The Sun Machine (P. Xavier) - Love the Reptiles (1992)
Michael Bonti - Quilted City (1993)
Chris Cochrane - Forever In My Life (1989)
Chris Cochrane - While You Were Out (1989)
Joe Bracco - Cruiser's Blues (1992)
Joe Bracco - Golden Boy (1992)
Joe Bracco - With Our Voices (1992)
Andy Monroe - Boy In The Pool (1996)
Andy Monroe - I Only Think of You (1996)
Andy Monroe - I Love You So Much (1996)
Jim Laev - Smells Like a Gay Bar (1997)
Jim Laev - Sunday Times (1997)
Jim Laev - Queer as the Night Is Long (1997)
Martin Swinger - Something Like Goodbye (1994)
Martin Swinger - Man Who Likes Men (1994)

My February & March shows are dedicated to Will Grega, and I'll go into more detail on that during the show.
Plus, click here for more info.

I've seen this tape also called "What Stops Us"

Chris Cochrane's tape cover was only a typed paper

The tapes Andy and Jim sent me had
no covers, so I made my own...:)

two by Harry Wingfield

Click for Much more on Joe Bracco

Click for much more info on these rare tapes...

Since the information on these tapes is so historic and hard to find, I've
scanned the entire cassette liners -- Click the tape above for those pages.
This often includes complete lyrics, and for some additional photos.