David Clement

Above, Dave Clement
Below, Richard Foltz & JD

Richard Foltz & JD

Jeremy Blue

Jeremy Blue

Jeremy Blue

Peter, Ari, JD

Above, Ari Gold between his
brother Peter & JD, at Urge.
Drew Paralic & Kevin Hannan

Drew Paralic, Kevin Hannan

There were other events during the
week, such as Alix Dobkin's talk at
the GLBT Community Center on
June 8th, and artists I got to see
perform at other clubs, and,
just plain photos of friends

Alix Dobkin

Alix Dobkin at the Center
(photos by Ed Mannix)

Alix Dobkin

Grant King

Above, Grant King
Below, Girlyman & JD

Girlyman & JD

Ari Gold, at Urge

Above, Ari Gold at Urge
Below, Jeremy Blue & JD

Jeremy Blue & JD



JD & David Clement

Above, JD & Dave Clement
at Bar B on, June 6, 2002
Below, Dave & Kris Landherr
(photo by Ed Mannix)

David Clement & Kris Landherr

Jd & Richard Dworkin

Above, JD & Richard Dworkin
Below, Ari Gold, Kendra Ross, JD
at Urge, June 1, 2002

Ari Gold, Kendra Ross, JD

Richard Foltz, Grant King

Above, Richard Foltz & Grant King
Below, Alix Dobkin at the Center


And, I was also in NYC in
March 2002, and want to
share a few pics from then

JD & Kris Landherr

Above, JD & Kris Landherr,
at the Gay/Lesbian Business Expo
Below, Jon & Kevin at the
"Night of 1000 Gowns" event, and,
below that, with Deian McBryde

Jon Gilbert Leavitt & Kevin Hannin

Deian McBryde, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, Kevin Hannan

Outmusic Board

Above, the Outmusic Board:
Kevin Hannan, Jon Gilbert Leavitt,
Ed Mannix, and Dan Martin.
Below, Freddy Freeman in
"concert" at Casa Mannix

Freddy Freeman

a thorn between two roses

Jon, JD & Kevin at "Night of 1000 Gowns"

Back to July 2002

John Raymond Pollard

Above, John Raymond Pollard
Below, Ed Mannix & JD at the
"Night of 1000 Gowns" event

Ed Mannix & JD

Miss Mab, Ed's cat

Miss Mab,
Ed's cat