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Danny Jenkins & JD

Outvoice creator, and Outstanding
Support nominee Danny Jenkins,
and JD Doyle

Susan Abod & Amy Fix

Susan Abod & Amy Fix, both
nominees for the Outstanding
Debut Female Recording,
which Amy won

JD & John McNeill

JD & John McNeill of the
Bootlickers. His group was
nominated for Outstanding
Recording by a Band, Duo
or Group

Grant King & Julie Nicolay

Grant King & Julie Nicolay


Garden Verge (Doris Muramatsu
and Tammy Greenstein) have
now been joined by Nate Borofsky
to form the group Girlyman.
Garden Verge won the Outstanding
Recording by a Band/Duo/Group

Josh Zuckerman & JD

Josh Zuckerman & JD
(photo by Ed Mannix)


Here are several pages of some candid
pics I took at the Awards show at the
Knitting Factory, and the party at XL,
and at some of the clubs at which I saw
artists perform during the preceding
week. These are decidedly amateur photos,
some taken in dimly lit rooms with a
disposable camera, but, hey, I just
wanted to share them!

Dan Martin & Michael Biello

Two of my heroes, Dan Martin
and Michael Biello

They are founders of Outmusic
and Dan is current board chair

Julie Nicolay & JD

Julie Nicolay & JD

JD, Jeff Krassner, Tom McCormack

JD, Jeff Krassner,
and Tom McCormack

Susan AboD, JD, Jim Colleran

Susan Abod, JD & Jim Colleran.
Jim accompanied Susan during
her wonderful song "You'd Look
Swell In Nothing"

JD & Randy Jones

Randy Jones & JD

JD & rising star Freddy Freeman

JD & Freddy Freeman

June Bromley

June Bromley of the Bootlickers
(photo by Ed Mannix)

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Drew Paralic, Jon Gilbert Leavitt, Kevin Hannan

Drew Paralic, winner of the Outstanding
Songwriter Award, and Outmusic Board
members Jon Gilbert Leavitt,
and Kevin Hannan

Susan Abod & Amy Fix

Zecca, Randy Jones (of the Village
People), and Outstanding Debut
Male Recording winner Ari Gold

Josh Zuckerman & Alix Olson

Josh Zuckerman and Alix Olson,
both nominees for Outstanding Songwriter

JD & Daniel Cartier

JD & Daniel Cartier

JD, Alix Olson, Doria Roberts

JD, Alix Olson, & Doria Roberts

Danny Jenkins, Tom McCormack, Grant King

Danny Jenkins, Tom McCormack, Grant King

Danny Jenkins

Danny Jenkins of Outvoice
(photo by Ed Mannix)