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Danny & Doc's Clubs

Prior to Tampa

I found verification (not in the scrapbooks, but on the net) that Danny & Doc ran clubs called The Jewel Box in two Miami Hotels. The starting point is speculative for the first one. The Embassy Hotel in Miami (Collins Ave & 30th St) opened their "Jewel Box cocktail lounge" in December of 1936. It got good reviews in the newspaper and featured the Bob Rainier Trio as entertainment at least through the end of 1939. The first mention that Danny & Doc were involved with this club was in a May 1940 clipping. As in the later Tampa and Miami clubs, no female impersonation entertainment was mentioned at all. Between August and December of 1941 the club moved from the Embassy Hotel to the Fleetwood Hotel (West Ave). Sometime between April and August 1942 they had moved to Tampa.

The Jewel Box, at the Embassy Hotel, Miami




Below, mentions Danny & Doc




The Jewel Box, at the Fleetwood Hotel, Miami


Below, they were "props. of the Beach Jewel Box for years, are now located in Tampa."

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