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The JBR Programs

Note the mailing addresses changes from two
in Miami, to two in NYC and then to Long Island.

A few months after I prepared the graphic above I acquired an additional program,
below, and I would place it chronologically between the ones above labelled #5 and #6.
It still has the Miami address, but has the cover artwork of #6. I "date" it as late '50's.


Another comment about "dating" the programs is that I don't think they were intended necessarily
to represent who was in the cast at that time. Rightfully so, they often highlighted photos of their
past star performers. For example, I have had the pleasure of interviewing one of their performers,
Terry Noel, and know that she was in the company only from early 1959 to early 1960 (after which
she moved to the 82 Club). But her photo is found in the last five programs.

She had told me that TC Jones had left the JBR by the time she joined, and TC's photos can be
found in the very last program. So the program with the black cover is no earlier than 1959.
If anyone can help me put dates to some of these programs, I would appreciate it.

   I'm missing this one, Help!

And Danny & Doc changed their own photos in the programs as time went on. The first photo
above was used in the first four programs, and in the Club Jewel Box program. The second
appeared in programs #5 and #6 (as I number them) only. The third photo was only in the
black program, #7, and the last photo was in all the remaining ones. I picture one other
program beside their photos, which, if I owned it, would fall in my collection probably
after #5. I would love it if someone could provide me with large scans of the pages (or of
course better yet, a copy of it). And if there are programs not shown above, please let me
know, as I would like this information to be as complete as possible.

Above is info from the Social Security Death Index. They had retired to Hallandale, Florida,
and notice that Doc did not live long after Danny's passing, and that their Social Security
Numbers were only one digit apart…they probably applied for them at the same time.

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