January 2008 Script

Levi Kreis - Bittersweet Salvation (2007)

[ music under my spoken intro: Brian Glenn - Out and About ]

Welcome to Queer Voices on KPFT and I'm JD Doyle. This time on Queer Music Heritage it's going to be quite a different show, and I've never done an edition of QMH like this. You see, it's not only my 8th Anniversary Show, but it also marks 100 broadcast shows. Since that's sort of a milestone and it's also a January show, I thought I'd look back on 2007 and bring you the best of the year.

Now, I'm not calling this the JD Doyle Awards, and there certainly was not any submission process. During the year I do get to hear a large number of new CDs by GLBT artists, and therefore have a lot to go through. So I've really little time for casual listening. But these are the ones that I found that time for, the ones I kept going back to and playing over and over. Yes, this is a Very subjective list, and I didn't worry about trying to represent particular genres or so many boys and so many girls, but I do think I landed on quite a variety.

Okay, back to the music. I started off with Levi Kreis. Now, his talent just bowls me over. In 2005 his first studio album was released, called "One of the Ones," and it was one of my favorites for that year. So when he came back with a more rockin' CD last year, just as good, but in a different way, well, I look forward to a lot from him in the future. His latest CD is called "The Gospel According to Levi" and the song you heard was "Bittersweet Salvation."

Up next is Nick Granato and his album "Outside the Lines." And he goes outside those lines in many ways. He's an award-winning singer/songwriter and his work is influenced by many genres, and includes a history in the Christian Music field, but I think his calling is that his songs really have something to say. It was hard to pick just one track but I'm bringing you his song "In This Human Race."

Nick Granato - In This Human Race (2007)

I think 2007 was kind of a breakthrough year for transgendered artists, and I'm so pleased. And in particular it was a breakthrough for transmen artists, and three of them made it to this show. The first of those is Joe Stevens. He goes by the name Coyote Joe and the stage name of his partner Ingrid Eyen is Grace. Together they are Coyote Grace and from their wonderful debut album "Boxes & Bags" is the song "It's So Bright."

Coyote Grace - It's So Bright (2007)

Another transman featured on tonight's show is Lucas Silveira. He's the lead singer and writes all the material for a new group called The Cliks. They're from Toronto and they've gotten a lot of attention this year. This is aggressive rock with Lucas' powerful voice taking charge. Here are The Cliks.

The Cliks - Complicated (2007)

By The Cliks, from their CD called "Snakehouse," that was the song "Complicated," and I guess I need to say that's not the version from their CD. Due to the FCC having language hang-ups I instead played a version that appeared on a various artists compilation called "L-Tunes: Music From and Inspired by the L-Word." That version was ready for radio.

And here comes another artist with a powerful voice. After three decades in the European spotlight, and seven albums, Scottish singer Horse McDonald makes her American debut with the release of her CD "Red Haired Girl." On all of her releases she just goes by the name Horse. I want to comment that with all the albums included on this show, they were selected not because they had one or two great tracks, but because the artist sustained that talent throughout, like on this track, called "This Time"

Horse - This Time (2007)

Up next are two Houston artists, and they've got a connection I'll explain in a moment. First is Josh Duffy and his debut album is called "Artificial." It's full of poppy, catchy and very danceable songs, and some more serious ones as well, like this one, called "What If Life."

Josh Duffy - What If Life (2007)

Josh Duffy and "What If Life," and guest vocalists on that track were Jason and deMarco. And I'm following Josh with Alan Lett and a song about trying to catch someone's attention while singing Karoake.

Alan Lett - The Same Song (2007)

Alan Lett's track "The Same Song" came from his latest album "A Moment Away." And I played those two artists back to back because Alan produced both albums, and both are great listening throughout. He's also produced albums for Jason and deMarco and several others.

And this is a good time to invite you to check out my website. If you visit it while you're listening you can see the playlist and follow along, while looking at photos of the artists and recordings. I've always considered our music history as a visual as well as an audio experience. Again, that's at www.queermusicheritage.com, Also, for more very queer programming, please listen to After Hours with Jimmy Carper, every Friday night/Saturday morning from 1 to 4 am, on KPFT, it's Queer Radio, with attitude.

And now in the category of traditional country, for best recording by a male vocalist, accepting the award from Nashville….oh, I forgot, this is not the JD Doyle Awards. But this next artist is country. But first a side comment. If you look on the liner notes of the albums of these next two artists, you'll see the release year given as 2006. But the CD release parties for both of them were not until December so I'm counting them as 2007 releases.

And I think this artist is terrific. He's a very much in-demand session and demo singer in Nashville, and for the last five years he's been part of Marty Stuart's band. Also, something that's not all that common in Nashville, he's openly gay. I heard several of his demos a couple years ago and couldn't wait for the whole album, and was delighted when it arrived. It's called "Original Intent" and his name is Brian Glenn.

Brian Glenn - My Nitch (2006)

By Brian Glenn, that was "My Nitch".

I first heart this next artist in the early 90s, but I didn't know it. He was part of the very popular Canadian a cappela group, The Nylons. He left that group in 1996 and two years later resurfaced with an award-winning album called "Loud Boy Radio." That was kind of rock meets electronica, and his latest album he classifies as cabaret noire. I think that fits and I love the album. Micah Barnes is the artist and title of the album, and the song is "After You."

Micah Barnes - After You (2006)

Next up, I'm very impressed with an artist whose been around a while, but I've just recently become aware of her, Susan Werner. Her latest album is called "The Gospel Truth" and, as a quote from her website says, it may just be the world's first agnostic gospel recording. Her songs ask hard questions about American religious culture in an album just ripe for controversy. You'll see what I mean with a track called "Our Father (the New Revised Edition)"

Susan Werner - Our Father (the New Revised Edition) (2007)

During the early 90s a band called The Judybats got a lot of radio attention, releasing several albums on the Sire label. The founder of that band, Jeff Heiskell, now has a new band, just called Heiskell, and a new CD, called "Soundtrack for an Aneurism." From it is the song "Gasoline."

Heiskell - Gasoline (2007)

Are you ready to get down?

Joshua Klipp - Rescue Me (2007)

That was Joshua Klipp, the third transman artist on this show, and his debut album is excellent. It's called "Won't Stop Now," and I don't think he intends to.

And, there's no way that I could leave Ari Gold out of my Best of the Year listing. A story I like to tell is that I've been a fan of his even before his first album was released. That was because I got to hear a demo tape of his in 1999, a year before his debut album. His latest recording, "Transport Systems," is getting him lots of attention in the gay press and Logo recently named his video of "Where the Music Takes You" as the #1 video of 2007. But I want to call attention to another song on the album, because Ari has never shied away from lyrically gay material, as you'll see with "Mr. Mistress."

Ari Gold - Mr Mistress (2007)

Another artist I've admired for quite a while is Freddy Freeman. Besides creating his own music, over the years he's done much to promote the music of others, for example, by founding Bearapalooza, a showcase of musicians of the Bear community. His first full-length album came out so late in 2006 that I'm considering it really an album of 2007. The album is called "Break the Silence" and there are many songs I could have picked, but I think this one is very representative. It's just called "Free Man."

Freddy Freeman - Freeman (2006)

"Free Man" by Freddy Freeman.

Before I close I want to say that picking these fourteen albums to showcase was difficult, because of course there are many more recordings from last year that I enjoy and admire. But, only so many fit into an hour show.

For the last song I'm going to exert a bit of producer's perogative. It's my favorite song of the year and it does not even come from an album by the artist. Before I get to it I want to mention that if you have questions or comments about any of the music I've featured, please write me . And please check out my website, at www.queermusicheritage.com. This is JD Doyle for Queer Music Heritage.

All right, what's that song I'm so nuts about? It's by an artist from Israel. He's a megastar there and his coming out in 2002 didn't hurt his career at all. His name is Ivri Lider and I'm going to spell that for you: I-V-R-I L-I-D-E-R. That way you'll be able to find his sexy videos on the net. Unfortunately most of his recordings so far have been sung in Hebrew, and he does not have an English album yet, though he's working on it. You can find the song I'm playing on the various artists compilation CD "Music With a Twist: Revolutions." Closing the show is Ivri lider and "Jesse."

Ivri Lider - Jesse (2007)