Hollywood Queers title
Our gay Hollywood stars of the 50's & 60's capitalized on the fame with
perhaps ill-advised music releases. But they sure did look good.
   Tony Perkins LP 

Tab Hunter, getting ready to hand
Roddy McDowell a sausage, late 50's

Below, Rock Hudson & Richard Long.

Rock's 1969 LP

Above, Rock's 1969 LP "Rock Gently"


Sal Mineo in the 1965 movie "Who
Killed Teddy Bear," and below with
then 19-year old Don Johnson in the
'69 stage play "Fortune In Men's Eyes"

Above & below, Tony Perkins

Below, Tab Hunter & Tony Perkins, on
A staged "date," set up by their studios
To dispel rumors of their homosexuality

Tab, on the cover of the book "Shirtless"








Tab banner

Below, December 1953

Tab Hunter   Tab Hunter

Tab Hunter  really?

German Rock    San Mineo, poolside  Tab, poolside

Rock picking LPs

Rock Hudson listened to Burl Ives?

Perkins Japanese 45

and, I couldn't resist giving you a close-up of the Perkins LP, gawd, he was gorgeous!

the album

More, Added September 2010

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In Sept 2015 I attended a screening of the Tab Hunter
documentary (which was wonderful) and was bold
enough to ask him for a photo and to autograph my LP.
Since I asked him in front of the whole audience, he
could hardly say no...he was very gracious.