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Steven Grossman Video
September 1990

A Very Rare Treat...

I want to thank John Raines, who uncovered this video in his work at the
San Francisco GLBT Historical Society, and Austin Noto, for his permission
to host it on my site. The video was filmed by Austin in his apartment in NYC,
at a birthday party that he gave for Steven in September of 1990, which
turned out to be Steven's last birthday.

Steven sings four songs: "Step," "A Greasy Griddle and a Short Order Cook,"
"Caravan Tonight," and "Last Pioneers" in this 19 minute video. Up to
June of 2011, only "Caravan Tonight" had been released, on Steven's 1974 album.
Austin was the boyfriend Steven was singing to in the song "Caravan Tonight."
This is the first video I have seen of Steven Grossman,
so I am pleased to share it with his fans.

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