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Bruz Fletcher Recordings

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Bruz Fletcher   


1934, all Liberty Music Shop
L-160 Hilly Brown / Keep an Eye on His Business
L-159 Lei From Hawaii / Spring in Manhattan
L-181 Nympho-Dipso-Maniac / My Doctor
L-180 The Garden City Belle / The Human Newsreel
L-204 The Simple Things of Life / Mrs. Litchenfall

1937, all on Bruz Fletcher Sings label
H-102/H-103 Oh For a Week in the Country / She's My Most Intimate Friend
H-104/H-105 Home / Peter Lillie Daisy (aka "It," LMS L-307)
L-0463/L-0464 The Wide Open Spaces / The Hellish Mrs Haskell
(The Wide Open Spaces also pressed as HO-107, The Prairie)
H-0109/H--108 Drunk With Love / Reminiscent of You

1940, all Liberty Music Shop
L-305 Hello Darling / Get It Up Kitty
L-306 She's My Most Intimate Friend / Oh For a Week in the Country
L-307 It / Miss Day


Above left: alternate recording version

Below, other label style

below, alternate label

below, UK pressing

alternate label

below, autographed copy

below, autographed copy


above, test pressing

Bruz Fletcher's most known 78



above: "The Prairie" is the same recording as "The Wide Open Spaces,"
and was pressed (not logically) on the flip side of L-0464.
I understand "Haskell" was also pressed at HO-106.
above right, autographed copy of L-0464

Frances Faye made "Drunk With Love" her signature song. See This Link for so much more.




 Above right: "It" is same as "Peter Lillie Daisy"

with L-305, L-306, L-307

Two tracks later released on "Party" record labels
Note, no name given. "Society Lady" was Mrs Haskell,
though an alternate recording version; and Haskell changed to Haskill.
I'm told they are quite inferior recordings


Note: I do not by any means own all of these, labels scans were graciously provided by Tyler Alpern

Finally, from my collection, a very rare 1950's LP acetate,
with an alternate version of 'Drunk With Love"

If you have read this far, then you will want this CD....
Compiled by Tyler Alpern

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and other CD sources