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The Kurt Mann


"Blonde Ambition"

If you liked 'Deep Throat' and 'Singin' in the Rain'
you're gonna love... Blonde Ambition

A few years after Kurt retired from the JBR he was cast in several films. In this one he plays a drag queen hostess, grandly. Way before Madonna there was "Blonde Ambition," the porn musical.

1981, and now on DVD

I thank the producer John Amero for providing a copy
of the DVD so that I could add the info to Kurt's section

this is straight hard-core porn, I had to avert my eyes a number of times

film promitional shot of Kurt

screen captures from the film

Kurt plays Bill, a gay neighbor who borrows a broach from one of our heroines

...because it would be perfect for his costume at a bar charity event

the gown, coincidentally, had been used in a JBR revue

Bill hosting a drag fashion show at a NYC bar called The Pitts

Bill's surprise when our star goes amuck

a brawl ensues, and they all land in jail

to of course be released for a happy hetero ending

Kurt in the closing credits

and, for the three shots below, an outtake of him falling off his stool