Various Artists Compilations


Here's the gimmick...and it works! Nine of New York City's top drag artists get together to sing ABBA songs on this 2004 compilation. Two of them already have their own listings in this section, Hedda Lettuce and Yolanda, and they both appear as solos and as a special duet called the Chixie Dix. The other artists are Sade Pendarvis, Joie Starr, Edie, Cashetta, June Bug, Betzy and Connie Cat. The all join for the finale, "Mamma Mia." Visit the site for the label, Figjam, or click for more pics.

Bar d'O

The noted NYC club Bar d'O, now closed, was where you could hear, as one reviewer put it, "cross-dressing chantuses sing for less stylish polysexuals." Three of its stars, Joey Arias, Sherry Vine and Raven-O, released a CD called "One." They each did three songs, with Joey channeling Billie Holiday, doing "Them There Eyes," "He's Funny That Way," and "Why Don't You Do Right." Sherry did "Whatever Sherry Wants," "Linger," and "Port of Amsterdam." Raven contributed "Sophisticated Lady," "This Bitter Earth" and "Motherless Child." The finale was "Sisters" by all three.

the Bar d'O
"Chantal's House of Shame"

Spanish Producer Luis Miguelez put together in Berlin the dance music project "Chantal's House of Shame," featuring a mixed bag of performers including drag artists Chantal, Gloria Viagra, Sherry Vine, Carmen X-Travaganza, Polla Disaster, Desiree Nick and Rebecca Poppers, along with trans artist Bianca Fox and a handful of hunky male artists. Several were in the 2005 German film "Gender-X." The CD is named after a series of parties held at a Berlin club. Click for more.
Gloria ViagraSherry Vine
"Five Drag Divas & a Duo"

"Five Drag Divas & a Duo" was a project put together in the UK as an AIDS charity benefit CD in 1998. Two of the five Divas were James Court and David Raven (who were Jimmy and Maisie Trollette...see separate listing for The Trollettes). Phil Starr, Colin Devereaux (Dockyard Doris) and Dave Lynn rounded out the Divas, and the Duo was made up of Tracy Davenport and Stan Baines. One of the backing musicians was Michael Topping, who was part of the duo Topping & Butch, who released their own campy CD in 2003. Music for the Five Divas CD was standard stuff, like "I'm Still Here," "Ring Them Bells," "The Impossible Dream," "Wind Beneath My Wings," and the entire cast joining on the finale with "United We Stand." Click here for more.

"God Shave the Queen"

CD cover & Sherry Vine

"God Shave the Queen" is the very clever title of a 1996 compilation that features a who's who of drag artists, including Donna Giles, Lady Bunny, Lily of the Valley, Ebony Jet, Varle Jean Merman, Antony, Joey Arias, Raven-O, Sherry Vine and Pussy Tourette. Several of these artists have their own listings in this discography. Click for more.
Lady Bunny & Pussy TouretteJoey Arias & Raven-O
from the Holland dragshowbar Lellebel
Open since 1997 the Lellebel's stars have released at least two various artists compilations: in 2001 "Kusjes van The Girls" and in 2007 the CD "Desirée's Dekselse Decennium Diva's" both packed full of the club's divas. See this page, and their website.
"Marry Me"
"Marry Me" is an excellent compilation (Figjam Records, 2004), and its stellar line-up would grace anyone's collection, but it's listed here for several artists: RuPaul, The Chixie Dix (Hedda Lettuce & Yolanda), Nicolas Ferrar & Sade Pendarvis, and Yolanda (by herself). The label is now out of business but the CD can still be found. Click for more.
" A Night on South Bitch"
"A Night on South Bitch," meant to be a play on words, for South Beach, has its moments, mainly by including otherwise available tracks by RuPaul, Shampale Cartier, Bodega Queen, and Miss Lady Bunny. And though no DQ, Junior Vasquez is on it. Click for more.

"A Night on South Bitch" (MRX CD 2044, 1998).

"Sex, Drags and Rock and Roll"
"Sex, Drags and Rock & Roll" is the very hard find recording of a live show at the club Squeezebox (Squeezebox Records SB001, 1994). It contains some performances you will find nowhere else, like Jimmy James ("Stairway to Heaven"), Varla Jean Merman ("It's Hard to Be a Diva"), and the Duelling Bankheads ("Mocking Bird/Surfing Bird.") Add to that Sherry Vine, Lady Bunny, Misstress Formika, Raven-O, Guy & Jojo, Sissy Fit and Torment, and gee, I wish I could have seen that show. I've seen ads for a video for it, but sure, try to find a copy of one of those. Click for more.
"Die Mommie Die"
Leave it to Charles Busch to accomplish about anything he wants. He's a noted actor, playwright, novelist, dramatist, and of course, drag diva. And he wouldn't normally qualify for this discography, but then why not? There was a CD single from his 2003 movie "Die Mommie Die" released, with four mixes of the song "Why Not Me." See his site and click for more.
my favorite scene from the movie
"Edith Schroder Superstar"

As the liner notes and songs are in German, I don't know much about this 2003 Berlin production. It features Ades Zabel, Biggy van Blond, Jelena Halt, Bob Schneider and Michael Pyter. I have no idea if there is a plot though the cover boasts "Including Tophit Hundekot an Meinem Schuh." Er, Okay. Click for more.
"An Evening in Gaiety" ("Een Avond in de Gaiety")
The Dutch title is "Een Avond in de Gaiety" and on the front it says "An Evening With Sally Bowles." I gather this 1992 cabaret show was recorded in an Amsterdam bar called Gaiety, which closed in 2004. Bowles appears to have been, and probably still is, a beloved club diva. Click for more.
Sally Bowles, 2006
"La Cage Aux Folles"
"La Cage Aux Folles." The most famous and most successful gay musical on Broadway recreated the story from the 1979 French film, and won every Tony Award in sight: Best Musical; Director (Arthur Laurents); Book (Harvey Fierstein); Score (Jerry Herman); Actor (George Hearn; Gene Barry was also nominated). Its battle cry, "I Am What I Am" is one of the few songs from a gay musical to go on to a life of its own, being recorded by a number of artists. Soundtrack: RCA 14824, 1984.  Click for more.

"Pageant." This is the (quite rare) Australian Cast Recording, recorded in 1997, of the musical that originally ran in New York City (for 462 performances) in 1991. It was written by Frank Kelly and Bill Russell, with music by Albert Evans. Russell also wrote the lyrics for "Elegies." The show has been produced in a number of cities across the U.S., including Houston, where I saw it. I have not been able to determine if there was a recording released for the NYC cast production. If you know, please email me. Click for more.
"Torch Song Trilogy"
"Torch Song Trilogy" was the critically acclaimed play, and then movie, by Harvey Fierstein. It's soundtrack (Polygram, 1989) is of interest in this section for its two solos by Fierstein, and a grand diva production number, "Dames," which included among others, Charles Pierce. Click for more.
Fierstein & Broderick

"Wigstock" (1995) will likely always be the ultimate drag queen movie, and while the soundtrack cannot cover all the music has to offer, it does a good job, with it's stellar cast: Lady Bunny, RuPaul, Joey Arias, Crystal Waters, Misstress Formika, Jackie Beat, Lady Kier, and others. Click for more, including historic posters.

"Wigstock: The Movie" (Sire CD 61818-2, 1995)

Connie Casserole

Oh, where to include a drag queen DJ? From the Miami bar Twist, Connie Casserole had made a bit of a name for herself with her steady tribal house sound. Casserole has said, "I am definitely blessed. From hairdresser to Drag Queen to DJ is pretty strange. But then again, I’ve always done things differently. That’s what makes me unique.” Click for more.
Noche de Travesti

Noche de Travestis! Was a recording of a show starring Paco Espana, one of the first drag queens to gain popularity after Franco's dictatorship. From Spain, 1977. Click for more.