Tina C

Christopher Green

And, who could resist a drag artist with a country song called "No Dick's As Hard As My Life"? Not me, certainly, so I've tracked down every release by Tina C I could find. Tina C is one of the creations of Christopher Green (another is Ida Barr), and she's been very visible in the UK and Australia in recent years. And Green has many other acting projects. Visit his site, and Tina C's, and click for more.

"Complete & Utter Country"(1997)                        "Smells Like Tina Spirit" (1999)
"No Dick's As Hard As My Life"                             "It Ain't Easy Being Easy"
"Tina C's Twin Towers Tribute"                            "World Tour/Global Peace Mission"
"Don't Love Me Too Much" (2001)                         "Tina C Live in Sydney"
"Tina C's Tiny Island Tour" (2005)
"Livestyle Guru" (2006)
"If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Weren't You Dead When I Met You?" (2006)
"I'm Dreaming of a White Trash Christmas" (2006)

Jullien Tome
Jullien Tome

All I know about Jullien Tome is what's found on his EP from 1976. It was produced in Melbourne, Australia, but he is Belgian, and his accent can be heard on the lounge-y rendition of "Strangers In The Night." The other three songs are sung in German. According to the bio sheet enclosed he was married to Oz TV personality Natalie Raine. The EP is of an oversized 8"x8" gatefold style. Click for more.

"An Evening To Remember" (TMS 252, EP, AU, 1976)

Jullien Tome
Pussy Tourette
Pussy Tourette stormed on to the San Franscisco music scene in the early 90s, winning the Entertainer of the Year at the Cable Car Awards in 1993. From her first CD, "In Hi-Fi" she embodied the song "French Bitch" as a hit video, and her music has been used in a number of films. Visit her myspace page, or click for more.

"Pussy Tourette in Hi-Fi" (Feather Boa CD 93012, 1993)
"All My Misery...Kiss" (Feather Boa CD single 93022, 11 mixes, 1995)
"Who Does She Think She Is?" (Feather Boa CD 93832, 1996)
"Outta My House" (Feather Boa CD single, 9 mixes, 1998)
"Brand New Day" (Feather Boa CD single, 3 mixes, 2005)

Toxice Imagine, a drag queen band name Toxice submitting a song for Eurovision in 2006...unlikely, but that's what happened, and you can hear the song, "Never Give Up," by clicking right here. The band is composed of: Luciana Duvall, Cecille del Sol, Miss Chocolate and Petruta Grasa. Visit their site, or click for more.
I love the caption on Trinity's first album..."the next Lady to bust out of the jazz world may not...be a Woman." And, gender aside, this lady can swing! That's coincindentally the title of her second CD, and something you can't help saying when you hear it. And at TellTrinity.com you'd find she's also an advice columnist, an ordained minister, etc, etc. Click for more.
"A Good Man Is Hard To Find" (Sunrise CD, 1998)
"That Lady Can Swing" (Sunrise CD, 1999)
"The Exciting Life Das Aufregende Leben" (Rusty Jazz CD, 2000)
In 1969 David Raven and James Court formed what was very unusual, a duo drag act, and they gave it the delightful name, The Trollettes. One album survives, "The Trollettes, Live at The Cricketers," from 1983. They have both been active over the years and occasionally reunite for charity events, like the 1998 benefit CD, "Five Drag Divas & a Duo." Raven and Court are pictured at left, from the 1998 album notes. Click for more.

"The Trollettes, Live at The Cricketers, with Lee Paris" (Bona Records LP 1, 1983)

Tracey Twat

Out of New Zealand, in 1995, Tracey Twat even had a video of her cover of The Yardbirds' "I'm a Man"...wrong on so, so many levels. Click for More.

"I'm a Man" CDEP, Colossal Records 37, 1995, with 4 mixes.

Patsy Vidalia (or Patsy Valdelar)

Patsy Vidalia was the "Toast of New Orleans," emceeing at the famous Dew Drop Inn for 20 years. I've seen her last name also given as Valdalia, Valadear and Valdelar. That last variation was used on a Mercury compilation (listed below) featuring her only two recorded tracks, done in 1953, "Keep Your Hands on Your Heart" and "Rock Me." Click for more.

"Mercury Records, The New Orleans Sessions, 1950 & 1953"

Sherry Vine
Sherry Vine has performed in theatre, films and club revues all over the world, and is especially known for "Starlust," with Joey Arias, which originated in Berlin, where Vine has spent most of the last several years. Visit her site or click for more.

Releases: "Bar d'O" (with Joey Arias and Raven-O), "Starlust" (with Joey Arias), "God Shave the Queen" (one track), "Sex Drags and Rock and Roll" (one track), "Chantal's House of Shame" (2), "Sherry Vine, the Remixes" (5 tracks), "Magic & Mahem, " and "The Collection."

Jerry Walker
Jerry Walker was the blues-singing, trash-talking black female impersonator on Rudy Ray Moore's label. He had two colorful albums. Click for more.

"The Mr Jerry Walker Album - The Fairy Godmother" (Kent LP 003, 1971)
"Sell It or Sit On It" (Laugh Your Ass Off LP 061)

Way Out Girls
The Way Out Girls were, well, I think put together as a parody of the Spice Girls, with names like Butch, Tarty, Leary, Snooty and Spice Rack, and a song written by Gary Glitter. Their CD single "I'm the Leader of the Gang" came out on Academy Street Records (UK, 1998) and actually was pretty good, with to me sort of a Bay City Rollers feel to it. I think they disappeared as quick as they were formed. Click for more.
Honey West
Honey West has been a hit in Chicago since her one-woman show in 1990, and her extensive cabaret work has included appearances in a number of musicals. Visit her site or click for more.

"Take Honey West Home" (West Rec. CD, 1997)
"My Big Fat Cheesy Lounge Act" (West Rec. CD, 2004)

Working Girls
Dutch duo The Working Girls (Cindy & Sheila) have been popular in their country for several years now, with television appearances and touring to other countries. Just one release so far, a CD single. Visit their site, or click for more.

"If You Hold My Hand" (CD, NL, 2002) 2 mixes,
includes "X-mas Medley"


Yolanda, 2003 OutMusician of the Year, and The Stonewall Society's 2002 and 2003 Transgendered Favorite Musician...is a singer-songwriter, performance artist, visual artist, radical fairie, drag queen, theater person, storyteller, legal christian minister and tarot card reader. Okay, that's from the bio at her site, but since I met Yolanda (or Roger Mapes) several years my respect for her as an artist, activist and a person has only continued to grow. Check out my October 2002 QMH show for an interview with Yolanda, and a recording of a 35-minute live concert, and Click for more. And that includes two of her videos!

"Welcome to Yolandaworld" (YOL CD 1234, 1999)
"Yolanda and the Plastic Family" (CD single, 3 tracks, 2002)
"Abbalicious" (Figjam CD, 2004), contains by Yolanda:
"Lay All Your Love on Me"
"Dancing Queen" as part of Chixie Dix, with Hedda Lettuce
"Marry Me" (Figjam CD, 2004), contains by Yolanda:
"Marry Me," as part of Chixie Dix
"You and I (Marry Me)"
"House of Joy" (CD, 2009)

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