Samantha is one of those foreign artists, in this case, from Spain, who is almost impossible to research. The use of a single name and common song titles just gets far too many google hits to make sense, so if you have information on her or know of other recordings, please let me know. Click for a larger scan.

"Superman / Rock Me Baby" (Chapa-Discos 33024, 1979, Spain)

Candy Samples
She's performed with the Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus, at the Duplex in NYC, and Southern Decadence...she's Candy Samples (aka Will Harrell) and now she's releasing albums. Check out her website, or Click for More.

Jose Sarria   (1923 - 2013 )

Jose Sarria starred at San Francisco's Black Cat for years, and released the "No Camping" LP in 1960. But he was also active politically and helped establish the Tavern Guild, to fight police harrassment, and founded the Imperial Court system, which spread to chapters throughout the country which have done immeasureable charity work over the years. These days Jose is still busy with imperial court activities, and he had a cameo in the movie "To Wong Foo," and his biography "The Empress Is A Man" was published in 1998. Around 1960 Jose Sarria released a very rare drag album called "No Camping". Click for more.

"No Camping" (Velvet Records LP 5003, 1960)

Lily Savage

In London in the early 80s Paul O'Grady created an alter ego he named Lily Savage, and Lily started her act in the gay clubs, and then broke into television in the 90s, eventually hosting her own show in England. She is tall, very blond and her humor is very adult, and she has released a number of comedy shows, on CD and video. Along the way she's sung in several productions, including one of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. Now that must have been something special. But she's only released one song on its own, from 1988, "Tough at the Top." Visit her site or click for more.

"Tough At The Top" (Nightmare Records 64, 12", UK, 1988)
"Lily Savage, Live and Outrageous" (Speaking Volumes CS 532182, 1996, comedy only), plus several videos


Scandelle is shaping up to be an artist to watch, even with only a 3-track CD EP and a CD single. Here's a bit of hype from his site: "Always an electrifying presence, Scandelle continues to rock boundaries. With a fearless combination of stunning visual and androgeny and soulful, haunting, and always unforgettable singing talent, he's exploded onto the underground NY nightlife scene." Yes, but he CAN sing, and I look forward for more. Visit his site, his myspace page, or click for more.

"Scandelle" (Scandelle Productions CD EP, 2003, 3 tracks)
"Just Getting Started" (download single, 4 mixes, 2005)


If you love American Idol, well that show is very much a johnny-come-lately. Eurovision is Europe's version of song competitons between various countries, and it's been going on for 50 years. It's done by popular vote, and past winners have included ABBA and Celine Dion. In 2002 the camp favorite was a trio known as Sestre (Sisters) from Slovenia, who wore crimson stewardess uniforms, and their song, "Samo Ljubezen" ("Only Love") did very well, finishing in 13th place. Visit this site or click for more wonderful pix.

"Samo Ljubezen / Wahre Liebe" (RTVS CD 002, 2002)
"Souvenir" (MenArt CD 81252, 2002, Slovenia)

Jackie Shane

Jackie Shane was a soul singer who performed mainly in the Toronto, Canada, area and was known for his flamboyant effeminate stage persona, and I've found photos of him dressed in drag. He even had a top ten hit in Canada, with some lyrics that are seemingly fairly blatant for 1963, in his song called "Any Other Way." All his 45s are now pricey Northern Soul collectables. In 2005 a CD collection was issued of the '63 album plus 11 other tracks. Click for more.

"Any Other Way / Sticks and Stones" (Sue Records 776, 7", 1963)
"In My Tenement / "Comin' Down" (Sue Records 788, 7")
"I've Really Got the Blues / Money" (Stop 104, 7", 60s)
"Jackie Shane Live" (Caravan LP 1000, 1963)
"Live at the Sapphire Tavern" (R&R Rec.CD 5021, 2005)
"Any Other Way" Numero Group CD, 2017)

Note: it is now known that Shane is a transgender woman. She was in such obscurity for decades, and I apologize for misgendering her.

Mrs Shufflewick   (1925 - 1983)

Mrs. Shufflewick is the alcoholic, smut-mouthed dirty old Cockney lady created by Rex Jameson, who found much success on UK radio and television in the 50s and 60s, and continued through the 70s. Click for more and hear her.

"Pubs, Pearlies & Pints" (London 91359, UK, '64)
"The Amazing Mrs. Shufflewick" (London LP 99545, UK, 1972)
"A Drop of the Hard Stuff" (Decca 5155, UK, 1973)

Mark Alan Smith

"Who Does He Think She Is?", 2001

Dallas drag artist Mark Alan Smith does Cher, Bette Midler, Barbra, Judy, etc, etc, and put it all together in a 2001 CD called "Who Does He Think She Is?" (MAS CD 1001), and he was the subject of a 2003 film, "From a Jack to a Queen." Check this site, or click for more.

"From a Jack to a Queen" promo photo

Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gre
Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gre. I know next to nothing about this Dutch drag duo, but they did release an LP in 1980 titled after them. A couple of the titles that I could figure out were "Sado-Masochistic Waltz" and "The Homomonument," with the latter being about the gay monument in Amsterdam, which I've seen. The LP jacket says they are Sandor Gora and Rene Coenradie, and they wrote all the songs. Click for larger scans. And if you have more info on this duo, please let me know.

"Juffrouw Sonnika & Tante Gre" (SG LP 1, 1980, Holland)

Le Sorelle Bandiera  (The Sisters Flag)
Le Sorelle Bandiera, or The Sisters Flag, were a popular Italian drag act that in the 70's appeared in a 1979 movie ("L'importante E Non Farsi Notare") and released 5 45 rpm records, all of course sung in Italian. See Wikepedia bio, and larger scans. And if you search for them on YouTube you can even see a couple videos of them. Click for more.
Le Sorelle Marinetti
Imagine the Andrews Sisters were guys and were in drag in Italy, you get Le Sorelle Marinetti, and damn, they can really sing! And their debut album (2008) is called "Non Ce Ne Importa Niente." Most of the tracks are in Italian, but there are three in English, including a fun Cher Medley. You'll want to visit their myspace page and also check out YouTube for several fun videos. And also there's more on my site, Click here.
Miss Hope Springs
Miss Hope Springs is, shall we say, a 'seasoned' performer...who has been pleasing audiences for years. UK based, real name is Ty Jeffries and the alter ego has the site
A plethora of videos can be found on YouTube.
Jeffree Starr
"What can you say about Jeffree Star that hasn't been scrawled in blood and other assorted bodily fluids in dirty bathrooms all over the southern United States, or said by the whorish super promoter himself, or written in countless internet paparazzi blogs, or dreamt about by millions of teenagers and just as many adult closet mannequins?" Well, that's what it says on His MySpace Page. And his online CD is "Plastic Surgery Slumber Party." See More.
Deva Station
Definitely a very limited release CD, one of the divas of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Deva Station released "Greatest Hits: Homecoming '99" as a project to raise funds for AIDS charities, and did quite well. click for more.
Petite Swanson
Petite Swanson was a member of Valda Gray's troupe of female impersonators, who for much of the 1940s were the main attraction at Joe's Deluxe Club in Chicago. She recorded four sides in 1947 for the Sunbeam label, and I believe only two were released. Very rare indeed. Click for more.
Lee Sutton   (     - 1978)

Who could resist a female impersonator who billed himself as "Lee Sutton, a Near Miss"? Lee Sutton, born Leonard Sutch, was very popular in London in the late 60s and early 70s and there were there albums released of his material. On the back cover of his last album (released after his death in 1978) it states that the greatest tribute, in Lee's mind, was paid to him when Danny La Rue asked him to work at his hotel at Christmas 1971 -- the only time that Danny had ever booked another female impersonator. Click for more.

"Presenting Lee Sutton, a Near 'Miss'" (Jubilee LP 2073, UK, 1968)
"Drag for Camp Followers" (Columbia 6481, UK, 1971)
"The Best of Lee Sutton (a Near Miss) - Uncensored" (EMI LP 163, UK, 1979)

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