I don't know if the title of Noel's only CD (1997) was prophetic or not, but it's the only release I know of by him, but it's a good one, and his website is still around, or click for more. Oh, the site tells me he has been a veteran of a couple soap operas, wonder what he's doing now.

"It's Just a Phase" (Tundra CD, 1997)

Opal Fox Quartet   

Benjamin Smoke

The Opal Foxx Quartet, with front person Opal (Robert Dickerson, aka Benjamin Smoke, 1960-1999) will not be everyone's taste, but the band was interesting enough that Michael Stipe produced half the tracks, and Stipe urged on a 2004 documentary about Smoke. Click for more.

Opal Foxx Quartet - "The Love That Won't Shut Up" (Long Play CD 26, 1993)
Smoke - "Heaven on a Popsicle Stick" (Smokethatmusic CD, 1994)
Smoke - "Another Reason to Fast" (CD, 1995, Benjamine Smoke, lead singer)
Opal Foxx Quartet - "The Love That Won't Shut Up" (Long Play CD 26, 1993

Paula Pantsdown

Paula PantsdownPaula Pantsdown

Simon Hunt is a digital sound editor and satirist in Austrailia and I'm including him in this listing for taking drag activism to the ultimate good use. In 1997 he decided that the beliefs of Pauline Hanson, the racist and homophobic candidate for Parliament, needed held up for public ridicule. Hunt became Pauline Pantsdown, the drag parody of Hanson, and using his editing talents compiled the song "Backdoor Man," out of clips from Hanson speeches.

The song became an instant radio hit, as did a follow up song, "I Don't Like It." In the process Hunt legally changed his name to Pauline Pantsdown, so that he could run against Hanson and his name would appear that way on the ballot. When the votes were counted Hanson and her party were trounced, and though Hunt (Pantsdown) also lost the election, he won the goal. He released a third song, "I'm Sorry" under the name Little Johnny, this time to parody Prime Minister John Howard. Visit a fan site, the site for Simon Hunt, and click for more. And click to hear "Backdoor Man."
Simon HuntPaula Pantsdown
Pearl Box Revue
I am guessing this album came out circa 1970. It's four drag queens from the touring show The Pearl Box Revue, sitting around talking trash, lots of trash, and one name stands out, Dorian Corey, later to appear in the 1991 film "Paris Is Burning." Corey died in 1993 of AIDS, at age 56. Others on the LP were Jaye Joyce, Clyddie McCoy and Tony LaFrisky. Click for more.

"Call Me MISSter" (Snake-Eyes 2LP 9001, circa 1970)

Sade Pendarvis - died March 2012
Sade Pendarvis appears on only two CDs that I know of, (both from 2004), singing "Knowing Me Knowing You" on the delightful various drag artists compilation "ABBAlicious" and perhaps even tastier, doing a duet with himself (Nicolas Ferrer), on the classic "Ain't No Mountain High Enough." That's on the "Marry Me" comp. Click for more.
Nicolas/Sade // ABBAlicious cast

Peppermint was named by HX Magazine (NYC) the Drag Queen of the Year (2006), and released her debut CD in 2009, produced by gay R&B white boy wonder Adam Joseph. See her site or her myspace site or click for more.

"Hard Core Glamour" (CD, 2009, 14 tracks)

Grae Phillips
Besides being an amazing singer, Grae Phillips has an amazing website, with some unexpected products, such as a make-over CDrom and a mediation CD, and photographic art pieces, a cooking/etc CDrom...she's her own cottage industry. Visit her site or click for more.
Charles Pierce   (1926-1999)

One of the very best female impersonators was Charles Pierce, who began performing in the mid-50s and by the 60s was a much-in-demand guest on television shows, like "Dick Cavett," "Merv Griffin," "Mike Douglas," Wonder Woman," "Laverne and Shirley," "Designing Women," and many others. He recorded two albums, "For Pierced Ears," and "Recorded Live at Bimbos" (1971), and in 1988 appeared as "Bertha Venation" in the movie "Torch Song Trilogy." Two of his shows have been released on video, "Charles Pierce at the Ballroom," and "Legendary Ladies of the Silver Screen," and it's wonderful that his great act has been preserved for the future. Visit his extraordinary tribute site, and click for a lot more.

"Charles Pierce, Recorded Live at Bimbo's, San Francisco" (Blue Thumb LP 30, 1971)
"Pierce'd Ears" (Wanda Records LP 2101, 1967)
"Torch Song Trilogy" movie soundtrack (Polygram CS 837785, 1989)
"Charles Pierce at the Ballroom" (VHS, 70 minutes, 1987)
"Legendary Ladies of the Silver Screen" (VHS, 60 minutes, 1993)


This is another example where all the info I have on an artist is on the album jacket, and this time it's in Spanish. Even with a friend translating, it didn't help much. Pierrot is apparently not only a painter, but also a singer, with a movie being made about his life, "Pierrot by Day, Pierrot by Night." Google has filled in no details for me, but some of the tracks are obviously gay: "I Am Gay" and "Homosexual." Click for more photos.

"El Rey de Los Travestis" (Apolo Records LP, year unknown, probably 70s)

Davina Pons
Her website calls her "The Dragmatic Soprano," and her page at CDbaby says "Serious opera with a twist, this is anything but a drag." And finally her 2004 CD is entitled, tongue in cheekly, "The Art of Can Belto." This is Davina Pons, and her singing is not camp, but done with true artistry and incredible range. Visit her site or click for more.
Potts & Panzy

Potts & Panzy were Jimmy Potts and Little Arthur Mathews in drag as Panzy. They released one album on their own on the Laff label, probably in the late 60's or early 70s. (The Laff label didn't date their recordings). They also appeared on the flip side of another Laff release called "The Original Crepitation Contest," which probably speaks for itself. Click for large scan of the album.

"That's My Wife!" (Laff LP 143)
flip side of "The Original Crepitation Contest" (Laff LP 152, early 70's)

Pulverfass Cabaret
The Pulverfass Cabaret started in 1973 in Hamburg, Germany, and is still going strong, and has a current website. In 1981 they released an album of their then stars, including Manuela Riva, De Toni, Mimi Dore, Gloria Duval, Coco La Fontaine, Rita Jane, Nadja Taylor, Mary Laaf, France Delon, and Die Pulverfass Crew. Their theme song, "The Pulverfass Song" even came out on a 45 rpm, as sung by Manuela Riva. Click for More.
Genny Random
A recent Italian drag artist/DJ/producer is Genny Random, with several recordings already to her name, and an interesting website. Her "Unplugged" CD is titled as by "Genny Random, Your Favorite Drag Queen." Visit her site and click for more.

"Stupendo" (CD single, 5 mixes, 1999)
"Unplugged" (CD, 2001, 9 tracks, including "I'm Your Drag Queen.")
"Diva" (CD single, 2005, with "Sweet Transvestite," "Diva," and "6SEI")

Miss Richfield 1981
Miss Richfield 1981 has only recently been marketing her talented self, with a CD, a DVD and a calendar, all very humorous and well done. The DVD is her Xmas show, "Fall On Your Knees," from 2005, and is available on, but her CD, well, that's rare as hen's teeth, but it's worth the search. See her site or click for more.

"Miss Richfield 1981 Presents Color Me Richfield" (CD, 2003)
"Fall on Your Knees: Christmas Extravaganza!" (DVD, 2005)

Jordan Rivers

Jordan Rivers is a mystery to me. I found the CD on eBay from a dealer in the UK, and my googling has uncovered nothing about her. Alas, the CD, from I'm guessing 2000, is pretty good. Click for more.

"I Am What I Am" (UK?, 2000)


Roberto is mostly a mystery to me. An internet friend sent me the 45, with Roberto in drag singing "I Am What I Am" (not the Cage Aux Folles song), and "He-She," It was produced and written by Wilfred de Faria and I found his photo. I think he is Roberto. The disc is from Holland, 1974. Please let me know if you can shed more light on him. Click for more.

Roberto - "I Am What I Am"/"He-She" (Omega 36229, NL, 1974)

Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts for the last several years has been playing date aftere date in Key West, and he's followed up his 1999 CD with another, and has still another on the way. I wish I could see him live, but the music itself goes pretty far. Visit his site, or click for more.

"Almost Live" (CD, 1999)
"What's a Lady Like Me" (CD, 2000)


Okay, this past year three(2005) RuPaul dolls were issued. What's next? It seems Ru has done it all: a string of hit albums and singles, over 15 film roles, TV appearances including her own show on VH1, nominations for a Grammy and Emmy, hosting a hit radio show in NYC, etc etc. The only recent downside was that her "RedHot" CD was not given much press...a pity, as I think it's excellent. Visit her site, or click for more, and no, in this world of myriad CD singles, this is Not her complete discography. My favorite? Her Xmas album, and during an interview she told me she'd like to do another one, a duets album....sure hope that happens.

"Sex Freak" (Funtone LP 23A, 1985)
"RuPaul Is Star Booty" (Funtone CD 23, 1986)
"Supermodel (You Better Work) (Tommy Boy CD 542, 4 mixes, +"House of Love, 3 mixes)
"Back to My Roots" (Tommy Boy CD 565, 1993, 2 mixes, +"Strudelmodel," +1)
"Everything You Always Wanted To Know About RuPaul" (Tommy Boy CD 584, 1993)
"Little Drummer Boy / Supermodel Medley" (Tommy Boy CD 7593, 1993)
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart) (MCA CD 54831, 1994, with Elton John, 4 mixes)
"Foxy Lady" (Rhino CD 72256, 1996)
"Ho Ho Ho" (Rhino CD 72936, 1997)
"It's Raining Men" (Logic CD 74321, 1998, with Martha Wash, 5 mixes)
"RedHot" (RuCo CD 001, 2004)
"Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous" (RuCo CD 005, 2005, 8 mixes)
"Workout, the RuMixes) (RuCo CD, 2005, 7 mixes, +"Looking Good")
"People Are People" (RuCo CD, 6 mixes, +"I Just Can't Wait 'Til Christmas," +2)

Supermodel - The Remixes (w/Shirley Q Liquor)
Reworked (2006, 15 remixes of various songs)
Starbooty Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2007, not the 1986 recording)
Covergirl - The RuMixes (2009, 8 remixes)
Champion (2009, 12 different songs)
Jealous of My Boogie - The RuMixes (2009, 9 remixes + fun stuff)

Craig Russell   (1948-1990)

Craig Russell was one of the major female impersonators of the 70s and 80s, starring in two movies, "Outrageous" (1977), and it's 1987 sequel, "Too Outrageous." He did remarkable impressions of female stars, such as Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, and Mae West. And, regarding Mae, he got a head start. In the mid 60s he was her personal secretary and for a while president of her fan club and even stayed at her home until, the story goes, he was caught trying on her clothes. Visit this tribute site, and click for a lot more.

"Outrageous" (movie soundtrack) (Polydor LP 1-8902, CN, 1977)
"Glamour Monster" (Change Records 0100, 12", 2 mixes, CN, 1987)
"Some of These Days" (Tembo 8707, 7", CN, 1987, from "Too Outrageous")
it's said that a "Too Outrageous" soundtrack exists, but I know no one who has it