Bobby Marchan   (1930-1999)

In addition to charting on the R&B charts on his own and as lead singer for Huey Piano Smith's band in the 60s, Bobby Marchan performed as a female impersonator. His #1 R&B hit from 1960 was "There Is Something On Your Mind." He released probably 20 or so 45s during the 60s and 70s. Click for more.


French Canadian star Mado burst out in 2010 with "Full Mado: Le Remix Album." Find her very full website at or the few pics I grabbed Here.

"Full Mado: Le Remix Album" (Star CD, 2010)

Dina Martina

Seattle's Dina Martina, aka Grady Wells, regularly packs the events, especially for her Christmas Show, which must be scary indeed. Visit his site or click for more.

"Christmas With Dina Martina" (Up Records, 7", 1997)
"The Dina Martina Holiday Album" (Up Records CD 078, 1999)

Mary & Gordy

Mary & Gordy:
Mary Morgan: Georg Preusse (1950- ) and Gordy Blanche: Reiner Kohler (1944-1995, AIDS)
Very successful German drag act, from late 1970s until they retired the act in 1987.
Click for More           and partial Discography.

Billie McAllister

I'm afraid the only photo I have of Billie McAllister is from around 1972, about twenty years after he recorded several blues sides for a small Nashville, Tennessee label. From 1952, the song "31 E. Blues" comes from the 2005 compilation shown at right, "Night Train to Nashville." I know of three other tracks from those years: "Walking in a Daze," "I Go For That," and "Well, Alright Baby." In 1972 Rudy Ray Moore, known as The Dolemite, produced a very, very x-rated comedy album for McAllister, called "What a Big Piece of Meat," (Kent 101). Click for more.

Noel McKay   (     - ~2004)

Alas, all the way to New Zealand for this artist, the prolific Noel McKay. He released 4 LPs that I know of, and a series of at least 5 EPs. The EPs were called "Party Songs" and did not picture him in drag, though many of the songs came from his drag albums. Click for more.

"A Date With Noel McKay) (Viking LP 27)
"Noel McKay In Person" (Viking LP 48, NZ)
"The Fabulous Noel McKay" (Viking LP 68, NZ)
"Bold 'N Blue" (Festival LP 944, NZ, 1967)
"Party Songs, Vol. 1" (Viking EP 46),  "Party Songs, Vol. 2" (Viking EP 52),  "Party Songs, Vol. 3" (Viking EP 71),
"Party Songs, Vol. 4" (Viking EP 78),  "Party Songs, Vol. 5" (Viking EP 84)

Varla Jean Merman

Well, wouldn't you expect the love child of Ethel Merman to be VERY talented? And Varla Jean Merman certainly is, with CDs, a DVD and movies ("Girls Will Be Girls") and shows to keep her, and her alter ego Jeffery Roberson, busy. Visit her site, or click for more.

"Enough About Me" (Original Cast CD, 2000)
"The Very Worst of Varla Jean Merman" (CD, 2001)
"The White Swallow and Other Delights" (CD, 2005)

Faith Michaels

With appearances galore, Faith Michaels now has two new digital singles:
"Fetish" (2011) click for video
"Neva Eva Eva" (2011) click for video


Have you noticed that almost all of the early drag artists went by male names? Well, Michelle was about the first to do her own female thing, and started performing in the San Francisco area in the mid-50s. In 1972 she starred in the first all-male production of "Hello, Dolly," and has done several large scale benefit productions, two of which were captured on albums, called "Ready or Not, It's Me" and "It's Me Again." Unfortunately though, "It's Me Again" was not released. The writers issued the album "Here's To Us," which included 9 of the songs from Michelle's two albums. Click for more.

"Ready or Not, It's Me" (Ron-Mor LP 7, 1967)
"It's Me Again" (Ron-Mor LP, 1969, not released)
"Here's To Us" (Raritan LP 017, 1970)

I'm told Michou in his prime was a wonderful Bridget Bardot impersonator. But for many decades he's much more known as host and owner of the famous Paris female impersonation venue Chez Michou. He's released at least three recordings celebrating he and the club. Click for more.

"Moi, J'Suis Michou / J'Suis Paris" (Princess, FR, 1978)
"Les Fricoteuss / Le Bataillon de Chez Michou" (Michou, 1989, FR)
"Zip Zip Zip / Quoi Mon Chou" (FR, year unknown, ~70s)

Minette   (1928-2001)
Another drag artist with a long career was Minette, who started performing professionally in drag at age 16, in Boston, and moved to New York City in the 50s. She was definitely of a different breed of artist, as she wrote her own material, unusual for this genre, and in the 70s was a member of Charles Ludlam's Ridiculous Theatre Company. Minette can also be heard, but not seen, singing the humourous "I Hate to See My Little Son Go Down" in the 1960s drag documentary, "The Queen." Click for more.

"Come To Me at Tea-Time" (Collector's Choice Records LP, 1968)

Mistress Formika
Mistress Formika may not have the history of recording that some of her peers do, but she has at least one important song, "Fight For Your Right To Be Queer," from 1995's "Wigstock" soundtrack. Click for more.
from Dragazine, 1996
Billy More
From Italy Billy More has released a number of dance singles in recent years, with just a sampling listed below. Click for more photos.

"Up & Down" (Polydor 587878, 12", 7 mixes, GR, 2000)
"I Keep On Burning" (Polydor 065771, 12", 7 mixes, GR, 2003)