Oh, Kelly, you have too many shoes! And "Shoes" is her very entertaining CD, mixing Valley Girl, drag, and now very fun videos found on her MySpace site, and also click for more. And don't miss the "Txt Msg Brkup" video.
Kenny Kerr (1953 - 2013)
Kenny Kerr began his Boy-Lesque shows in Las Vegas in the 1980s, and is still at it. The CD "Songs from the Heart" is not dated, but my research seems to place it from around 2003. Click for more.
Kiki & Herb
Kiki and Herb are the inventions of writer-performer Justin Bond and the pianist Kenny Mellman, and they've been popular fixtures at New York clubs for years. Their style, that of...gee, burnt-out third-rate lounge singers probably on speed, is funny and at the same time poignant, yes, hard to describe. But do go to their site to read the imaginative bios they've created for their alter egos, at their site, or click for more.

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" (People Die Records CD 8382, 2000)
"Kiki & Herb Will Die For You at Carnegie Hall" (Die For You CD, 2005)

Kinsey Sicks

I've seen the Kinsey Sicks several times and have become quite biased, they are terrific! Since 1997 they've issued five wonderful CDs that capture their extraordinary talent and humor. Not all the songs are ready for radio, but that's all the more fun. They've just (March 2006) signed a long-term performance deal in Las Vegas, and they should be great. Visit their site, or click for more. And check out my April 2003 QMH show for an exclusive interview with them.

"Dragapella" (OWR CD 129, 1997)
"Boyz 2 Girlz" (OWR CD 499, 1999)
"Sicks In The City" (CD 11522, 2002)
"I Wanna Be a Republican" (CD 23682, 2004)
"Oy Vey in a Manger" (CD 08238, 2005)
"Sicks Sicks Sicks" (CD, 2008)
"Each Hit & I" (CD, 2010)

Violetta La Burra
I know very little about Violeta La Burra, except that she performed in Barcelona, and was rumored to be a muse of Salvador Dali. If you have info please let me know. The album is probably from the late 70s, and I found a sound clip of her act on a Spanish site, which you can Click to Hear. I've no idea of its source or title or year. As I said, please help me with this one. Click for more.

Lady Bunny

No artist is associated more with the phenonmenom of Wigstock more than Lady Bunny, and deservedly so. I wish more of her music was actually released, but I guess this is becoming the age of downloadable songs only. Visit her site, or click for more.

on "Wigstock: The Movie" (Sire CD 61818, 1995)
"Shame Shame Shame" (Maxi CD 2041, 1996, 5 mixes)
on "A Night on South Bitch (MXD 2044, 1998)
"Michael Jackson 'interview' / Fuck With You" (demo, 2004); and on RuPaul's 2009 CD "Champion," duet on "Throw Ya Hands Up"
plus at least 15 songs available as downloads from her site

Lady Sabrina
And here's Lady Sabrina, who according to her MySpace Page, has been performing in the Worchester, MA, area for 22 years, and is only 38 years old. Forget the math, her (2008) CD single is "I Don't Want Your Man," mixed by DJ Mike Electra. Click for more.
John LaFleur
I have only heard of one release by NYC artist John Lafleur, and it's called "It's a Wonderful Thing," from circa 1980. It's strictly stale stand-up comedy, though at the end she...are you aready...lip syncs Shirley Bassey's "This Is My Life." Now, how do you pull off lip syncing on vinyl?
Click for more.

Frank Foo Foo Lammar   (1937-2003)

Frank Foo Foo Lammar (sometimes Lamarr) had a very successful drag career in the UK, including having a club, which he named after himself, and penning his autobiography, entitled "I Am What I Am." As far as I know he only released one album, "My Life at The Palace, the Frank Lamarr Story," and one 45, "Foo Foo's Netball Team," in 1980. Alas, it was not a hit. Click for more.

"On a Clear Day," "Till," "You'll Never Walk Alone," "My Way" (Palace EP 007, 1975)
"My Life at the Palace: The Frank Lamarr Story" (Palace LP 1000, UK, 1976)
"My Life at the Palace: The Frank Lamarr Story" (Countdown LP 2002, UK, 2nd pressing, different artwork)
"Foo Foo's Netball Team / Love You Being Around" (Columbia 9085, 7", UK, 1980)
"Around the Old Campfire" (Dance UK 7 DUK 1, early 80s)
"My Own Special Creation" (Palace Records, mid-80s) [Please, Please help me find this one!]

Anthony Lamont

It's hard to predict the career yet of Anthony Lamont. His first release was in the fall of 2005, and I could not find a website for him. Time will tell. Click for more.

"Work That Body (Oh, Really)" (G Music Ltd CD 2006, 1 track, 2005)

Danny La Rue (1927 - 2009)

If any artist in the UK could be called a national institution, it would have to be Danny La Rue. For over five decades he's been doing his famous act. His career includes appearances on TV and in a number of movies, including starring in "Our Miss Fred" in 1972. In 1982 he played "Dolly Levi" in London's version of "Hello, Dolly," becoming the first man to play that role. In 1968 he even became a pop star when his song, "On Mother Kelly’s Doorstep" became a hit in the UK. Visit his website, or click for more.

"Danny La Rue in London" (DJM LP 003, UK, 1969)
"Live at Danny La Rue's" (Page One LP 018, UK, 1969)
"Hello Danny" (EMI LP 6377, UK, 1970)
"Music Hall" (EMI 6428, UK, 1970)
"I Am What I Am" (CD, 2005)
and many more

Hedda Lettuce

Hedda Lettuce is known as a drag-comedienne, and regularly sells out her engagements in New York City, and has had guest shots on a number of TV shows. So far as a vocalist she's only been on various artist compilations, but there are a number of songs available for download at her site. And, as a duo, with Yolanda, called The Chixie Dix, she has a couple more tracks. Visit her site or click for more.

on "Abbalicious" (Figjam CD, 2004) 1 track by Hedda, 2 by Chixie Dix
on "Marry Me" (Figjam CD, 2004) 1 track by Chixie Di

Alfred Lewis

For Alfred Lewis, I'm bending my rule of only including artists who have recordings, but then I do have the DVD of his show at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, as Bette Davis, from 2004. Just to hear Bette Davis sing "Bette Davis Eyes" is worth it. email him, or click for more.

Shirley Q Liquor

It would be hard to think of a more controversial female impersonator in recent times than Shirley Q Liquor, the black alter ego of Chuck Knipp, who is white. In some cities, mostly in the North, there have been demonstrations that have shut down the show. Knipp dons the costume of a poor, black woman who talks mostly in ebonics, and it's a humor that makes you uneasy, and sometimes puzzled, as when she rants on and on about how "ignunt" white people are. Strange times, indeed, but Knipp seems to be prospering, with 9 CDs so far: "Queen of Dixie," "Spirit of Ignunce," "Mississippi Woman," "Totally Ignunt," "Shock Therapy," "Cocktail Party," "Radio Liquor," and "Ignunt Ass" and "The Best of Shirley Q Liquor, Vol. 1." I don't give dates of release, as they are sold only on his site, and not given there, but they span roughly from 2001 on. Click for more.

Req Livermore

This next artist is from Australia and his success goes far beyond performing as a woman. Reg Livermore was been a musicals star in Australia since the 60s, with leading rolls in that country's productions of "Hair," "Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Barnum," and lately in "The Producers." But he attracted my attention for his 1975 one-man show called "The Betty Blokk Buster Follies." Visit his tribute site or click for more.

very selected discography:
"Betty Blokk Buster Follies" (Festival LP 45644-2, AU, 1975, 2-discs)
"Wonder Woman" (Festival LP 45711-2, AU, 1976, 2-disc set)

Liz Lyons ( 7/4/19 -- 4/24/91 )

With album titles like "Up Your Ass" and "Around the World" it's no surprise that very little of the work of Liz Lyons can be played on the radio. Early in his drag career, in the 50s, he worked as Lee Leonard, at venues such as the famous Finnochios, and in the 70s released his two albums. Very late in life he had a sex change, which I've heard was removing a major appendage. Click for more.

"Up Your Ass, Live at the Club Morocco" (Angelo LP, 1975)
"Liz Lyons Live!" (Angelo LP, 1979)