Jade Elektra (1967 -        )
Jade Elektra (aka Alphonso King Jr) is a drag performer, actress, musician and HIV activist, whose recording career began in 1996 with "Why You Gaggin'." This was soon became know as its own genre, as a 'bitch track' and a number of succeeding released were in this mold. Visit her website and see this page for more, including an extensive discography.

Dame Edna Everage   (1934 -      )


Can you think of another drag queen who's had postage stamps issued of them? Barry Humphries first found success in his native Australia, where he created the character Dame Edna Everage in 1956. That role has served him well, in the theatre, television, film, and a number of his specials have been released on DVD. He's also one of the few heterosexuals in this section. Visit his site or click for more.

"Housewife Superstar" (Famous Charisma LP 9211-112, CA, 1977)
(actually listed as by Barry Humphries, with permission of Dame Edna)
     and I've seen listings for a large number of Barry Humphries recordings that do not
     appear to be related to the Dame Edna character
"Every Mother Wants a Boy Like Elton / S&M Lady" (Famous Charisma 329, UK, 7", 1978)
"Disco Matilda" (Famous Charisma 336, UK, 1979, 7")
"Last Night of the Poms" (EMI LP 811, 1981, UK)
"Party Experience" (Epic/CBS LP, 1988)
"Neighbors / Shout, Parts I & II" (Epic, UK, 12", 1988)
"Spooky Christmas / Neighbors" (Epic Edna 1, 7")
"Edna's Show Songs" (Tamarin CD 205, 2000)
"Color Me Edna - Songs of Co-Dependency" (Tamarin 206, 2000)
"Barry Humphries Presents" (3-CD set, WEA/Warner, 2003, AU)
"Peter and the Wolf" (narrated by Dame Edna) (Naxos 8554170, 1998)

Valerie Fladder
From Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, Valerie Fladder released her debut CD in 2010, called "De Vrouw Met Een Klein Beetje Extra..." [ which means "The Girl With a Little Bit Extra" ] and the songs are all sung in Dutch. Visit Her Site, to hear audio clips, or see her video, or see some photos I grabbed from it on my page for her.

Gloria Fox

One of the stars of the famous cabaret Chez Nous, in Berlin, Gloria Fox appeared on four of the compilation albums issued of performances of the club. See the Chez Nous entry for more information.

Terri Fox

Terri Fox is related to drag royalty. Her uncle was the partner of the late Frank Foo Foo Lammar, so naturally Terri is from the UK, but now lives in Spain where she is a popular performer. Click Here for more pics or visit her myspace page.

"Diva" (CD, 2007)

From Mexico comes Francis and the 2001 release shown here is "Francis y su Show siglo XXI," and that's about all I can tell you, except that the friend who I conned into sampling it says it was all talking, and some of it quite off-color. At least five more Francis CDs are pictured in the liner notes. Click for more.
Jean Fredericks

Canadian Jean Fredericks migrated to the UK in 1960 and found fame of sorts with her style of comedy opera. Besides the very rare EP on the left, she released the equally rare LP "Recitals Are A Drag" and was known in London society for staging drag balls. Click for more.

"Recitals Are a Drag" (Eyemark LP 100, UK, 1964)
"Cum Camp-Us" (MDE EP 9, UK, probably 1965)

Glam and Glitz
Glam and Glitz are a UK duo who have been entertaining a variety of venues for well over a decade, with their comedy and song and dance. Ms Glam is an imposing figure, at 7'7" in heels, as Ms Glitz maintains "less is more." Their only album was recorded in 1997 and produced by John Springate of Glitterband fame. Several sound clips are available at their site, or click for more.
Golden Lashes
Other than owning this 12" single, I have no information about this act, Golden Lashes. Issued out of Brussels, Belgium, with no date of release given, it's two tracks, taken from a show called "Night of Gold." That's one of the tracks on this album, with the other called "Pile ou Femme," which has a strict translation of "Battery or Woman." Makes one wonder, click to see larger scans.

"Golden Lashes: Pile Ou Femme" (ASBL LP 30349, Belgium,      probably circa 1979)

Guilda      (1924 - 2012)

From France came Guilda, who took inspiration for his name from the actress Gilda. He was very popular in France and also in French-speaking Canada, and released several albums. A double CD set has also been released of his material, and there's not many drag performers who can boast of that. He died at age 88 in June 2012. Visit a tribute page, or click for more.

"Une Femme Pas Comme Les Autres?" (Rusticana LP 626, 1962, CAN)
"Elle Est Bien Dans Ma Peau" (Saisons LP 80004, not dated, CAN)

"Une Femme Pas Comme Les Autres" (Disques Merite 2CD, 2001, CAN)
(above 2CD set has 29 tracks)

Miss Guy (and the Toiletboys)
Google on The Toilet Boys and you'll find groundbreaking rock music, and its founder and lead singer was Miss Guy, who has also been a leading NYC DJ for over ten years, being the first (according to Spin Magazine) to merge rock and dance music. Miss Guy also has come excellent new work, which can be heard on his myspace site, including a duets with Boy George ("Pretty Boys") and Debbie Harry ("God Save New York." Click for more.

"Living Like a Millionaire" (Rarf CD, 1999)
"Toilet Boys" (Hall of Records CD, 2000)
"Saints and Sinners" (Coldfront CD, EP, 2001)
"Live in London" (Ozit Morpheus CD, 2002)
"Toilet Boys: The Early Years" (Ozit Morpheus CD, 2004)


Habanita was a performer at the world famous female impersonation club Le Carrousel of Paris, and I'm dating this release (on a Belgian label) from the late 1960s.
Hear four tracks:

Also: See This Page


Ross Hamilton   (1889-1965)
The earliest recording of a drag performer that I know of is from around 1922, and is by Ross Hamilton, who performed under the name of Marjorie. Hamilton was a member of a Canadian variety troop, founded in 1917 during World War I, in France. They called their troop The Dumbells, after the logo for their military division, and had much success for over ten years. Many of the individual members released solo recordings, on 78s, of course, and in 1977 these were gathered together into an album. Click for more.

"The Original Dumbells" (CBS 385, 1977, CAN) one track by Hamilton

Hinge & Bracket

Through the 70s and 80s on radio and then television, the duo of Hinge & Bracket charmed millions of households in the UK. George Logan and Patrick Fyffe portrayed, respectively, two lovable elderly spinsters named Dr. Evadne Hinge and Dame Hilda Bracket. While they certainly were artists who performed dressed as women, they were much more. They were simply perfect character actresses. Patrick Fyffe died in 2002 at age 60. Visit their tribute site or click for more.

"Hinge & Bracket, Volume 1" (One-Up EMI LP 2125, 1976, UK)
"An Evening with Hinge & Bracket" (One-Up EMI LP 2181, 1977, UK)
"Hinge & Bracket at Abbey Road" (EMI Records LP 201, 1980, UK)
"Dear Ladies" (REH LP 450, 1983, UK)
"Hinge & Bracket" (EMI Gold CD 86042, 2000)
"The Cat Duet / Liste Des Vins" (EMI 2551, 7" 45rpm, 1976, UK)
plus many more releases of their programs

Martin Hughes
Martin Hughes was an after-dinner speaker who discovered that he could do a very entertaining act as the somewhat ding-batty Madame Chairman conducting a meeting. I have two pressing of the album, each with different artwork, but neither give a clue as to the dates of issue. Click for more.

"Madame Chairman" (Roto LP 66-2020)
"Madame Chairman" (NR LP 77290)

Jimmy James

From San Antonio, Jimmy James is one of the best of the modern impressionists, ably capturing a wide variety of celebrities. My personal favorite is his Christmas album, which contains a hysterical reading of Bette Davis doing "Feliz Navidad." Visit his site or click for more.

"Who Wants To Be Your Lover" (Interhit CD 54018, 1997, 8 mixes)
"The One and Many Voices of Jimmy James - Live" (Full Blown CD 21503, 1999)
"Have Yourself a Jimmy James Merry Christmas" (Two Moguls CD 22425, 1999)
"Raw" (KD CD 22780, 2002)
"Fashionista" (Made CD 150, CD single, 4 mixes, 2006)
"Forever Cher: Dance Versions of Cher Classics" (Klone CD 159, UK, 2 discs, as by Dark Lady, 2006)
"Jamestown" (Made Records CD 017, 2006)
"Jimmy James: Live! CD Sampler" (2010, selections from other releases)

Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon    (1895 - 1944)

Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon was quite theatrical. Getting his nickname because he was only 5'2" tall, Jaxon, who also worked as a female impersonator, a pianist-singer and a saxophonist, was mostly in Chicago during 1927-41, a period when he made many recordings. Two CD collections have been issued of his work. Click for more.

"Frankie 'Half-Pint' Jaxon, (1927-1940)" (1989)
"Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1, 1926-1929" (1994)

Jomama Jones   
Jomama Jones is the fictional creation of David Alexander Jones, and in her backstory she was an 80's Superstar, with the chart topping hits "Ghetto in my Mind" and "Afromatic," both now impossible to find. What can be found are her two recent CDs: "Lone Star" (2010) and "Radiate" (2011). Catch the masterful "recreated" 80's magazine features and her site, here.
TC Jones   (1921-1971)

TC Jones achieved more fame than many of his peers of the 50s & 60s, appearing in a couple of Broadway shows, the most famous being "The New Faces of 1956," and on numerous TV shows, such as "Ed Sullivan," "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" and "The Wild Wild West," and in movies, like "Promises, Promises." Of course his repetroire included Bette Davis, a staple for 50s drag performers. I wonder if that artform would have gotten as far without her. Click for more.

"New Faces of 1956" (Original Cast) (RCA LP 1025, 1956)
"Champagne Cocktail / Sunless Sunday" (Coral 61732, 7" and 78rpm)
"TC Jones Himself" (GNP Crescendo LP 602, 1959)
"Mask & Gown" (AEI LP 1178, 1986, of 1957 show)
"Mask & Gown" (AEI CD 041, 1997)