Jimmy Callaway

Jimmy Callaway was a star of New Orleans' famed Wonder Club in 1948, and then for the My-O-My Club, performing there all through the 50's and 60's. He released one 45 rpm record in the 60s, and though rumor has it that he released an album, with songs like "Tenderly" and "All the Way," but I cannot document its existence. Click for more.
"Jimmy Callaway Swings in New Orleans" (LP, 50s)

"Jimmy Callaway On Stage" (45, Planet Records 133E)

Lynne Carter   (1925-1985)

 Lynne Carter (sometimes spelled Lynn Carter) was a star of the famed Jewel Box Revue. His impressions of two celebrities, Pearl Bailey and Josephine Baker, were so good that they both gave him some of their gowns to use in his act. He recorded one album, "She's a He," around 1957. Click for more.

"She's a He" (Fiesta Records 1257, around 1957)

Cashetta, per the banner, apparently does it all, and has a couple CDs to go along with that. One is the descriptive "Dirty Little Ditties," and you can figure those out, and there's a Christmas release. She also had a 1999 recording with a pal, called "Cookie & Cashetta - All Washed Up." Visit her Website.

She passed in 2015: 1970 - 3/16/15
Della Catessen

I loved this artist's drag name, Della Catessen, and admit I'd not heard of her until I spotted her CD on eBay (April 2006), and Had to have it. And it's quite good. Click for much more.

"Night Life: Songs of Love and Angst by a Drag Diva" (Stressed Out CD, 1999)

Out of Chicago dance diva Celeda (aka Victoria Sharpe) initially fronted the Heavy Hitters (produced by Robert Coddington) yielding a number of club hits. Her discography, with all the remixes, is too extensive to list in this block, or even be sure you've captured. Click for her MySpace page, her Discogs Listing, or my own section on her, found Here.
Chez Nous - Cabaret in Berlin, Germany

I'm giving the Club Chez Nous its own entry, as it's been the source of at least five albums of female impersonation shows from the famous Berlin club. Some of the albums do not contain dates, and the liner notes are all in German. Still I can say that three of the artists appeared on more than one release, Marcel Andre, Domino, and Gloria Fox, so I also gave them individual listings. Click for more.

"Die Herren Damen Lassen Bitten" (SMP LP 82901, GR) subtitled, "Eine Nacht Im 'Chez Nous'"
"Warme Nachte" (Odeon LP 062-29452, GR) subtitled, "Im Chez Nous und der Bar Celona (Hamburg)"
"Herren Als Damen" (Toledo LP 162.502, 1979, GR) subtitled "Livermitschnitt Im 'Chez Nous' Berlin"
"Chez Nous Show, Herr...Liche Damen" (Musicolor LP 7776, 1988, GR)
"Chez Nous Berlin Prasentiert Travestie a la Carte" (Chez Nous 66.23901, not dated, GR)
"Herren Als Damen, Cabaret Chez Nous Berlin Prasentiert Die Herren Damen Gebin Sich Die Ehre" (Chez Nous 175)
"Herren Als Damen, Chez Nous, Die Weltberuhmte Transvestiten Show" (Chez Nous 66.22581, not dated)
"Herren Als Damen, im Cabaret, Chez Andres, Berlin" (Jet-Music, not dated)

Peaches Christ
Peaches Christ is an underground drag phenomenon, emcee, filmmaker, actor, and part time cult-leader with ten years of professional experience. Ms. Christ currently resides in San Francisco where her Backlash Production Company and Midnight Mass movie series are based. Her new CD single is "Idol Worship." Visit her site or click for more.
Jackie Curtis   (1947-1985)

Jackie Curtis (real name, John Holder) was kind of an underground star of the 60s and 70s. She was a playwright, a poet, and an actress who did most of her roles as a woman. She got her fame from being in several of Andy Warhol's movies. She died of a heroin overdose, at age 38. A CD of her so-called singing was released in 2004, and a Christmas song appeared on a 1978 V.A. comp. Click for more.

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," on "Big Ego," (GPS 012-013, 1978). GPS stood for Giorno Poetry System, and this mostly spoken word comp featured Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, and William S. Burroughs, among many others.

"Who Are You?" (X-Centric Records CD 1071, 2004, 4 tracks)

Mabel Dawn Davis

MABEL DAWN DAVIS, the performer, was a beautifully conceived and executed cabaret chanteuse whose glamour and off-the-cuff remarks brings you back to the Golden Age of great cabaret artists. click for more.

"Peel Me a Grape" (EvanMedia CD 35703, 2003)

Vaginal Davis
from her site: "Vaginal Davis is an originator of the homo-core punk movement and a gender-queer art-music icon. Her concept bands -- including Pedro Muriel and Esther, Cholita! The Female Menudo, black fag, and the Afro Sisters -- have left an indelible mark on the development of underground music." And, she has been a prolific artist. See a listing of her releases and more, on this page, or visit her site.
Duchi Davoy
Belgian artist Duchi Davoy (also Davoj) is known for her excellent rendition of "This Is My Life," which showed up in a variety of formats, around 2001. See some pics Here, or check out her site.
David De Alba
David De Alba brings with him a rich career, especially from his performances at San Francisco's Finnochio's. He's released many of those recordings himself in "Backstage Memoirs & Rare Recordings, Vol 1 & 2" plus additional releases, found at his wonderful site, or click here.
Desiree Dello Stiletto

From the Holland dragshowbar Lellebel, Desiree Dello Stiletto released this 4-song EP in 1999. An internet search on her will find you more, plus see this page.

Diamond Lil

Originally from Savannah, Diamond Lil made drag history in Atlanta when she decided to go beyond lip synching and to get herself a band and do her own singing. And she's been a diva there since before Stonewall, and is still performing. Click for more.

"Smooth Operator/As Long As I'm Moving" (G&G 4369, 7", early 80s)
"Love Generator" (2 versions) (Glamour & Grease 5207, 7", 1984)
"Queen of Diamonds" (Glamour & Grease Records, 1984 & 2001)
"Live at the Moonshadow Saloon" (Glamour & Grease, 2004) "Verve, Vigor and Vim" (Glamour & Grease, 2007)

Diamond Lil  (New Zealand)

I guess there's room in the drag world for two Diamond Lil's, especially since the other one was in New Zealand. All I know about this one is from the album liner, which indicated that Marcus Craig's version of Diamond Lil did a number of shows in NZ in the mid 70s. Click for more.

"Listen Listen" (Ace Records, LIL001, 1976)

Divine   (1945-1988)

In the span of about 15 years, with a lot of help from Jon Waters, Divine was about the most famous drag performers of those years, with a string of movies and dance singles. The movies included "Pink Flamingos," "Polyester," "Lust in the Dust," and my favorite, "Hairspray." The recordings are so numerous that I'll take a stab of listing them only on the additional page.
Margreet Dolman
As I read no Dutch it's a little hard for me to research the career of Margreet Dolman (played by Paul Haenen), or the two albums I have by her. But I can glean that she started in that character on radio around 1975 and she must have been good at it, as she's still making appearances, and wrote a book about her drag self. See this site, or click for more. "Margreet Dolman" (CBS LP 82705, NL, 1978)
"Dat Mens..." (CBS LP 84030, NL, 1979)
One of the stars of the famous cabaret Chez Nous, in Berlin, Domino appeared on two of the compilation albums issued of performances of the club. See the Chez Nous entry for more information.
DQ - Peter Anderson

At least for the moment, if you go to YouTube and type in "Drama Queen" you'll find the video of the song that won the 2007 Eurovision competition for Denmark. Apparently he goes by Turner Peter, as he "does" Tina often, and now, by "DQ" and his real name is Peter Anderson. His song "DQ" is on the Eurovision CD. His site has lots of pics, and, while not in English, has lots to see. And click for more.

"Drama Queen" (My Way Music CD 20127, 2007)

Effie Dropbottom

This artist's unlikely name is Effie Dropbottom, and this very rare album was recorded in Houston, around 1968, on a small label called Ovide. I have a theory that one reason this album got released at all is that it was the same year that the owner of the label hit it big with another act, Archie Bell & the Drells, whose album was quickly picked up by the Atlantic label, and the song "Tighten Up" became a #1 hit. So I think that probably gave the producer the money to release something a little more esoteric, like "Effie Dropbottom Tells It Like It Is." Click for more.


In or out of drag, Gareth Farr is quite good looking, and in New Zealand, according to the write-up on CDbaby, he's a national treasure. It says of Gareth's alter ego, "Lilith LaCroix has been described as Sheila E meets Priscilla Queen of the Desert, she's New Zealand's own drumming drag queen." And the act is called Drumdrag. Out of drag Gareth is a well-respected composer with a number of releases, but so far Lilith has just one, a CD single. Visit his site, or click for more.
I Wonder" (CDJay CD 710, 1999, NZ, 5 mixes)
Daisy Dynamite (1933-2007)

In 1975 a Dutch female impersonator named Daisy Dynamite recorded a couple 45s and then an album, "Daisy Dynamite Live at the Oscar Wilde," and it's a romp through cabaret music of the time. Click for more.

"Happy Song / Chattanooga Choo-Choo" (Polydor 2050.253, 1973)
"Botch-a-Me / Molly Polly" (Polydor, NL, 7",1975)
"Daisy Dynamite, Live at Oscar Wilde" (Delta LP 10.002, NL, 1975)
"Jetset / The Evil Girl in Town" (GIP 4028, 7", '79)