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     This is my attempt at organizing all the information I can find on recordings by drag artists and female impersonators. The data is listed alphabetically by artist, and each entry will contain a link to a page, or pages, of additional info...more photos and larger scans of the albums and CDs. It will definitely be a work in progress, and will grow continually. And if you know of a drag artist who has released a recording who is not listed, or an additional recording by someone who is already here, please let me know. You can browse through the pages, or just click on the heading to go to that particular page. And, a note, this focuses especially on the earlier artists....with the digital age it's become increasingly impossible to keep track of every perform (ie, on RuPaul's Drag Race) who releases a video or track.

Page 1 - A-B

Courtney Act
After Dark
Marcel Andre
Joey Arias
Michael Aspinall
Erickatoure Aviance
Kevin Aviance
Jim Bailey
Crystal Balls 
Byrd Bardot
Fred Barton
Jackie Beat
Bebe Zahara Benet
Ty Bennett
Arthur Blake
Baroness Bobo
Ray Bourbon
Charlie Branch
Steven Brinberg
Patty Bruce
Douglas Byng

Page 2 - C-D

Jimmy Callaway
Lynne Carter
Della Catessen
Chez Nous
Peaches Christ
Jackie Curtis
Mable Dawn Davis
Vaginal Davis
Duchi Davoy
David DeAlba
Desiree Dello Stiletto
Diamond Lil
Diamond Lil (NZ)
Margreet Dolman
DQ - Turner Peter
Effie Dropbottom
Daisy Dynamite

Page 3 - E-J

Jade Elektra
Dame Edna Everage
Valerie Fladder
Gloria Fox
Terri Fox
Jean Fredericks
Glam and Glitz
Golden Lashes
Miss Guy & Toilet Boys
Ross Hamilton
Hinge & Bracket
Martin Hughes
Jimmy James
Frankie "Half-Pint" Jaxon
Jomama Jones
TC Jones

Page 4 - K-L

Kenny Kerr
Kiki & Herb
Kinsey Sicks
Violeta La Burra
Lady Bunny
Lady Sabrina
John LaFleur
Frank Foo Foo Lamarr
Anthony Lamont
Danny La Rue
Hedda Lettuce
Alfred Lewis
Shirley Q Liquor
Reg Livermore
Liz Lyons

Page 5 - M

Bobby Marchan
Dina Martina
Mary & Gordy
Billie McAllister
Noel McKay
Varla Jean Merman
Faith Michaels
Mistress Formika
Billy More

Page 6 - N-R

Opal Foxx Quartet
Paula Pantsdown
Pearl Box Revue
Sade Pendarvis 
Charles Pierce
Davina Pons
Potts & Panzy Pulverfass Cabaret
Genny Random
Miss Richfield 1981 
Jordan Rivers 
Randy Roberts
Craig Russell

Page 7 - S

Candy Samples
Jose Sarria
Lily Savage
Jackie Shane
Mrs Shufflewick
Mark Alan Smith 
J. Sonnika & Tante Gre
Le Sorelle Bandiera
Le Sorelle Marinetti
Jeffree Starr
Deva Station
Petite Swanson
Lee Sutton

Page 8 - T-Z

Tina C 
Jullien Tome
Pussy Tourette
Tracey Twat
Patsy Vidalia
Sherry Vine
Jerry Walker
Honey West
Working Girls

Page 9

Various Artists
Bar d'O
Chantal's House of Shame
Five Drag Divas & a Duo
God Shave the Queen
Lellebel Dragshowbar
Marry Me
A Night on South Bitch
Sex, Drags and Rock &Roll

Page 9

Die Mommie Die
Edith Schroder Superstar
An Evening in Gaiety
La Cage Aux Folles
Torch Song Trilogy

Connie Casserole 
Noche de Travestis

"Drag" versus "Trans" or "Gender Bender"?

Some may ask how I decide who to include in this discography, as the drag/trans/gender bender distinction can get quite blurry. And, where's Jayne County? She's certainly an icon, but I've decided (and she agrees) that's she's a transgender artist, and I covered TG artists in my early December QMH. And the Glam acts like the New York Dolls, David Bowie, Pete Burns, etc, etc..well, that's a different image altogether, as is Boy George. I love the "Rocky Horror" and "Hedwig" soundtracks, but again, a different thing. Yes, there are grey areas.


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