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The Romanian national preselection seems to be a special one again. It is for the 1st time when a drag queen band is submitting a song in Romania. It is sang by the band called Toxice and it was written by a foreign composer because none of the Romanian composers wanted to associated their image with such a band. The song was written especially for Eurovision, has English lyrics, showy orchestration, glamourous melodic line and all this because its author has the last year experience when he represented his country in Kiev.

“We want to swap societies mentality and to demonstrate that being a drag is nothing but an art. Eurovision Song Contest it`s a tv show and our product could compensate the weakness of the past singers that Romania had last year excepting Luminita Anghel & Sistem”, said the leader of the band Luciana Duval.

In order to participate at the semifinal, the boys from TOXICE had contacted a known designer whitch name is "secret" for the moment because "we want to have a special performance and (why not?) win", Petruta Grasa added (a member of the TOXICE group).

The Toxice Group had launched 4 years ago and they come with a special message is "Think free - No discrimination"!