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Petite Swanson

Petite Swanson was a member of Valda Gray's troupe of female impersonators,
who for much of the 1940s were the main attraction at Joe's Deluxe Club in Chicago.
She recorded four sides in 1947 for the Sunbeam label, and I believe
only two were released. Very rare indeed.

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Two more sides were possibly released on Sunbeam by Swanson 107,
"I'm Sorry" and "Did You Ever Feel Lucky," 1947. If anyone can help me
find those recordings, or dubs, I'd much appreciate it.

and no, that's not Petite on the cover of Ebony (March 1948), but I'm sharing
Very rare pics of her and others at the famed Chicago bar Joe's Deluxe Club.
I could not find these on the net and heard they were in this issue and
tracked it down from a magazine dealer. 


In the table card below, circa late 40's, Petite is shown with other female impersonators

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