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Mary & Gordy

Mary Morgan: Georg Preusse (1950- )
Gordy Blanche: Reiner Kohler (1944-1995, AIDS)
Very successful German drag act, from late 1970s until they retired the act in 1987.

Both were on the stage before Mary & Gordy. They met and did their thing. They retired 1987 because of back complaints from Kohler (doctor: "three year more on the stage and you sit in the wheelchair"). Preusse has a solo career on stage as Mary and also later as an actor on stage (Dreigroschenoper, Jedermann, Cabaret, etc.). Kohler worked for others in the showbiz in the background and died 1995.

Doch Richtige Damen Werden Wir Nie (Elite LP 30205, 1981)
Meistens Ist Gar Nichts Dahinter (EMI LP 1655341, 1983)
Frau'n, Frau'n, Frau'n (EMI LP 240417, 1985)
Live! Spass an der Verwandlung (EAN LP 70129, 1987)
Live (EMI LP 0709, 1987, 2-discs)
Starportrait (Imperial LP & CD, 1988)

So Leb Dein Leben / Doch Richtige Damen Werden Wir Nie (Elite Special 4149, '81)
(or My Way / The Lady Is A Tramp)

EMI 1653967, 1983
Es ist nicht leicht ein Clown zu sein (translation: ~ It is not easy to be a clown)
Vom festen Grundsatz zum lockeren Mädchen (translation: ~ From firm principle to lady of easy virtue)

1000 Augen / Frau'n (EMI 2022117, 1985)

German TV movies:
Mary & Gordy auf Dem Lande (1983) (Mary & Gordy in the countryside)
Frau'n Frau'n Frau'n (1986)