Diamond Lil

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Diamond Lil  Diamond Lil  Peg and Diamond Lil

Above, mid-80s show, real military drag, and as guest with Peg on The Mouth of the South Show

Scans below, courtesy of Lil

Diamond Lil

Diamond Lil

Diamond Lil

   Diamond Lil                           Diamond Lil

Diamond Lil

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Big Lollipop

tie a...

Below from The Barb, September 1976

The Barb, Sept 1976

Below, from the same photo session as the "tie a yellow ribbon" pic earlier on this page,
it's from an article from David Magazine, August 1973, written by Diamond Lil

Diamond Lil

David, August 1973

David, August 1973  David, August 1973


and from the March 2006 issue of Out & Active Magazine

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