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Ty Bennett album

        Kitt Russell, of the 82 Club, introduces Ty on the album


I am guessing that this album was released between 1958 and 1965,
as the article on the prior page says she began working at the 82 Club in 1958,
and as Kitt Russell (of the 82 Club) introduces the LP, it was no
doubt recorded during that time, and it mentions she was working on
a second album (which never happened) for a 1965 release.

  okay, that print's still a bit small, try this...


   And, as you've gotten this far, I'll let you hear the album

   Stream Side 1 - 16:48
   Download Side 1

   Stream Side 2 - 19:52
   Download Side 2

  The above interview came from Gay International, from Toronto, 1965, and that same issue contained the article below....