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Jim Bailey


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A very popular illusionist was Jim Bailey, whose been performing since the early 70s, in Las Vegas, on television and in the movies, and of course on record. He appeared on "The Tonight Show" fourteen times, and on shows ranging from "The Lucy Show," "The Rockford Files," and "Ally MacBeal." His impressions were dead on, especially of Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand. He's released three recordings, the self-titled "Jim Bailey" in 1972, and the next year "Jim Bailey at Carnegie Hall," and finally, a CD in 1998 called "Voices." Since his albums were on a major label, United Artists, a coup in itself, several 45s were also released, unusual for a drag performer.

"Jim Bailey" (United Artists LP 0598, 1972)
"Live at Carnegie Hall" (United Artists LP LS146-H2, 2 LP set, 1973)
"When I Found You / Love Song" (United Artists XW-326-W, 1973) 45 rpm
on "Mostly Mercer" (Painted Smiles LP 1331, 1986, sings as Garland "Out of This World," not on any other disc)
"Voices" (DCC CD 164, 1998)

  inside the Carnegie Hall LP

inside the Carnegie Hall LP  


as Mae  

    as Marilyn  as Peggy Lee  as Tallulah Bankhead




Gee, the 1972 LP came out on 8-track...