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Ella Shields

Male Impersonator

9/27/1879 - 8/5/1952

Above and Below, Ella Shields and Vesta Tilley




Above, her most famous song






why did I kiss that girl? 1924 Columbia 996
I'm not all there 1924 Columbia 996
if you knew susie like I know susie 1925 Columbia 3734
when the bloom is on the heather 1925 Columbia 3734
everybody's singing 1927 Columbia 3544
burlington bertie from bow 1934 Decca 5228
the army 1934 Decca 5228
baa lambs
show me the way to go home

[ please help me fill in missing data ]

below, I have also found listed a UK CD of her work, digital only
I wish it were a "real" CD, as the liner notes could give
additional info on her releases


and, in girl costume...

Ella Shields and Vesta Tilly and Hetty King actually did record, and you can find several
of their songs on these excellent CDs pictured below, worth tracking down