Photos I took at the Houston event of the Homo Revolution Tour

Above, Camilo Arenivar, tour organizer; Below, Tori, JD & QBoy

Above, Tori Fixx; Below, Julie Potter & FoxxJazell

Above, Miss Money; Below, Deadlee & Bigg Nugg

From the UK: Above, QBoy; Below, Mz Fontaine

Above, Deadlee; Below, Tori Fixx

Above, Julie Potter; Below, Feloni

Above, Deadlee & QBoy doing their "no underwear" song; Below, Mz Fontaine & Feloni

Above, QBoy; Below, Julie Potter singing "San Francisco Values"

Above, Miss Money; Below, FoxxJazell & QBoy

Above, Mz Fontaine; Below, Jimmy Carper, Miss Money & JD Doyle

Above, DownLow

Dana Corey

Above, comic and host Dana Cory; Below, QBoy

Above, Bigg Nugg; Below, Mz Fontaine

Above, QBoy; Below, Deadlee

Below, Houston closing act Miss Money

Johnny Dangerous was unfortunately sick the evening the tour hit
Houston, but I got this shot of him in Chicago in 2005 at the Outmusic
Awards...that's Jinx Titanic on the right putting handcuffs on Johnny

Below, I didn't take this one, but a great group shot at the Dallas tour closing show

Houston's OutSmart Magazine gave the tour its first cover story, and a
great article by Christopher Whaley. Click the magazine to read it.

Below, on April 12th FoxxJazell, Tori Fixx and Deadlee appeared
on the Tyra Banks Show, as part of her segment on homophobia



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